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  1. :rofl: *flashs vampire fangs then hisses* thats good now where did I put my sunglasses
  2. don't worry, that what this tend is about keeping you spaming and busy till MD is fully back and running smoothly
  3. twin please no trying to take me into believeing I'm a lady's man on the forum
  4. *sets up table with coffee, cookies, and meds for the people driven to madness*
  5. well I made the topic lets see how many pages get added this time
  6. for those who need it have fun. for those who have been here before you know what to do edit: Chewett did we just have the same thought at the same time?!
  7. what if I'm going to hell anyway, does that mean I have nothing to lose? and you do know that when it comes to "magic" creatures nomal rules don't apply
  8. :shok: that a scary thought, and can I have the souls of the people they eat
  9. it must be late for you there is no double negative
  10. but dst, don't you remember? you don't hate bob, you just love him too much
  11. yeah me and kittiness do that enough on topic.. refer to my last post
  12. hmm, what a boring combo with not something strange like water being and grasan now on topic: they should be called angihorn
  13. well if she gets a fun(slaves, dancers, torture) one I'm sure kittiness would love to talk about it
  14. thats ok, dst you should hear some of the talks me and kittiness have
  15. :shok: this is all I have to say on that
  16. note I know people I can get any kind of cookie cake or ale
  17. it means yes but you don't want to say it
  18. don't worry she would hurt a fly but she may drug your drachorn :shok:
  19. lets solve ths arguement once and for all. people of MD my little sister cuteness is up to you
  20. marvolo don't scare me kittiness is already trying to talk me into being a lady's man and if you don't it will not be good
  21. glad to see your getting along with all the crazies my cute little sister
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