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  1. you are deal with it, marvolo back me up here
  2. here's 3 more, and shady we'll let mur do that Lightnings spirits of sky and earth start your dance cut though heaven and earth roar of the dragon sword of the gods slice thoough my foes Invisibility shield of shadows hide me from unfriendy eyes heart of the moonless night allow none to see the gleam of my eyes light of the sun and moon do not betray me to my enemies seduction dancer's grace pull the soul's chains princess's pouting lips lower the warrior's guard dark lord's quiet power bring this innocent to my shadows and bind her to me
  3. :lol: Blasphemy is a native language to me
  4. because the truth is dst doesn't hate bob at all she loves him :shok: :rofl:
  5. because her and her werewolf boyfriend cause enough trouble for me
  6. don't help her and ask marvolo she IS cute. and she is amusing Grido, would I adopt a sister who wasn't amusing
  7. only you my cute little sister would create a topic dedicated to me, and you comment is 1. *flick on his nose* that is why you are always be my CUTE little sister
  8. that could have gotten a little odd back then though then again only the older player remember back then, there are rpcs younger then that poll... actually alot of them are :shok:
  9. a few notes on principles since I know elements well and I can see what you need I'll leave you a thought oftend if two you more elements are used at the same time a new element is formed in this case the "wood" element is needed, just think about what is needed for plants to grow and you will see the two needed. on Syntropy this is one of my favorites, first you must remember it comes not from the past but the future, it comes into play with the will of the guardians to do a thing not just the effect. two you must remember is "annulment of destruction based on energy consumption" this
  10. click the personal page link switch to html mode and ease everything then save, if you need more help find me at the howling gates
  11. in this case their talking about this. magicduel.com/players/Enna as long as you don't mess with the personal page link over the AL it should be fine
  12. that is for you to decide/learn for your self, it's the question not the answer that is important. but check around the forum you'll find some of what you want, the Kelle'tha Order holds much of it
  13. *looks at his over 50 inactive adept*sure why not I he a few to hide, I've taken to cooking or beating people with them
  14. then come to the howling gates I'll turn you into my puppet
  15. well if you don't have friends list it'd be nice and I use my friends list to pm people oftend enough
  16. that is hardly a big problem, in less people use it to spam pm mur, but then he can just ban them for being annoying
  17. I like this idea, since I am one of those older players who tells the newbies to go get their papers both in the chat and my own papers if I can help in any way. come poke me and ask
  18. most newer people wouldn't think to look back that far, though it is highly annoying if I need to be in a area I can't walk into nomally for a rp and get ported out because I have 10 or so heads
  19. bye sakura and have a great life don't watch too much anime
  20. it makes alot of sense and I liked bio no need to warn about it
  21. to double checkmy count sure go ahead
  22. hmm, that makes a lot of sense and makes me wonder if I have a old bio test book laying around somewhere, oh and while I was talking to mcvitie's shadow we realize the "device"(for lack of a better word) under the pyramid on the first page is a lot like the gazebo of chaos if you were to look at it from above
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