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    We have around 30 cm of snow at my place... Tho weather forecast says rain is coming soon...
  2. Raven

    Wish Shop Idea

    Can't believe you forgot on me Lib :cray: P.S.: Wishpoint system is getting implemented and now everyone suddenly wants different ways of rewarding beside wishpoint.... Anyone considered that this is going against new wishpoint system? And that changes would need to be made etc... So more and more work... Can't you just be happy with "small" things?
  3. Happy Birthday :friends: :drinks: and a gift =@
  4. regeneration +5.242 energeticimmun +20.951 tradesense +8.113 briskness +9.734 initiative +2.704 defence +8.585 attack +31.381 luck +3.646 power +2.96 From two days ago... Server reset ruined everything and didn't had a chance to copy final stats. But attack was over 40 that I know P.S.:How do you gain so much regen dst?
  5. Raven

    MD Meeting

  6. [quote name='MRWander' post='23509' date='Jan 9 2009, 07:33 PM']just for clarification are the MR frat and savelites included there seems to be confusion for some about this.[/quote] Some say yes others no... So it would be good to see what MRD has to say....
  7. Most have already been told but I still have something to add from my side. By breaking the treaty as it is I think every individual brings disgrace to the alliance in which he is in. I can understand if someone has kind of silent treaty that he can be attacked with some members of alliance but that doesn't mean you can start attacking everyone else. I personally will make sure that treaty shall be respected and will talk to player that violated it no matter in which alliance he is in. Any violation can be posted here on forum or sent to me. Tho I cannot help if I am not talked to.... Make sure that you also have a screen capture of a fight if something like this occurs.
  8. Raven

    Amoran's Dream

    There are two obvious things that she can do: 1. Fight. We all know brute strength isn't everything and might work out. But because of that might I don't like the idea. 2. She can try and convince sister that life is about balance. That the battlefield on which they are on is opposite of far more beautiful and peaceful place thank this. And that they also can't live with one of them dead. For one of them would always be sorry for her sister and would be doomed to sadness etc. P.S.:She also needs to dodge her sister attacks while trying to do 2nd choice until they can result to normal conversation. Or after it to choice number 1 that might have really bad results. Just my 2 cents Try opposing my ideas etc we don't want anyone to get hurt
  9. Happy year since old one is already behind now and this new year is also already old.
  10. [quote name='Death Bell' post='22846' date='Dec 23 2008, 03:07 PM']guys.. i am happy to say i solved the technique between dst ultimate grasan and yes without any'1 help that is. all by myself Sorry for bragging.. i know alot of you already figured it out way before me [/quote] Now you just need to solve the ghost defence ^^
  11. My stats for today: regeneration +9.24 energeticimmun +3.24 tradesense +3.24 briskness +3.24 initiative +3.24 defence +47.24 attack +90.24 luck +6.24 power +75.12 and principles: Principle of Light = 2629 Principle of Syntropy = 3943 Principle of Imagination = 1972 P.S.:My max ve is 48195
  12. [quote name='GgSeverin' post='22707' date='Dec 19 2008, 08:06 PM']no comment[/quote] Is it only me or the bunny is dead? ^^
  13. C ya in a week MB. We won't miss you
  14. Has a nice birthday ^^

  15. Has one of many pictures intended for me on his profile.


    P.S.:Nice picture and good work Blackthorn :)

  16. same here P.S.: Mur if you see this made my avatar gold while you put this pack in game
  17. when you'll won't be online lol that usually happened to me XD
  18. [quote name='dst' post='21710' date='Dec 10 2008, 09:00 PM']Internet Exploder sucks..[/quote] It works better when using healing spell dst
  19. ok just make sure ur spell will also lag
  20. [quote name='dst' post='21578' date='Dec 8 2008, 10:22 PM']Now I will for sure ask Mur for a counter heal spell. I can't care less about the other ones but this one is on top of my priorities [/quote] just ask for this one below lol 'prot-weaken' = attack and defence minus 20, power minus 5, initiative and luck minus 3, [b]deals 1000 vitality damage to target per spell level,[/b] effect incresed with +20% and +80% time per level, castable only on single targets in same location, STACKABLE (has cumulative effect if cast mroe times on same target)
  21. happy birthday and stay the way you are :crazy:
  22. but ingame santa doesn't brings gifts lol well depending on which side he is
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