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  1. [quote name='Macnia' post='27979' date='Mar 31 2009, 12:47 PM']What do I have to do to become a Sapling?.[/quote] Maybe you could ask Amoran or Logan.
  2. I have also already done mentioned things. I have organized Guardians again in something similar what they were with Nelya. Added few things in how we work. Savelites have been cleansed and are on way to be organized as they should be. Why would this be disgraceful? There are many ways to achive something and I'm simply using the other way. And I don't think this was wrong forum to ask on. I merely wish to see this from other perspective also and there were some interesting things that were posted here, questions and also there can be seen on how some people look on Loreroot. Regarding
  3. I noticed that many don't know what role of High council is and it always was... So I'll just leave it like that... Regarding my role I have never really shown chaos side in public but is always been there in background... Few has seen it but I can't show it to everyone daily. As well there is a small hint on who I am also in my papers. Actualy many hints but I have never really exposed it in public.
  4. I'll make sure someone will take care of Loreroot while I will be gone. Like High Council for example. My word is never a law its always a nice question to stop if something is done wrong and try to stop things nice way. I usualy consult before doing anything, like for example as you said laws. There is already one simple law not to do anything against Loreroot, do bad things in there etc. There won't really be any more limits because I in a way already have this title. If ppl will accept this rule will show soon and those who don't will have to abide by majority if I'll be accepted.
  5. Well feel free to ask those "if's" and make clear questions etc and I'll try to answer..
  6. 1st of all I think I'm the 1st one to actualy ask for it and will be puted on a different test than others that recived it and if Nelya returns [which won't happen anytime soon] she's already informed on everything and agrees on me taking over etc and wished me luck with it. And atm almost all lands have their "king". As well as I don't seek to put limits on ppl but merely ensure Loreroot's safety in another way.
  7. So you partly agree and partly not
  8. Well not all of council members agree fully but they do agree to some point. And majority of it agrees so there is no question in beeing aproved by them. And there are different ways to become "king" and Mur will use a different one here. Also I don't think any of my actions are against me in this.
  9. There seems to be a misunderstanding on what Loreroot High Council's role is and what it was and that its still same now as it has been when Nelya was around. When there was Nelya around she was also like a king well queen and high council was to consult her and help her make decisions but it was still HER that said the last word even if for example whole council would dissagre but that would be very hard to happen. After Nelya went inactive Loreroot High Council has been given control over Loreroot. Tho with me being leader everything returned as far as it goes for council to what it was
  10. Nowhere to run

    Nowhere to hide

    Nothing to lose

    Like one we'll stand

    We'll face the storm

    Created by a man

  11. [font="Book Antiqua"][i][b][size=4][size=3][center]The Land of Loreroot came into being under the Kingship of Daniel Raven, it grew from a wild and mysterious land to a thriving place full of vibrant people. As the Archon of Loreroot, I will bring the Land forth to grow, blossom and flourish. It is my solemn oath to protect Loreroot and all of its people. With these words, I humbly request your support. Please ask any questions you wish, or provide opinions.[/size][/b][/size] [/i][/font][/center]
  12. So to bring this to an end I would like to say that not really a lot or lets say none has saw conversation we had with Cryx and with stating things such as has been said is only provoking. So could we just leave it as it is now and move one? P.S.: If Cryx agrees someone close this topic..
  13. *lazily goes and unbinds around 200 attack and defense rituals, slowly multiple at once*
  14. You did get one silver coin. What more do you wish?
  15. Why should everything be pointless? There is always something that can be done. (and everyone that was active remained in alliance)
  16. Here so it won't be for nothing. *throws silver coin at him* You can split it with your crew if you wish.
  17. So since he failed to keep it shall we close the topic?
  18. This alliance has my support, the captain has been most honorable with his dealings, as well as most curtious to his crew, whom he always looks out for. He has the support of the myself in the creation of this guild, and I have faith he will lead this alliance well and won't pester Loreroot lands again. (Not that he did any damage but still...)
  19. Well I tried it a few times and it seems to be working okay. No ve loss from burst etc..
  20. I think that traning grounds are mostly for newer players (mp3 and mp4) and would support that they are helped to start playing game and get stronger. As for mp5 part of everything there is willows shop. The grounds also are good and show that people can get organized quite well if needed/if it goes for their gain and easy fights. xD But yer MR's did very good job on it.. Set the rules that are beeing respected and everything. They have managed to do something similar to what dojo is tho still very different in a way.
  21. [quote name='dst' post='26807' date='Mar 10 2009, 09:03 PM']Lightsage? Role play? Are you serious?[/quote] There will be suprises dst. Just wait and see when it will happen.
  22. [quote name='Raven' post='26637' date='Mar 7 2009, 11:45 PM']Participants were picked based on their roleplay and this quest shall be based on it. And sadly this is maximum number of players we could take as much as we would like to pick more.[/quote]
  23. Quest cancelled because we did not get the support needed.
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