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  1. on the opening or close the I personally I'd say open it for a little while see what happens. people don't brother with it then go ahead close it tell people start wondering what is beyond the howling gate again. if mostly just the people who were part of the land visit leave it open. more chances of something happening from this that way. if people go crazy and rush in to steal everything not nailed down... after the first rush of looting that is sure to happen, go a head and close it. though in any case it may be best to leave the graveyard open for those who have it but remove that w
  2. I'm going to throw thoughts in this 1. I was gone for a year and came back a few weeks ago... and it's been a pain to find anyone even chat with so I would say yeah roleplaying is probably at a low point 2. as far as " blue text not equal roleplay" your right but doing nothing doesn't equal anything that is why it's call nothing, anyone who wants to even imply that stat griding is a role please send me cash and your adress so I can try to beat some sense into you or at the very least bleed of a little stress 3. as far as the "god moding" thing goes that cames from not knowing how to role
  3. true md is nothing without the people, but then again truthful this only affects a few a important few but still only a few how many accounts are with major ties to a land compared to the number not? and I don't mean just in a alliance I mean really tied to a land p.s. lands turning evil? about time things may get interesting again p.p.s. another old adage, enemies make you stronger
  4. it is strange that I'm the one who is going to say this, more so when I agree with your point but.... are you all newbies this week, contests in md have never been fair, in fact they have always been outright unfair. and why did it take so long for this to pop up I would think since skilled in md at times seems like who can find a flaw and abuse it the most. it would have happened a long time ago. so please don't whine it is annoying p.s. it may take a while for me to reply but please bring the comment on, I am bored this week and have a point to make
  5. Udgard I'd advice a large dose a caffine and a bucket of cold water because I am fairly you can be fully awake and say that and believe it, though you are right about t.s, I have never had a soul weaver probably not going to get one any time soon, but i know even when it works the t.s. will be like a band aid on a broken leg, I'll be frank I am very tired of people pussy footing around and basically saying anything to keep it the same, it is broken when things don't work as they should you fix them, that is how it is surposed to go. now so you don't think I'm just blowing smoke because I
  6. *laughs*I've heard the shouldn't be caps more times then I can count and topics like this keep poping up, if people want to a admit it it or not no capping stats is probably the worst thing you can do to the combat system, it is easy to point out flaws with roleplaying because even I'll admit it is basically unsupported sure there are things in place that could be used but they are useable enough to really help, but the combat system is equally screwed it is just made that way and hasn't been fixed yet. to clarify so people don't say things for the wrong reasons, few people wining all the time
  7. ahh, I am glad you bought up that line it has been pure b.s. for a very long time. it should be ether gotten rid of, after all how can keep newbie if we lie to them off the bat? or just go a head and actual put a hard limit on stats, the problem with that is whiny vets who can't stand the idea the limits need would possible show they aren't as bad as they think they are. and new stats griders who would whine because they can't see the number though truefully the answer to the 2nd is simple. just instead of the current system of training each stat by it's self, training a pool then having the p
  8. how common isn't the problem, hell, in theory one does NOT need a new power or aura or even something as powerful as a angien to beat a army of rustgolds. not to offend anyone because the ideas are good I wouldn't mind seeing them simply to hopefully see some interesting rituals but your wasting your time. one can do all this with any all hitter sure the auras are a pain but easily fought. your attacking the symptom not the root problem
  9. but burns... then the u.s, armed forces have to hunt you down to keep their dark secret from the little army brats
  10. wonders if anyone else is having flashbacks

  11. I blame..... *paranoid twitch* someone who lives where it snows, that the answer, *another paranoid twitch* their making fosty right now
  12. haven't gotten to speak with you in a while but happy birthday anyway
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