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  1. dst how you you get 3 cent I can't find my 2 cents barracuda I have to agree with dst it would become a pain to mp 4s who don't how to defeat people more powerful then them
  2. treehill is right grasans are ugly, but they useful and who needs cute
  3. ok I retract it, I just mad when people who an handle a little stress go off and blast a good game because of there problms it's part of my backgound where if this is all it takes to get you whining and quiting, you would kill yourself after a day but then agian a guess getting mad about thing like this is not ok, becuase human emtion is not aloud in the forum and blasting a game isn't nice, and treehill, glaistig is right it is easy to play all day p.s. this is not a incident it called life, even if this is game somethings carry over p.p.s. if anyone want to hear a REAL incident pm me
  4. I can tell you something is trying to pop up over the main screen it happens a lot with game like magicduel, in fact if you click the mail button you will see the backgound darken like that, just not as much
  5. choosing words for you since you cant grasp the meaning of mature what he should have said is stay a while and see if it changes or if you dont like it then i am sorry but the rest of us see it in different lights and so dont like those who complain about anything and everythng
  6. yes put a older creature in the ritual with them they may still die
  7. that basely mean whatever you can tell me and i try it
  8. this should help a little and, do you havve any info on the cross and spiral beside it related to the wind mill
  9. I like the first one too, undead all ways destroy balance, it could be both
  10. you now this may end like the Bestiary, just food for thought sorry
  11. Akasha has six peices of paper form the pyramids sorry for any bad spelling
  12. remeber to have back up to save you if you summon to many sorry for any bad spelling
  13. no I mean the plan could have him end up half inside a wall or if lucky missing limbs sorry if anything is misspelled
  14. you do know your plan could kill him right
  15. if a story get too complex It lose it's meaning and becomes a chore to read it the meaning not how complex it is defines the plot.
  16. also do you know about nightcrawler(X-men) p.s. this has a reason
  17. no they don't the time supports and define Transposition as part of time\space(when and where) the case of a little madness is likely the darkness principle making her unable to move on p.s. try a simpler way (If something is in mid air just fly to it) p.p.s Cyclicity still has nothing to do with opposites.and sorry for bad spelling side note: this game like the simple answer
  18. I hate to kill the mood but time and Transposition are non related, and Cyclicity has nothing to do with opposites balance controls that, the Imagination is right thou, p.s. the answer was already found good try thou p.p.s. sorry for my bad spelling and killing the mood
  19. you could try to get a dragon from SmartAlekRJ(really the little guys)the dragon is likely the only way into the floating pyramid
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