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  1. on the opening or close the I personally I'd say open it for a little while see what happens. people don't brother with it then go ahead close it tell people start wondering what is beyond the howling gate again. if mostly just the people who were part of the land visit leave it open. more chances of something happening from this that way. if people go crazy and rush in to steal everything not nailed down... after the first rush of looting that is sure to happen,  go a head and close it.    though in any case it may be best to leave the graveyard open for those who have it 
  2. wonders if anyone else is having flashbacks

  3. thank you dst, I was tempted to say that myself, but I figured it may be a bad joke
  4. on the sage's keep, go talk to calyx or ailith, I think sage has the spell to. check the announcements when MD is back to be sure, my memory isn't the best and it is 1:00 a.m. here. though nice idea on the secret areas though it probably should be more even for a one time trip to some areas adding age to your creatures would be a nice one too, but probably should be costly depending on how much
  5. I'm sure someone will need it before the night is over, and I'm bored
  6. don't worry, that what this tend is about keeping you spaming and busy till MD is fully back and running smoothly
  7. twin please no trying to take me into believeing I'm a lady's man on the forum
  8. *sets up table with coffee, cookies, and meds for the people driven to madness*
  9. well I made the topic lets see how many pages get added this time
  10. for those who need it have fun. for those who have been here before you know what to do edit: Chewett did we just have the same thought at the same time?!
  11. well if she gets a fun(slaves, dancers, torture) one I'm sure kittiness would love to talk about it
  12. thats ok, dst you should hear some of the talks me and kittiness have
  13. :shok: this is all I have to say on that
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