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  1. hi, stick around and try blue ale. and beware those who will try trick you into doing their evil deeds. oh wait I'm one of those never mind that last part:))
  2. I feel the need to explain more what I think the tainted warriors as fighters- they would be the first in last out type but not raw attack/defense that is common but ones who fight by trying to find counter rituals and using them as far as the tainted part goes, I like a more philosophical way of thinking, for those outside necrovion they would be tainted by the shades way of thinking. but because they spend a lot of time outside necrovion they also have some of that way of thinking. so philosophical speak they can be thought of as being infected no matter who you are as far as knowledge
  3. you need to meet more mercs ray. some may have honor not all and it was more for the topic over all then the guilds
  4. just a small note on all this mercenary adjective 1. working or acting merely for money or other reward; venal. 2. hired to serve in a foreign army, guerrilla organization, etc. noun 3. a professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign army. 4. any hireling.
  5. [quote name='Burns' date='22 October 2009 - 04:26 AM' timestamp='1256200015' post='45427'] WHAT?! Guerilla are taking the enlighted soldiers, the dark forces will never get the Jedi-Knights =P Only Sith, they can become. The path of Light, the true warrior must seek. Fall to the dark force, they must not. [/quote] cute burns, but your joke my be closer to right then not, or maybe I'm just insane:P
  6. what I think it should be like the tainted warrior illusion says/said a elite force devoted to defending necrovion. the main difference form the sentinels would be the tainted warriors though as a necrovion alliance would support the queen/king they would not listen. if they felt a action needed to be done for the good of necrovion, they'd do it even against orders. ranks commander - the leader of the alliance officer - the commanders advisers and the recruiters/trainers of the alliance soldier - a loyal member of the alliance trainee - one who is still in training to join the
  7. one word on that grido, kinghts
  8. sorry about how that last post came out. I think my brain went haywire, I am short on sleep and stressed on real life at the moment and do dumb things when like that and should have known better then to post anything
  9. stop this bullshit already I've seen pissing contest from both sides this what I've seen 1. there has been NO twisting of words quit bitching about it 2. when your part of "the system" you can never say ANYTHING against it. your punishment was more then fair 3. mur has from what I've seen tried to give you your chance to speak you just don't have the guts to do so in the open 4. you and all the the rest with the "community" stuff is total bullshit we all know that, if ypou want credit for chating with friends on ym then how about just going to the mall, stop bullshiting us please. yo
  10. yeah, that disappointing and rather strange 400 avatars out, yet I don't think more then 50 are on active accounts, yet only 6 come back? my math isn't that bad is it?
  11. thank you dst, I was tempted to say that myself, but I figured it may be a bad joke
  12. on the sage's keep, go talk to calyx or ailith, I think sage has the spell to. check the announcements when MD is back to be sure, my memory isn't the best and it is 1:00 a.m. here. though nice idea on the secret areas though it probably should be more even for a one time trip to some areas adding age to your creatures would be a nice one too, but probably should be costly depending on how much
  13. nope as long as you pay for both levels, it doesn't matter. you still have to pay for the avatar itself as nomal but the only diffence between the levels is you unlock the gold avatars a few shop items later then the nomal ones, and of couse the gold ones have gold colored parts.
  14. you can only ever have one avatar at any one time, but you can choose from ether level if you have unlocked both when wish to buy a new one
  15. I'm sure someone will need it before the night is over, and I'm bored
  16. hell I'm bored pay me and I'll tell you a story tell me a story I pay you you pay me and one of my women is on I show you how to quicken a women's heartbeat without going over pg rating p.s. the last one may or may not be a joke, pay me to find out
  17. whining? p.s. I was I spy for a time I may have infomation you may want to buy whole thing
  18. stormrunner: oh look, a god of pizza Kittiness: that god, I would worship Willem RedBeard: I would eat him... unless he constantly made me pizza. stormrunner: that god, I would make my cook *laughs* Willem RedBeard: Mmmm food... : Kittiness is reminded of Pizza the Hut from Spaceballs : Willem RedBeard laughs as he thinks the same : Kittiness loves that movie stormrunner: hmm, how big of a ego do you need to think about making a god wrk for you : stormrunner owns said moive and enjoys it Kittiness: but he is only the god of pizza... Kittiness: his omnipotence extends only as far
  19. no, it the mix of norse, franch, german, italian, american indian, and I think a bit of jewish blood thats got me crazy
  20. that is why I avoid the sun as oftend as possible it bakes brains
  21. I agree with will, wins and exp is easy, age you can't do anything about
  22. Fenrir, theres a flaw in that, namely "who are you? and more importantly why should I care what your say"
  23. there are animals that tag along with some players, and lets not forget slime and living trees P.S. this topic seems to be in the wrong place
  24. *agrees with dst* get pretty women for them and let kittiness branwash them then the prooblem would be getting them to stop
  25. stormrunner


    dst the answer is simple. make them serve you when they prove they are loyal give them the creature
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