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  1. I will follow what my people wish and if I'll be asked to step back up again I will do so.
  2. Again I retreted because I have been asked to prevent what is going to happen. I did what I had to do to prevent it. I wouldn't have retreded if we would be allowed to use roleplay and inner magic but as that was refused then there was no point as we cannot win a war with only brute power.
  3. [quote name='Burns' post='28630' date='Apr 11 2009, 10:00 AM']and i like your spies, i was totally sure that nobody else was listening at that point...[/quote] Burns I didn't ask anyone to spy for me. I recived those logs without asking for them.
  4. [center]I seriously don't know how to start this post, how to phrase everything into words that is going on my mind at the moment. Facts that I have been blamed of being power hungry, that I’m being a puppet of King Bull [[i]I’m not going to say any of names but the one stating it should certainly feel like an idiot.[/i]], all those facts are really sad and pathetic. Today I have been also insulted [[i]Quote:”White Reaper: Fu*k you Raven”[/i]] and then I received pm that he hates me. I know quite some people hate me for some or that reason [[i]example: King Bull, Subzeroo etc.][/i]. Burns what you are talking about was expected from King Bull and as well White Reaper I knew they would try and backstab me, I even have chat logs [[i]And there is more, not only one.[/i]]. There are many more but this one is latest and was obviously what will happen. [[i]None of involved in chat gave me this.][/i] ... [/center] White Reaper: King hats Raven!!!!!! Burns: atm, BT is not exactly a person we like... you read his post against D? -.- White Reaper: i will leave if things dont go the way i think they should go White Reaper: who would you like to see become leader of Loreroot? White Reaper: Burns?? White Reaper: what do you think? Burns: hmm... Nelya did a good job back then White Reaper: yes she did White Reaper: i have told King that i would leave if Raven is King of Loreroot Burns: i guess the best leader could be Amoran or Aqune White Reaper: Raven is a liar .Ailith.: Greetings White Reaper: i realy realy hat Raven to White Reaper: he is not a good leader Burns: but i'll keep an eye on you for the next days... so no need to watch your back, i'll do that for you *smirks* White Reaper: are you talking to me? Burns: hello ailith Burns: still keeping the peace?^^ White Reaper: cool Burns: nope, reaper... ice wanted to join us for the upcoming war^^ White Reaper: i realy like you Burns and i would hate to go to war with you because of Raven! Burns: now, b2t: what does make raven a bad leader in your opinion? White Reaper: he lies Burns: i always liked him as a person... and his decisions with the ally were kind of reasonable all along... White Reaper: in real life i would beat the sh ** out of him White Reaper: he is a bit*h Burns: O_o White Reaper: i have never liked him!!! Burns: i knew he hasn't made onyl friends with his decisions, and his path of making decisions, but that's kind of shocking XD White Reaper: and i can git along with anyone White Reaper: if i was to leave would i be invited into your alliance White Reaper: Burns Burns: me... sorry, was distracted Burns: hmm... White Reaper: i will never bow down to Raven! Burns: i can't decide without knowing your stats XD .Ailith.: You would leave King Bull's alliance? Burns: even though i know you are not that bad as fighter, i can't just invite you blindly -.- White Reaper: i think so....but not sure atm .Ailith.: *nods* these are difficult times White Reaper: hold on and you can see my stats! Burns: and then there's the chance of spying and backstabbing involved... White Reaper: what do you mean ...you can see my stats now White Reaper: i under stand Burns: sure, just checked them, they are good Burns: and i know that you know how to set a rit, so the fighting part won't be any trouble White Reaper: thank you White Reaper: you think about this and i will to Burns: but i guess yrth will be kind of afraid from double-agents these days, so i can't tell if he would or wouldn't approve... White Reaper: that is all i ask Burns: sure, just checked them, they are good Burns: and i know that you know how to set a rit, so the fighting part won't be any trouble White Reaper: thank you White Reaper: you think about this and i will to Burns: but i guess yrth will be kind of afraid from double-agents these days, so i can't tell if he would or wouldn't approve... White Reaper: that is all i ask Burns: in times of peace, he wouldn't give a second thought about it, but now... and seeing you are from savels, who are our direct opponents atm... White Reaper: that is fine all i know is i will never follow Raven Burns: hmm... i'll keep it in mind, and we'll see how things turn out... if there's a real war starting, i'm quite sure that you can