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  1. it remind me of some basic bio, mostly cell division and genetics it seems to be something about principles changing mps which could be amusing or terrifying didpending on how you look at it. of couse I could be wrong
  2. you aren't kidding there, even the bits I almost understand hurt my brain
  3. I think this is a case of no body is going to take him
  4. I tend to not listen to the music in MD at all but even the name of that one sounds annoying
  5. I know what my recruiter sense is telling me
  6. happy birthday shadowseeker my all your dealings be fair and bunny I just really don't what to know
  7. ok that says everything right there guy we answered you many times says we didn't for about the fifth time I don't feel like doing a list of quote and your just not wroth it, so please use the grey matter between your ears and figure it out yourself I'm done trying to teach you. this why I'm not in the business of helping people, teaching lessons or telling stories.
  8. this isn't a dream, it the nightmare known as MD withdraw, it gets pretty nasty
  9. hmmm, so we have work to do to go past what we did last time I think 6- 12 pages in one night, and I was just watching code geass r2 and they were talking about the sword of Akasha being able to destroy gods, does this worry anyone else or just me p.s. just a warning I am suffering MD withdraw, anime overload and a need to sleep so i will not be making sense for a while at least till I do sleep
  10. get the group scattering inner magic doc, level one explains this, sometimes enemies can be friend. I would quote the whole but thats in MD and a spoiler
  11. thats is a point dst. there are a few people who don't need to tell anyone their qualifications. so Harion instead of me telling you, you tell me
  12. it been a min since a new version of those has come out
  13. I did, I move on to the more perverted(maybe) bloodier japanese anime games, though I think whoever made pokemon was on some drugs
  14. poor grido stuck with the lamest of all japanese anime games
  15. I'll make fun of you for having pokemon another time Grido, oh wait I cant sa anything, I played it... when I was 10
  16. please, you know you have a thing for Sentinels your joking right Amoran
  17. take up manga and anime. let japanese maddness balance out your MD maddness, speaking of I need to catch up on mine
  18. pray refresh kill those who give false hope :diablo: tell us everything you know whatever you need to to keep from going totally mad
  19. *pats Intrigue on the back*it be ok, we only killed one person last time and he deserved it
  20. just in case this gets bad like last time I'm draging this out the deep dark parts of the offtopic forum, of and sorry about the two posts in a row but editing doesn't bring old topics back to the top as far as I know
  21. it not hard to keep your balance under 1000 diffence, I started when people were still using fighting rits as defences and I did just fine. in fact, right now I have the highest diffence in wins/losses and it only just over 500. though I guess if you do nothing but hang out in fighting areas it could happen but then you kind of are getting what is coming to you. on a another front I hang out at the howling gate and rarely even talk with another except the few who know me(and feel like stoping to chat) or the rare newbie wanting to know about the howling gate
  22. yes and no will, what you can do is based of level, feats, stats, race, weapons, armour, items, and class, but you can get quite a list of actions. the fightin is always heavily based on personal stats and roles of the die, and of couse what you are doing. comparing the "fighting systems" of D&D and magicduel is something that shouldn't be done though, too diffent. oh and on topic, I like this and wonder love for fighting to be more closely linked with rping
  23. I would love that to, but this topic is about new creaures so I'd figure I'd stay on topic for once
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