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    tankfans reacted to Pipstickz in Liberating Knator Commander   
    The official Eclipse is that which is recognized by the system and database, which is, at this time, comprised of Lord Pip, MRWander and Granos. As for deserving, that is largely subjective and has no place in the system.
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    tankfans reacted to Soothing Sands in Redacted   
    You can always participate in gathering, of course. Nothing is stopping you from helping out or even organizing with the dowsers. As the CotE like to say, a badge is only a badge (as well as a few other minor things).
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    tankfans reacted to Pipstickz in The Fate of CoE   
    When I took the Children, I was not sure how I would go about giving it back, if indeed I would. Now I have decided:

    ChildoftheSoul joined CoE because he was told to, but he was not told why. When I asked him to send the invitation so that I could take the alliance, he was unprepared for the social pressure of having most of Loreroot hate him. After a few days, they convinced him to invite Neno Veliki, so that he could take the alliance back for them. I noticed this, kicked CotS, and cancelled the invitation. Since then, I have seen PL entries such as this one written about him:
    [i]"Treacherous - not to be trusted."[/i]

    This has proven to me just how vindictive and judgemental the previous leaders and members of the Children of the Eclipse are, for I find it highly unlikely that they would have reacted the same way had I not noticed the invitation and dealt with it, and CotS did not have much choice in the matter of my kicking him.

    So, to the point: Because of the response to CotS after he tried to help you get the CoE back, I will be keeping it for as long as I possibly can, but I will not outright kill it. This is not up for discussion.

    [color=#3399ff]Moderator comment: I have just deleted Axel's comment since it was inappropriate, and closed this on request. If you wish to keep discussing this issue, make a new topic please.[/color]
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    tankfans reacted to Phantom Orchid in The Fate of CoE   
    The fate of CoE? The fate of the CoE rests in the hearts, minds, dreams, and imagination of those who it touches. So long as it remains there, nothing can stop us. Nothing. (And I know this sounds stuck-up, but it can apply to any alliance for it is true of any strong group identity).

    You can justify and rationalize to everyone your alt's actions Pipstickz, but they, in my opinion, speak well enough on their own.
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    tankfans reacted to Kyphis the Bard in Liberating Knator Commander   
    [quote name='dst' timestamp='1328473693' post='103550']
    It took quite some time to think about Knator Commander. He's been trapped for months but you only thought to free him now....why is that?
    We have been working for many months to liberate KC. This is just another avenue we are persueing, essentially expanding the brains trust.

    So no, we have not "only thought to free him now". What we have done is remind people of the situation, and attempt to bring players who may be interested in helping but have not yet had a chance to find out into the project.

    Its not a bad thing to encourage working to solve a problem as a community.
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    tankfans reacted to dst in Liberating Knator Commander   
    It took quite some time to think about Knator Commander. He's been trapped for months but you only thought to free him now....why is that? And why only CoE? GoTR is not also interested in KC? Or this has a deeper reason? Like....maybe somehow you think KC will give you back the ally? Or at least help you to get it back?

    Hum? What's the real reason behind your "altruistic" actions?
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    tankfans reacted to Phantom Orchid in Liberating Knator Commander   
    [font=comic sans ms,cursive]The Knator Commander has been captured! He is being held hostage by Abra the 'empty aramor' who is apparently demanding a ransom.[/font]

    The Children of the Eclipse, along with the KC Guards, will -not- stand for this!

    [font=comic sans ms,cursive]1 WP will be awarded for the best roleplay and/or research involved with our beloved Commander's liberation. [/font]
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    tankfans reacted to Liberty4life in sellin gold coins for silver   
    make your own topic shu from here
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    tankfans reacted to Liberty4life in sellin gold coins for silver   
    this shop of mine is very simple... i sell gold coins for silver coins

    with all the gold coin price skyrocketed due to mur's auctions, i will sell gold of course under current market value of gold, or should i say under the value i think its worth in comparison to silver

    i will make trades in ratio of 17sc per gc

    12 gc left
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    tankfans reacted to Tarquinus in Eclipse sabotaged   
    To the Children of the Eclipse:

    Some of you already know this, but I wish to announce it here: Lord Pip, an alt of Pipstickz, managed to gain entry to the CoE, take control of it through judicious sacrifice of creatures to boost his loyalty score, and expel all the members. He has since been joined by MRWander, formerly of the dastardly MR Fraternity.

