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  1. Hey is that a Yin and Yang symbol on the centaur? I must get a portrait of me with one in it ^^! Can you please do me one with the Ying and Yang symbol in in? Like the one done by Blackthorn but now with with a Tai - Chi Sword (You could search on Google images) please? Thanks.
  2. Well, it's pointless carrying stuff you don't use anymore, so why not sell them and some get VP back or something.
  3. Yeah I love the contest ^^ It makes people write stories and do all kinds of stuff which is really interesting to watch. Makes the game much more fun too.
  4. I agree with dst too. Lol, MP3's with MAX archers and elementals would be deadly. Maybe we could just sell items.
  5. Yeah... I guess you guys are right... Lol, Balance Freak? Yeah I'm a balance freak ^^
  6. Well okay... Hm.... How bout me then? I have been notified that I will get a official title for the dojo and if I win the PWR contest they might give me another title...
  7. Well there are some un-official groups you could belong too... The SOE started as a un-official group and dure to its supoort, it was turned into a official group. There are some plans fore some people to start a alliance in No Man's Land (including me ^^) You could check the "No Man's Land" post for info. I am thinking of making a new alliance preferably based in No Man's Land (No affliations with any land) and headquarters at Gazebo (Nexus of all, balance of all) You could check my in-game profile for more info.
  8. Well the SOE is full. So no spaces availible, you could wait for an empty spot.
  9. For example, Calyx has a "Mistress of the Dojo" Title but then if Cal wins the PWR contest, Cal will have another title right?
  10. I was thinking about Titles and such and some players I think have more than one official title. So why not print out more? Like you can choose which one you prefer and the others would be shown in your <insert idea>. Also maybe some titles could maybe include small buffs such as +5 attack and def for maybe some title.
  11. Lol, I'm not a good rapper and I did that rap in like 2 mins ^^
  12. Okay... another player and I can't make up our minds between Bob and Steve so we called the tree "Stebo" And we came up with a rap and I made a flash animation of "Stebo" Yo, Yo, Yo! It's Stebo! I'm a tree yo! Water me now, And make me grow! yeah... All the trees say, I am a little too late... Yo man! I'm a B-Tree No other plant can beat me! yeah... You hear that yo?
  13. I like this one better too. I wonder if other artists could do me one too.
  14. Sol

    No Man's Land

    Actually, I would like to start a alliance myself headquarters at the No Man's Land and I am gathering interested peoples. Here's my promo: Want to restore the lost balance? I am gathering people with similar minds and maybe we could form an alliance. You know that the day never ends, the night never comes, the seasons never change, the rains never pour. If interested look at my story. Hm... I know it ain't good but the main aims of my alliance would be: Restore the lost balance, seek for peace and harmony. I would call my alliance "School of Balance" we would have a very very high Energectic Immunity buff. EDIT: If interested contact me in-game or post here I suppose ^^
  15. That is very very nice... Very detailed too
  16. Hmm... Added smashing pic of me (made by Blackthorn) and added Prologue and Chapter III. And I need a proffessional grammar checker ^^ EDIT: Lol, someone suggested MSWord
  17. Simply amazing.... Check a thesaurus for the word "good" and list all possible entries, thats how good my avatar is ^^ EDIT: You tried nine times?
  18. Lol I found a player called Bob the Tree and he was at the map left of the Howling gates. He said something about watering him... O.o
  19. There should be two dojo locations? No, it's better to bring everyone to one location. Is it fair to all alliance members that the dojo is located in Marind Bell? I don't care. If the dojo were moved, where should it be? Tranquil Plains (1_-1x0_1) Is it ok to attack idle players in the dojo. Yes, but only if they left word that it was ok. My choices above. The Tranquil plains sounds like a nice place, nice surroundings for a dojo. Next to it is a Sanc. which is even better ^^
  20. Ooh... Udgard, I live around the same region as you ^^ Glad to know someone from the Asian side of the world And lol, it is pretty late to post this, you're MP4 and in the Loreroot alliance
  21. Sol

    No Man's Land

    I meant MRD's upcoming alliance and maybe phrog's allaince merging... Sorry for not explaining clearly...
  22. Thats why you attacked me yesterday... for research...
  23. Sol

    No Man's Land

    I agree with meiche Why couldn't be two alliances in the same land? I think the Archivists and Dimensional Shifters belong to the same land. EDIT: Maybe merge both alliances together, that would be great
  24. Yeah thats what I believe, when I was young and puny, I was always darting off to find safe places and put def rits (I still dart around now too . And lol SmartAlek attacked me today but lucky I got a def rit *whew*. And I like the idea Malazan but it'll put the attacker in great risk wouldn't it?
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