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  1. I don't see the problem with them. Not only the cost is different, but the look is different as well. I think it is okay if all the items with the same stats dont cost the same. Lets not make everyone look the same, let the game have more variety. It would be nice if you pay more for a better looking item. I would personally choose the better looking set although it costs more. It would even be better if there would be a bigger variety of the same items with different look. The game is not only about stats and things like that.
  2. I chose principle of darkness, principle of light and balance as well. When I was choosing I was thinking something of the balance between good and bad, day and night, light and dark, something similar to "yin" and "yang" And I chose imagination to make all this more "alive, illusionary, imaginable, practicable" (didnt find the word, lol)
  3. Hello! I've found this game not so long ago, but it has soon became one of my favourite games. Im from Lithuania, although probably not many know where exactly it is. I hope to spend good time with you! Ingame Genys
  4. Why cant VE of my creatures regenerate when Im logged off ?Now, if I want to regenerate all my army I have to log in every hour to spend all my points, and this is a bit annoying. I log in an hour or so and regenerate 2-3 monsters. Lets say it happens that you couldnt play the game for a day or two, you log in with the intention to have some pleasure, make some battles, but you remember that your army is dead and you have to start working on regenerating your creatures, and again you're frustrated because this takes a lot of additional time. Another example would be when you wake up in the
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