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  1. on the opening or close the I personally I'd say open it for a little while see what happens. people don't brother with it then go ahead close it tell people start wondering what is beyond the howling gate again. if mostly just the people who were part of the land visit leave it open. more chances of something happening from this that way. if people go crazy and rush in to steal everything not nailed down... after the first rush of looting that is sure to happen,  go a head and close it.    though in any case it may be best to leave the graveyard open for those who have it 
  2. wonders if anyone else is having flashbacks

  3. bye sakura and have a great life don't watch too much anime
  4. ok that says everything right there guy we answered you many times says we didn't for about the fifth time I don't feel like doing a list of quote and your just not wroth it, so please use the grey matter between your ears and figure it out yourself I'm done trying to teach you. this why I'm not in the business of helping people, teaching lessons or telling stories.
  5. guy once again why are you still talking, now shut the hell up. your merely being pointless and annoying, I'm tired of dealing with you. to be frank(like thats anything new) your being nothing but a brat who can't seem to get the point we have explained over and over again we know it's not perfect but we're trying unlike you, repeating the same problem over and over again is not helping, now don't bring it up again, ever. in fact if I ever see your name on this topic again it be too soon once again this is my nice request next time will be a flame filled rant only i
  6. here a thought on the item Market Values with silver/gold common items = 1 or 2 silver items noted as for item creation quest or being magic in nature = 3 - 5 rare = 5 to 10 or a 1 gold depending on if magical in nature or just hard to find role related = no body going to trade but can be used as reason for refusing reasonable trade without scorn but no body need more then 3 of this and the extreme high end
  7. hmm, that seems a little high to me but for now since gold is so rare I guess it works
  8. [quote name='Guybrush Threepwood' post='30332' date='May 5 2009, 04:06 PM']Thanks for completely ignoring the majority of my post. Also, do you expect right off of the bat new MP3 or 2 players to start running around attempting to do quests to get help with their papers? I think help with their papers is likely something that will be provided for them for free from most players. Now, if we are talking about HTML and whatnot, that's something people won't likely want until later when they would likely have more coins. My entire point in this is to bring up what a market needs in
  9. [quote name='Guybrush Threepwood' post='30265' date='May 4 2009, 06:32 PM']new players don't necessarily themselves have anyway to get coins,[/quote] really so I haven't started a very simple quest that anyone can do with the reward being a silver coin and ailith doesn't have her silver coin quest ether? please do us all a favor if your only going to bring up things people are trying to fix and not offer to help, please just keep your peace. this is as nice as I can be about this
  10. no burns your on the right track, factions will help this when they come out, the RPC will make items as rewards the lower levels of this would probably be item with little use outside trading or item making. and those in factions who are working to be item makers will be able though the rpc to make common items that would only be useful in trading. or at least this is how it sounded in the faction meeting
  11. as a way to help spread coins I have started a quest "when injustice becomes law rebellion becomes duty Educatio est omnium efficacissima forma rebellionis(Education is the most effective form of rebellion) stories are one of the best ways to educate so I tell stories as I feel the need but telling and hearing the same ones gets boring so send me one I haven't heard and I'll give you a coin or two, but remember a good story must have a lesson" - form my protector paper I don't have much but what I can give up without hurting my own dealings is going into
  12. if you feel the need to tell metal bunny I'm sorry for biting the heads off of his milk chocolate minions
  13. sakura your theory is scary, mad, depressing and makes sense, probably a few more things that I don't even know about good job
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