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  1. [quote name='Jonn' post='20605' date='Nov 22 2008, 12:03 PM']You know you've been on MD too much when you find stuff like this on YouTube and feels the need to share it with everyone. ^_^



    Bunny when he was young:

    Bunny now:

    Old Bunny:

  2. regeneration +5.242
    energeticimmun +20.951
    tradesense +8.113
    briskness +9.734
    initiative +2.704
    defence +8.585
    attack +31.381
    luck +3.646 power +2.96

    From two days ago... Server reset ruined everything and didn't had a chance to copy final stats. But attack was over 40 that I know ^_^

    P.S.:How do you gain so much regen dst? :P

  3. [quote name='Death Bell' post='22846' date='Dec 23 2008, 03:07 PM']guys.. i am happy to say i solved the technique between dst ultimate grasan :P and yes without any'1 help that is. all by myself :angry:
    Sorry for bragging.. i know alot of you already figured it out way before me :rolleyes:[/quote]

    Now you just need to solve the ghost defence ^^

  4. [quote name='dst' post='21578' date='Dec 8 2008, 10:22 PM']Now I will for sure ask Mur for a counter heal spell. I can't care less about the other ones but this one is on top of my priorities :)[/quote]

    just ask for this one below lol

    'prot-weaken' = attack and defence minus 20, power minus 5, initiative and luck minus 3, [b]deals 1000 vitality damage to target per spell level,[/b] effect incresed with +20% and +80% time per level, castable only on single targets in same location, STACKABLE (has cumulative effect if cast mroe times on same target)

  5. [quote name='dst' post='17126' date='Sep 22 2008, 06:59 PM']Let me explain: nothing happened during the fight because there were no creatures to fight.
    It was a non creature ritual against another non creature ritual.
    Not the number of rounds was important. And yes, the normal players have a bigger number of rounds than alliance players. Also against npcs the number increases even more.[/quote]

    ok thats explained then :P

    and that makes ritual really weird lol

  6. [quote name='Cirith' post='17120' date='Sep 22 2008, 05:21 PM']i think the point is not the number of the rounds, but that nothing happened during the rounds^^[/quote]

    well I really didn't know but how to replay cuz dst covered some information and that might be as well with rounds... but still 52 rounds thats a lot :D

  7. Did u read this???

    MagicDuel grows bigger and bigger and because of this, I assigned organizatoric roles to some of you and build teams that will be responsable of managing the game from now on. As the game grew, i started to lose more and more time with things that actualy slow the game evolution instead of making it evolve faster, things like pm's, individual profile fixes, answering stupid questions, etc, so i do these organizatoric changes so i can focus again on expanding the game with new features and make it grow even faster. I hearby announce that .Shoeps. will be from now on manager of the game and his role will be to centralize and controll all game matters, and replace as much as possible my role so far. Please don't flood him with newb questions, his business is mainly with the team leaders and rpc/lho's. As a game manager he will be neutral and will not interfear with the different factions and guilds formed in the game, but he will take decisions on how the game and story will progress based on the information gathered from the team leaders and role players. Shoeps deserves your full respect and his word counts as much as mine does, as i let him entirely responsable for what will go on with the game from now on. From now on, my "role" will be focused on controlling the main direction the game will head, the development of game features, new areas, game secrets and magic. Even if you will see me online from time to time, i will not talk to much because i will be probably be busy with testing stuff in that location so try not to PM me anymore regardless of reason. Player roles will be given out by the new game manager too. I will post soon a list of official peope and what area of the game each one controlls (like translations, support, legends, forum, etc).

    p.s: i will play from time to time on different roles that i do enjoy very much, and maybe sometimes temporarly takeover some rpc roles so that i can shift story in the direction i want to or to place strategic rumors and information in the game, ... i enjoy the game too much to stay away from it too long :)

    With respect for the finest and smartest player community the online rpg world has ever seen,

    .Muratus del Mur.

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