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  1. Thanks guys, didn't notice there's a thread like this :P
  2. The game is finally back up!

  3. waiting for the game to back up

    1. Eagle Eye

      Eagle Eye

      Yeah, and watch papa francis while waiting

  4. This is happening to me, too. conf.godmode.php is bugged.
  5. tankfans

    New ideas

    Nice! Now I don't have to test the ritual with the risk of killing them :)
  6. Sat/Sun@1500 please? It's too late for people living in Asia...
  7. tankfans

    New ideas

    View of ritual contents: creature name/id, chosen ability to used, chosen target
  8. Last month, I was able to collect around 100+ candies (rainbow, reg, blue, yellow, green, orange, etc). Planning to use blue candies to get back my lost research papers from Murslands 5 years ago. But, as I checked my inventory right now... I only have 52 rainbow candies, 2 red, 2 orange, 2 yellow, and 2 green... Where did the rest of my candies go? Is there a steal functionality implemented or something like that?
  9. Dusty Book of Savelites (ID: 8245) - usable (scriptable) UTOB Trophy (ID: 8541) - trophy 2010 Best Artist Trophy (ID: 10509) - trophy
  10. The following items are in the default tab of my inventory: 2010 Best Artist Trophy Dusty Book of Savelites UTOB Trophy Two of them are trophies and the book is actually an usable(scriptable) item.
  11. I voted for 15:00 st, since 21:00 st is 2:00 am here
  12. 1) tankfans 2) around a month 3) Let's have some fun. 4) 20% 5) I'm still studying sometimes with lots of assignments, so I cannot prioritize MD all the time. (I only access MD when I have free time)
  13. How about the remaining chapter 2? Is it the same with chapter 3? I've been stuck there for years.
  14. Fossil among the fossils
  15. Were all the awards given? I went idle at the start of the awarding of the first official challenge :|
  16. Overall a good and short quest Haven't have clickie quests for a while I'm imbalanced by ~-580... <-feel my pain, I was never be able to balance my win/less ever since I became mp5 a few years ago can we have more scattered clickies next time? it's almost crowded in one place
  17. Name: tankfans Age: 1208 Sex: Male Association: Silvan Watch Affiliation: Loreroot Greatest Strength: Straight forward Greatest Weakness: Creative writing
  18. My problem with previous torch competitions is that I couldn't find any player with the torch on the opponent side so I couldn't score Timezone problems :| I'm not sure how difficult it is to implement this but here is my suggestion. A citizen can grab a torch from his capital, he then travels to the other capitals to score, let's call him the torch bearer. However, when a torch bearer moved into a scene with citizens of the land he is in, he will not be able to move until all defenders(citizens + mercenaries) of that land on that scene are defeated/killed in battle. Sheath = Defeated; Sheath Ballance = Killed If a torch bearer is killed, he will lose his torch and die for 25 minutes. If a torch bearer is defeated, he will be disabled (move-locked and attack-locked) in place for 10 minutes without losing the torch. If a defender is killed, he will die for 30 minutes and then teleport to the capital he is defending after the cool down. If a defender is defeated, he will be disabled (move-locked and attack-locked) for 10 minutes. So, it will be more like a blockade game.
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