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  1. I gave my fingers a slight workout. scan001001.bmp scan003.bmp scribble... scribble ..scribble
  2. Mind Blowing! You seriously do deserve it Morrel! keep rocking and keep sketching!
  3. WOW! You are amazing! real talent! I say, you must collect all that you have got and make some more new and exhibit them in your town hall or something!
  4. hmmm............... nice! It looks better than before. thanks
  5. I did show these to you Glor. I want people to point out the mistakes in these so that i can bring it close to the MD art style Distressed Soul: Dark angel(Angien ) Egg Warrior: Do give me your honest opinions people! Not much have I done... But I'll try to create much better avatars! * The trouble with my drawings is that it looks too dark, maybe because i use wooden pencils....time to switch to mechanical!
  6. If only alche could give us more detail about the things he saw there..... maybe....maybe we could speculate how to get into the floating pyramid....
  7. hmmm...................7 pyramids on the ground!??? try connecting the 7 of the pyramids, maybe there is some switch or something that once all 7 are activated might bring the Floating Pyramid down.... what do you people think? maybe the papers are the key to each of the shrines....
  8. When you speak about the blank sheets of papers, it reminds me of the Transposition Principle. Maybe those sheets of paper are talismans, with their words hidden within them and may reveal only to the power that created it. What or who might have created those papers? The paper does have something written in it or else why should it be inside such a holy place? You must try to find an object that relates with the papers. Something relative, directly or indirectly. Indirectly in the sense, papers symbolise...... knowledge?
  9. Ok here we go.... This is a dragon that grew out of a circle an year ago: I drew this lady bird a long while ago and my friends love it till this day!: when an artist gets bored he tends to draw what he likes the most: This is what i did in my chemistry classes: A recent work of my most favourite place...Paris!: Ok i forgot this one earlier! this is my latest art work. Its a digital art i did on my PC using Photoshop CS2. Praise my mouse! This is one of my drawings from my portfolio in which the previous drawing of Paris also belongs to:
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