    I am not sure exactly how I plan to get our badges back, but I am sure what I will [u]not[/u] do. This ought to go without saying, but just to be clear: I will not be approaching Mur or the Council about this matter, and I will not be attempting to prosecute Pip in the MD Court or any other body. I have no reason to think Pip used a bug or exploit to get into the CoE, but if he did, I leave such matters in the hands of those whose position it is to regulate them. Until I am given reason to think otherwise, I will assume Pip achieved this act of sabotage through honorable, game-mechanical means.

    [b]The Eclipse is not disbanded.[/b] Those who now wear its badge are not the "new" Children of the Eclipse; they are merely brigands. As for those who wore its badge until now, it remains to be seen what we are. Are we knights and priests, warriors, teachers, and questers, or are we merely talk? This turn of events forces us to demonstrate what we are made of, both in and out of character. I intend to carry on with the Eclipse - when we regain our badges, it will be because we have earned them, nothing less. Those of you who have sworn oaths to defend Loreroot and serve the Sibyl (Amoran) are not discharged from these oaths. This is [u]particularly[/u] true for our knighthood: if you think yourself a knight, now is the time to prove it.

    I asked Lord Pip (in character, as Tarq) politely to return our badges. He politely declined. While I intend to use all available in-game means of restoring them to our membership, I wish to be clear that I will use in-game means [u]only[/u]. Pip is honorable if mischievous, and I expect our knights and priestesses to treat him courteously even while we work to undo his schemes.

    I have often said that the worst thing that can happen in MD is also the best thing: that something interesting will happen. If the loss of our badges does not interest you, perhaps you have no place in the Eclipse. In the meantime, I call upon all of you to join me in fighting to restore what is rightfully ours: and I must observe that if we cannot regain our in-game alliance and keep it, then perhaps we do not deserve to have it. Let us speak through our actions from this point forward.
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    tankfans reacted to Brulant in How Teapot works?   
    Okay, I've gotten this question… a lot. So I'm going to make a comprehensive list that I can just link to for future reference. If I misremember anything about making tea (it's been a while) or details get too specific and it's considered a spoiler, let me know. I hope this helps all future tea-brewers!

    - B

    P.S. [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10398-tea/page__p__90279#entry90279"]Here's Mur's original post[/url], should you want to read it.

