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  1. You are seriously bored.... Still didn't remove ur input into my log :aggressive:
  2. Just saw it.... I'll do it tomorow when she come online. Don't worry everything will be okay :good: P.S.:Just couldn't resist using new smiley's :rofl:
  3. Time to put my share to it Drawn it while in school and its better than MB's :lol:
  4. nice and my birthday is next day two days of party :lol:
  5. [quote name='Granos' post='18481' date='Oct 15 2008, 07:46 PM']Third try?! [/quote] yeap cuz u got the special try
  6. This quest is now finished.... The ones who solved it: Azrael Dark - 1st to solve and with best answer *perrobotillo * - 2nd to solve in 3rd try dst - 3rd to solve... Granos - 4th and last to solve in 3rd try around 50 players tried to solve it.... Solution: Head and arm of a dragon Center body of L2 barren Body and leg and tail of a knator Belly ,tongue, and left arm of a L3 grassan Ball and chain of L1 grassan head, nest, and stone pillar of a Level 3 Winderwild armor of Remains L1
  7. i don't think its gonna work and this quest is ending tomorow
  8. For this quest i'm giving 3rd try to following players (one of those players already solved it) : DarkElfMage Kadeshi killer2 BloodPrince Azrael Dark Aqune Shadowseeker Kaosphile Tremir Graziel Granos savelfuser Eden phlegmtheorem MRnegative6 XinHun quendalon aikawax .Bootes. Burns jarwer [img]http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn57/Raven47Pro/ravens.jpg[/img] In my journeys over Magic Duel I have came across many creatures till I found this one.Most fierce and dangerous of all. I will be only able to defeat it if I know which creatu
  9. Hi and welcome on forum and in game. P.S.: He needs loses atm
  10. [quote name='dst' post='17126' date='Sep 22 2008, 06:59 PM']Let me explain: nothing happened during the fight because there were no creatures to fight. It was a non creature ritual against another non creature ritual. Not the number of rounds was important. And yes, the normal players have a bigger number of rounds than alliance players. Also against npcs the number increases even more.[/quote] ok thats explained then and that makes ritual really weird lol
  11. [quote name='Cirith' post='17120' date='Sep 22 2008, 05:21 PM']i think the point is not the number of the rounds, but that nothing happened during the rounds^^[/quote] well I really didn't know but how to replay cuz dst covered some information and that might be as well with rounds... but still 52 rounds thats a lot
  12. only 36 rounds i had i think 52 rounds when mp4 against Loreroot guards
  13. Lately there is a lot off ppl that wants to become LHO and I really like that Less work for me lol But I disapprove if someone becomes LHO and he right after that stops going in newb places and helping new players in chat. P.S.: I really hate that I can't go idle (Well I can but last time i did it by accident and had tons of Help Requests in my inbox when I came back)... Any news on when bug might be removed?
  14. assume that its in negative way....
  15. NelyaSetesh is walking in the forest for few hours now. She is very tired, so she decides taking a rest. She sits down near a big tree, her back against the trunk of the tree. She is looking the nature all around her and begins to fall asleep. She starts thinking about a secret thing. Suddenly she feels herself falling into void, she opens her eyes but seeing nothing, only darkness. Her mind becomes completly blur and faded. She dont feel anymore her body as if she detached herself from it. It seems that Nelya is falling towards a very odd and multicolor source of light. When she reachs this
  16. Tournament Description This tournament is based on 1vs1 fights. It will exist 2 categories: • MP4 category • MP5 category. The only restriction is to have access to Loreroot. The different fights will happen on Oak Fort. The tournament manager is Eden. All the results will be sent to Eden by pm. One pm by fight. All flood will be followed by a tournament disqualification. For MP3 category, if they are enough we will grant you the access to Loreroot only to participate to this contest. Fight Rules Each fight between A player and B player is composed by 2 rounds. First round: A is att
  17. Raven

    Help phrog

    Hmmm... I think we don't want another character "gone" as Wodin... And as Mishadowst contacted me and phrog has something in common... we are tricksters... I create illusions and he creates rumours/fire and thats similar I think... Thats why I'll try and help him.
  18. Raven

    Help phrog

    we could also try and create rumours true or untrue to light his inner fire and help him...
  19. Raven

    Again PWR

    *Raven* Illusionist of Loreroot Bringer of chaos and confusion to some, light and hope to others. Caster of illusion spells might make you see different than you should.
  20. there are two options and i picked yes :lol:
  21. well actually i'm collecting this stuff :lol:
  22. Changes As Raven was making confusion and blessing to some others he realized that by doing goals that he have set himself world won’t change. That made him think about all humans that have similar goal and decide to join one of them. With this decision he sent two of his messengers Huginn (Thoughtful) and Muninn (Mindful) to seek those that are worthy and have good idea and will to accomplish their goal. While the two messengers were away, Raven proclaimed himself as Hrafna-Gud, the God of the Ravens and established his dominion in Raven’s Peace. Giving warning to all saying:
  23. well u forgot to tell that most of product comes from Asia country's like China etc. that are really cheap. Making other country's really expensive and hard to sell anything. As about cheaper materials and same prices. There is a bigger prices for good wood and other pure materials forcing those that are skilled in crafting out of job.
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