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  1. My stats for today: regeneration +9.24 energeticimmun +3.24 tradesense +3.24 briskness +3.24 initiative +3.24 defence +47.24 attack +90.24 luck +6.24 power +75.12 and principles: Principle of Light = 2629 Principle of Syntropy = 3943 Principle of Imagination = 1972 P.S.:My max ve is 48195
  2. [quote name='GgSeverin' post='22707' date='Dec 19 2008, 08:06 PM']no comment[/quote] Is it only me or the bunny is dead? ^^
  3. C ya in a week MB. We won't miss you
  4. Has a nice birthday ^^

  5. Has one of many pictures intended for me on his profile.


    P.S.:Nice picture and good work Blackthorn :)

  6. same here P.S.: Mur if you see this made my avatar gold while you put this pack in game
  7. when you'll won't be online lol that usually happened to me XD
  8. [quote name='dst' post='21710' date='Dec 10 2008, 09:00 PM']Internet Exploder sucks..[/quote] It works better when using healing spell dst
  9. ok just make sure ur spell will also lag
  10. [quote name='dst' post='21578' date='Dec 8 2008, 10:22 PM']Now I will for sure ask Mur for a counter heal spell. I can't care less about the other ones but this one is on top of my priorities [/quote] just ask for this one below lol 'prot-weaken' = attack and defence minus 20, power minus 5, initiative and luck minus 3, [b]deals 1000 vitality damage to target per spell level,[/b] effect incresed with +20% and +80% time per level, castable only on single targets in same location, STACKABLE (has cumulative effect if cast mroe times on same target)
  11. happy birthday and stay the way you are :crazy:
  12. but ingame santa doesn't brings gifts lol well depending on which side he is
  13. [quote name='No one' post='21544' date='Dec 8 2008, 05:00 PM']hmm, then that is not achieved by normal fights. the difference of VP dst gained was won in just one fight against a burst. so, you do the math[/quote] that means a LOT of max ve XD
  14. i guess you never done real exp bomb
  15. [quote name='dst' post='21534' date='Dec 8 2008, 02:55 PM']I believe in everyone that brings me presents [/quote] lol I guess that would be true. But in time we are atm only really small child's believe in Santa. I would like to believe but to many things are against it XD
  16. [quote name='dst' post='21462' date='Dec 7 2008, 01:07 PM']I know . That's why I am suggesting it. I am mean today [/quote] lol as always
  17. [quote name='dst' post='21453' date='Dec 7 2008, 10:39 AM']Or just mail them to yourself [/quote] lol dst only few can do that ^^
  18. lol then everyone would be out... notice lho's names starting with "*"?
  19. btw don't count me out of protector I'll be back by tomorow. For those that were worshipping me I guess its time to show your loyalty or just simple need of healing.... And I still have the spells...
  20. [quote name='kayla ulican' post='21196' date='Dec 4 2008, 04:11 AM']Raven came to me in the room. Then she called in more help from Rex Umbrae Killer. They also brought in dst..[/quote] :offtopic: Just to note I am he. lol And Rex was there out of curiosity :pardon:
  21. [quote name='Gargant' post='21227' date='Dec 4 2008, 01:10 PM']Was left nearly speechless by it. I can only describe my reactions by a series of small yellow faces: :shok: :yahoo: :clapping: *ahem* then I recomposed myself and logged in. Nice one Manu!! Garg (And El trunko)[/quote] Totally agree with Garg
  22. I seriously don't know what attracted me to game. I just started playing it
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