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  1. Creation of World (Story of Raven) In beginning there was nothing except chaos and confusion that only Raven was witnessed. But there came time when the fight between good and evil, light and dark has stopped and decided to make new world in which both could live. World of magic and wonders and as none of sides could decide how to create it they gave a small bag to Raven, a bag of powers. As Raven flew through darkness and light he was getting tired but there was no place to rest there was only water to be seen miles around. So while he flew, he removed a rock from his bag and threw
  2. i would also like to add idea of seeing if ur adepts are online
  3. well i'm taking that Raven-man as soon as avatars are out and then i shall see what to do next
  4. lol Glor i don't i'll like avatar after that what u said about it can u put that Indian Birdman in when Blackthorn is done or even that like is now will be enough just send it to Mur PLSSSS I beg u
  5. this last one is best send that one but could wings look more like feathers?
  6. lol no only 2 i asked DexteR on forum, Morrel draw him on his own (and its really nice that he did it) and I PMed Blackthorn on my special wish :lol: :lol: :lol: Glor and what are u gonna draw for me?
  7. u did it really good especially on wings Now I just wait on Blackthorn :lol:
  8. Thank you for Raven picture is making my profile even more beautiful
  9. I think its getting worse since in my country we had 3 really bad storms and also one small tornado (ppl say that it wasn't such storms in last 50 years) I live in Europe and tornado's are really rare or at least they were
  10. This topic was inspired by chating with Ragnarok OnlineRPG about two hours and talking about issues and problems of modern world. More storms lately, problems with energy (oil prices, alternative energy) etc. Post here what u think is gonna happen, who is guilty and express ur opinion on it. Also any wild, bizarre theories u found/heard or u made :lol:
  11. Just don't release em today cuz I'll be out and away from computer. But if they come out keep ur hands away from that Raven-man that Glor is talking about. :lol: That Raven-man will probably help me achieve perfection in my role Thanks for understanding
  12. there were also quite some newbs in paper cabin like 2-3 hours ago but I can proudly say that I managed them on my own. :lol: P.S.: another player is trying to get in LHO
  13. could u try and draw different kind of bird? :P
  14. This is part of the game FACE IT and even if I don't like it also from time to time its part of the game that I accept and support to be as it is. It brings a bit of excitement to game every month. And what will u do when u get killed loads of time when there no competition? U gonna start complaining on forum? Thats my opinion on so called problem. All hate posts will be fun to read. With all respect *Raven47*
  15. Raven


    Always advertising phrog huh?
  16. White = 52 Blue = 87 Black = -33 Red = -108 Green = 2 Hurry up on explanations
  17. everyone would be casting that spell :lol:
  18. There has to be someone just and noble in there. That's why I need to go in :lol:
  19. Did u read this??? MagicDuel grows bigger and bigger and because of this, I assigned organizatoric roles to some of you and build teams that will be responsable of managing the game from now on. As the game grew, i started to lose more and more time with things that actualy slow the game evolution instead of making it evolve faster, things like pm's, individual profile fixes, answering stupid questions, etc, so i do these organizatoric changes so i can focus again on expanding the game with new features and make it grow even faster. I hearby announce that .Shoeps. will be from now on manager
  20. Hi everyone I'm from Slovenia if anyone know where it is post here (try without uncle google) some of u already meet me just doing story in MP5 and pls don't kill me when I get out and to all others HI :lol:
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