get out of harm's way by leaving the ally, and most likely you will get Burns: a seat in GG if you want to fight with us, but i guess you wouldn't be invited to the more secret meetings in the first few days ;-) White Reaper: ok Burns: oh, btw, sorry for taking archomancer from you, he asked for a seat in our ally a long time ago^^ White Reaper: that is fine every one got kicked out anyway White Reaper: by Raven Burns: LOL White Reaper: and we took it back from him White Reaper: he was not happy......HAHAHA!!!! White Reaper: i realy cant experess how much i hate Raven White Reaper: i would love to have his soul!!!!!!! Burns: i like to hear that from a Lore-member White Reaper: i look out for my friends White Reaper: alliance or not Burns: a good thing to do... and a thing i should do, too Burns: i'll check back with the ally meeting, see you later^^ White Reaper: im glad to here that im not the only one who hates him Burns: oh, better not follow me... unless you want to be mass-attacked and kicked off the island, that is XD White Reaper: ok sorry again this is happening!!! Burns: i'll contact you in a few minutes... i guess a public dicussion about your application won't hurt ;-) Burns: see you later^^ White Reaper: ok thank you!! Anyway everything started when Nelya started going inactive and along with her activity the activity of others and things that were done feel apart. Guardians were in this state for over two months before I have taken over, even after a bit of time when I was leader everything went a bit slow. I have cleaned alliance of few inactive people and started trying to rebuild alliance and it worked, even if only bit by bit people became a bit more active. Once chat was empty all the time and now it’s full again [[i]Not due to war.[/i]]. People didn’t talked a lot and did not express their opinion but they do now, communication has greatly improved even if there are still some tensions between few players in alliance and not everyone is working as a unit but everyone is aware of the fact that they are part of a unit. Forums became active again [[i]Not the one that Nelya made, but I created a new one[/i]], new suggestions and cooperation improved. At some point I was asked to try and go for King of Loreroot, and so I did to now known title of Archon that I’m forced to resign from before I even got elected. I know I have support of those that are needed or maybe we shall see differently if Mur shall even bother counting votes and evaluating them after this post I made. Well I putted up a survey in which I asked everyone to tell their opinion on me as a King/Archon of Loreroot and it went quite good even in the public [I know some said no because of their role and I respect that] but I still should have enough of them. Even Yrthilian would have nothing against me as a leader if I would become Archon [[i]Quote: Yrthilian: “but if you do become archon that is fine. I will still treat you as i do in game. I do respect you and have enjoyed working with you and i will also say you have been so far a good leader”][/i]. But at some point everything changed when MRD on MD forum putted a vote if Savelites should be closed down which in some way got Blackthorn really ticked of and led to quite few problems and eventually an excuse for these actions that are being taken. Before these happened I have taken over Savelites already and have consulted with their active members and none of them was against me/my alt having control as my wish was merely to give them some base to work on and then leave leadership to one of them but then White Reaper and King Bull came into play [[i]I’m not sure on this one but I have enough evidence that I can blame that invite on eigger.[/i]]. Anyway KB and WR [[i]they are friends in real life[/i]] took over alliance and kicked the rest of players that were actually active and kicked them out creating alliance just for their alts and left there to stagnate and after that when it came to this war was given over to GG members / Grido. So then we came to that childish argument between BT and MRD that was reason for war as well as that Yrthilian says there are “others” that wouldn’t like to see me as a leader [I guess those others are GG alliance/yrthilian] but lets move to the secret reason that even I don’t know of but only few does. Even Grido found it out only after almost over one day when war on us or more war on me was declared. ... Rune: Loreroot is and never will be a province of GG Rune: if thats what your trying to do Rune: if you and Yrth are trying to do that Rune: I can tell you right now that this war is going to do 2 things Rune: 1. Its going to cause players to leave the game Rune: and 2. its going to destroy the community Rune: I'm looking past Loreroot alone now Rune: i'm seeing all the players who are upset about it Rune: [name erased] spent an entire night fucking crying about it Rune: How is that okay/ Rune: ? Rune: How does that make the game 'fun' or interesting in any way shape or form? Grido: she spent a night crying about it? Rune: Yes! Grido: why? Rune: Because she knows what will happen! Rune: She doesn't want to see friends go against eachother Rune: and she doesn't want to see people leave because of an OOC argument! Rune: and it isn't just her Grido: there is more to it that the OOC arguement Grido: just, it's not public Rune: It doesn't matter, the fact of the matter is that it STARTED with an ooc argument Grido: i only just found out, and i'm sworn not totell Rune: thus it should be worked out OUTSIDE of game Rune: Then who do I ask? Rune: Who do I go to? Grido: no, the argument was the catalyst, not the start Rune: Point me in a direction Grido Grido: i cannot say who told me Rune: I'm not going to see people I care about end up biting at eachother's throats Grido: but believe me, it would not be good if Raven became king Rune: I know it probably wouldn't Rune: He is still my friend Rune: and I want him to do some good for the alliance Rune: before he's kicked from it Rune: When Yrth gets online Rune: I want to talk to him Rune: immediately Grido: it's too late for Raven Rune: and trying to save the fucking community Rune: I'm doing that thing that I did to get RPC Rune: you know Rune: help MD? Grido: if Raven goes to jail or steps down, there will be no war, and loreroot will be safe Rune: How can I trust that when GG is known for holding up a golden penis and saying 'see this? this owns you?' Rune: if you can't tell i'm pissed about this Grido: known for it? Rune: it should not have gone to this extent Rune: yes.. GG is known to be made up of statfarmers Rune: and many believe the reputation of stat farmers is to show who's dick is bigger Rune: and you can kick me for saying that Rune: I'm just saying what I've observed Rune: what people have told me Rune: etc. Rune: I want to know.. Rune: exactly Rune: to the T Rune: what your demands will be if Raven steps down permanently Grido: *i* will have none Grido: i cannot speak for Yrth or MRD Rune: then speak for the GG alliance here Rune: Ah Rune: lovely Rune: and neither of them are online to ask Grido: no Grido: i do not know myself Rune: I would prefer to talk to Yrth Rune: and I would prefer to talk to MRD Grido: mm Grido: as for myself, i just want no king/archon Rune: We want a council Grido: go back to a council, without Raven leading it Rune: who works as a unit Rune: and knows how to Grido: yes Grido: but no king Rune: everyone on the high council... Grido: no overuling power Rune: though we were called by name earlier I still don’t see any point for me to resign but I’m forced to as Loreroot cannot stand a chance against force of GG since in war could be used only brute power which we don’t have enough especially not against MR’s ; use of magic and roleplay was rejected in war. And as I can see this only as a bad end not only for Loreroot but everyone, whole community that would get damaged in the process and would greatly turn how game would be oriented even with Mur going for creating factions and I don’t think this would be any close to being good for game. And then there are also people like this that have been removed out of alliance due to their attitude to others which I think can be clearly seen why. King Bull and Subzeroo also had a conversation regarding me and what they shall do against me soon after I kicked him out of alliance. But that is lesser point now. [[i]Quote: Subzeroo: “There should be no one with such huge amount of power, Especialy Raven ... rumors of MD world has it that he can come near Mur's powers ... If this will be alowed ... things will get ugly .... and this has been forseen from mid January 2009”][/i] Anyway I don’t know what Mur will do regarding votes and what he will do because of me stepping down from position before there will be official election votes public, I might be sent to prison or just left alone tho I doubt that I’m ready to accept consequences of this in means for preventing pointless war and not only save Loreroot but also game community. If someone still didn’t get the point. I’m stepping down as a leader of Loreroot. [[i]I know that is what you didn’t expect from power hungry and selfish leader right? Or maybe were you wrong?[/i]]
  5. [quote name='Necromancer Mortis' post='28561' date='Apr 10 2009, 03:55 PM']yrthilian said that one of the reasons he was declaring war was because loreroot was so divided yet you are also saying you are declaring war because they are uniting with a leader of THEIR choice.[/quote] One other reason is because some "others" don't like me as a leader. Or at least I was told so by Yrthilian.
  6. Maybe it should be explained a bit more clearely? I don't really see us as unstable right now. And the other reason is a bit childish as Yami already told.
  7. May I at least know why this war is for?
  8. Raven

