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  1. Raven, welcome home

  2. Imitate other ppl Amoran?

  3. what's on my mind? ... Cheeseballs... What's on your mind?

  4. aye, I bet if each person thought of the idiots, in the end everybody would be on the list, one way, or another.

  5. hehe its very true indeed ^_^

  6. I second that thought, Raven,

  7. interesting picture, of Ravens, and a golden skinned man... now if he only had hourglass eyes.

  8. heh, your rep's back to normal. as sad as that is. :P

  9. hm... anti-devil? wait, that means you're good even if you have the devil's number but with a minus in front of it

  10. What you ever saw devils number with minus in front of it Marv?

  11. Raven, -666 is not a GL charm +666 maybe xD HAve fun getting it up =))

  12. Nah its not odd. Its just slightly different. P.S.: I got a bit over 200 views on my profile yesterday.

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