    Here's how you run the teapot. (Full step by step instructions)[list=1]
    [*]Collect a teapot, tea recipe book, water, branches, tea leaves, aromatic herbs, and tea cups from their various locations.
    [*]Gather enough heat to fuel the teapot in a heat storing device (i.e. a heat jar).
    [*]Open your inventory
    [*]Open the teapot.
    [*]Load the required heat into the teapot. [i]Warning: When the heat that you have loaded into the teapot reaches zero, the branches and water will be consumed and you will have to reload them[/i].
    [*]Load the required branches and water into the teapot.
    [*][b]FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO BREW TEA WITH[/b]. This is necessary because the teapot holder [u]cannot[/u] provide ingredients for making tea nor can they give themselves the instructions. Cauldrons were meant to be community items, use them in groups! This should/could be step number 1!
    [*]Give your tea making partners the tea leaves, water, aromatic herbs, and tea cups you will be using to produce tea.
    [*]When the water, branches, and heat are loaded and you click continue you should get a screen like this.
    [*]That little countdown timer next to "Next instruction in…" tells you how quickly and when the teapot is checking chat for instructions. [i]Warning: If they are large amount of people talking where you are trying to prepare tea, things could get a little sticky[/i].
    [*]Now you must clearly say [color=#000080]"[/color][color=#0000cd]Lets brew some tea.[/color][color=#000080]"[/color], "[color=#0000cd]Lets prepare some tea.[/color]", or "[color=#0000cd]I will prepare a nice cup of aromatic tea.[/color]" You should get a green message in chat that confirms that you are now brewing tea and states what the necessary ingredients are. At this point your, the teapot holder's, part in this is nearly done. Now your tea making buddy (TMB) steps in.
    [*]The tea recipe calls for specific resources; aromatic herbs, water, tea leaves, and tea cups. Your TMB(s) must possess all of these ingredients in their necessary amounts and "give" them to the teapot by using the words, "[color=#0000cd]I will provide the [blank].[/color]" Where you substitute the name of the item in place of the blank. [i]The ingredients do not all have to come from one person nor do they have to be provide in their full amount by a single person.[/i]
    [*]The teapot will then tell you in chat and in green text that all of the ingredients are loaded and it's ready to go. If you have not provided all of the ingredients it will tell you what you still need to provide.
    [*]At this point your TMB(s) have to give you, the tea-brewer, the Instructions. The Instructions are basically (sort of) the steps you would need to brew tea. They need to be stated one at a time[i] per one cycle of the "Next Instruction In…" countdown timer[/i]. If you feed the teapot too many instructions at once, it will miss some of them.
    [*]The instructions are as follows:
    [/list][indent=1]1. "[color=#0000cd]Spread the leaves over the teapot's base[/color]."[/indent]
    [indent=1]2. "[color=#0000cd]Add some water.[/color]"[/indent]
    [indent=1]3. "[color=#0000cd]Boil the water.[/color]"[/indent]
    [indent=1]4. "[color=#0000cd]Pour the hot water into the teapot[/color]."[/indent]
    [indent=1]5. "[color=#0000cd]Wait for five minutes.[/color]"[/indent]
    [indent=1]6. "[color=#0000cd]Serve up the tea.[/color]"[/indent]
    [indent=1][size=2]note: There are other phrases that work for each step, those are just my favorite.[/size]
    17. The teapot will dispense a red completion message and you will smell a wonderful smell. There will be tea in your inventory.
    18. [b]Divide up the tea with your TMBs! [/b]They helped you, they deserve some of the tea too.
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    tankfans reacted to Chewett in Custom Forum BBCode   
    There are several specific custom BBCode scripts that are used on the forum, Here is the list of them and how to use them

    It shows the code you need to use them, and why you should use it.

    [b]Council Email Address (New!)[/b]
    You should use this when you want to post the councils email address, this is to stop spammers.

    [size=4][b]Bugs Email Address[/b][/size]
    You should use this whener you want to post bugs' email address, this is to stop spammers.

    [b]Player Page[/b]
    [code][player]Player Name[/player][/code]
    This allows you to link to a playerpage easily.

    [b]Log Box[/b]
    [code][log=Log Box Name]Big log[/log][/code]
    [log=Battle Log]A very big log[/log]
    When putting large logs into a page, PLEASE use these boxes
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    tankfans got a reaction from Watcher in Wts Gold Unicorn Avatar   
    Those who will bid next please send me a PM here in the forum why you want the avatar.
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    tankfans got a reaction from Sasha Lilias in Wts Gold Unicorn Avatar   
    Those who will bid next please send me a PM here in the forum why you want the avatar.
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    tankfans got a reaction from Handy Pockets in Wts Gold Unicorn Avatar   
    Those who will bid next please send me a PM here in the forum why you want the avatar.
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    tankfans got a reaction from dst in Wts Gold Unicorn Avatar   
    Those who will bid next please send me a PM here in the forum why you want the avatar.
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    tankfans reacted to Lazarus in [Necrovion]Riddle - Tales From The Prison   
    It seems that Adam's mental problem is getting worse. The other day he was hallucinating and eating the prison bars, yesterday he tried to kill himself, and earlier today is much worse:

    Day 351 Year 4

    [b]The Deadly Paws[/b]

    [attachment=1331:ADAM INSANE!.jpg]

    His hallucination and mental illness is getting dangerous for others and for himself. He can kill an inmate if this continues without medical treatment, now he believes that he is a Cat and, apparently, killed Peace. Fiju, an Inmate Healthcare Supervisor is not always around, and I am Bored has no knowledge about health or mental problems, this will not be resolved and will just get even worse as the days pass by...

    Watch out for the next installation.

    [PN: I created the "Chad" account for all of my characters, but it got banned so I have to speak through this account for all of them, so now I don't talk about Lazarus, I talk about Adam Riddle.]
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