    Game reset?

    If game resets then I have wasted over 10 months of hard work or so. Lets just say that I would be REALLY discouraged if everything would be reseted.
  9. Continue to use this topic as reaction on Mur's announcment regarding me becoming Archon of Loreroot.
  10. Raven

    Game reset?

    Well this is risk we took when started playing and I hope Mur will stay away from it as much as he can. Anyway regarding that credits. Everyone gets half of what they bought after reset. Quote from credits page: [u]"Half of the buyed credits cary over in beta or if accounts get reset by us, however we are trying to move to beta without any reset."[/u]
  11. [quote name='Macnia' post='27979' date='Mar 31 2009, 12:47 PM']What do I have to do to become a Sapling?.[/quote] Maybe you could ask Amoran or Logan.
  12. I have also already done mentioned things. I have organized Guardians again in something similar what they were with Nelya. Added few things in how we work. Savelites have been cleansed and are on way to be organized as they should be. Why would this be disgraceful? There are many ways to achive something and I'm simply using the other way. And I don't think this was wrong forum to ask on. I merely wish to see this from other perspective also and there were some interesting things that were posted here, questions and also there can be seen on how some people look on Loreroot. Regarding support from Loreroot I already have it.
  13. I noticed that many don't know what role of High council is and it always was... So I'll just leave it like that... Regarding my role I have never really shown chaos side in public but is always been there in background... Few has seen it but I can't show it to everyone daily. As well there is a small hint on who I am also in my papers. Actualy many hints but I have never really exposed it in public.
  14. I'll make sure someone will take care of Loreroot while I will be gone. Like High Council for example. My word is never a law its always a nice question to stop if something is done wrong and try to stop things nice way. I usualy consult before doing anything, like for example as you said laws. There is already one simple law not to do anything against Loreroot, do bad things in there etc. There won't really be any more limits because I in a way already have this title. If ppl will accept this rule will show soon and those who don't will have to abide by majority if I'll be accepted.
  15. Well feel free to ask those "if's" and make clear questions etc and I'll try to answer..
  16. 1st of all I think I'm the 1st one to actualy ask for it and will be puted on a different test than others that recived it and if Nelya returns [which won't happen anytime soon] she's already informed on everything and agrees on me taking over etc and wished me luck with it. And atm almost all lands have their "king". As well as I don't seek to put limits on ppl but merely ensure Loreroot's safety in another way.
  17. So you partly agree and partly not
  18. Well not all of council members agree fully but they do agree to some point. And majority of it agrees so there is no question in beeing aproved by them. And there are different ways to become "king" and Mur will use a different one here. Also I don't think any of my actions are against me in this.
  19. There seems to be a misunderstanding on what Loreroot High Council's role is and what it was and that its still same now as it has been when Nelya was around. When there was Nelya around she was also like a king well queen and high council was to consult her and help her make decisions but it was still HER that said the last word even if for example whole council would dissagre but that would be very hard to happen. After Nelya went inactive Loreroot High Council has been given control over Loreroot. Tho with me being leader everything returned as far as it goes for council to what it was when Nelya was around. So I don't really see whats the problem since High Council will be still there even with me becoming Archon.
  20. Nowhere to run

    Nowhere to hide

    Nothing to lose

    Like one we'll stand

    We'll face the storm

    Created by a man

  21. [font="Book Antiqua"][i][b][size=4][size=3][center]The Land of Loreroot came into being under the Kingship of Daniel Raven, it grew from a wild and mysterious land to a thriving place full of vibrant people. As the Archon of Loreroot, I will bring the Land forth to grow, blossom and flourish. It is my solemn oath to protect Loreroot and all of its people. With these words, I humbly request your support. Please ask any questions you wish, or provide opinions.[/size][/b][/size] [/i][/font][/center]
  22. So to bring this to an end I would like to say that not really a lot or lets say none has saw conversation we had with Cryx and with stating things such as has been said is only provoking. So could we just leave it as it is now and move one? P.S.: If Cryx agrees someone close this topic..
  23. *lazily goes and unbinds around 200 attack and defense rituals, slowly multiple at once*
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