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  1. Maybe your profile pic suggests so?
  2. Well what I think a "half goat half human" would look like *ahem*Glai And Rex? You use this code and paste into profile: <a href="http://tinypic.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i33.tinypic.com/i3codg.gif" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>
  3. I really like your half nymph half man bard ^^
  4. A random goat humanoid which likes eating paper?
  5. Butchered? Glai? By who? By you?!
  6. Lol that pig thing is actually cuter ^^ EDIT: I would post things I find cute, but I think it will be "Un-suitable" for this topic...
  7. From the start? O.o I have to start school on monday... ><
  8. I actually gained 10 posts from this topic O.o Well three voted Yes before Glai changed it O.o
  9. Well as I said before, hmm... I don't find 2D girls appealing to me ^^ Yeah switch the options to "Yes, because I have bad taste" and "No, Not everyone is like Glai ^^"
  10. I thought they loved dragons? O.o BTW Stickmen are easy to draw epecially without the arms and legs ^^ So it's convinient for terrible drawers like me ^^
  11. Lol but the girl in the Inu... something... is in a manga and its 2D O.o
  12. That's because I LOVVVEEEE stickmen ^^ EDIT: Actually kinda reminds me of the little people RJ became king of...
  13. Lol I thought the Inuyasha person was a girl... >< Oh wells... This is becoming one of the fastest replying topic...
  14. The Oni is cute? My, My... ^^ So big difference though
  15. Hmm... I find real life girls more cute though... but why she got cat ears? Is she a Japanese cat spirit?
  16. No need thanks ^^ I prefer watching videos ^^ I like watching comedies ^^
  17. Yay! Another option! BTW check my animation topic of you have time... and "No I have bad taste..."
  18. Well... Well... Well.... A way to pass time I guess.... Reply here if you want one done. I'll see if I have the time ^^ Khalazdad "Stebo" - (Bob and Steve) This is me RJ's Dragon (Spent a looonnng time drawing the dragon) (Don't know what's wrong with the smoke so don't ask...) Well, "Teh Awesomeness Bunneh" For Rex Umbrae Killer (my best one I think) *ahem*Glai *ahem Glai too
  19. Only part I don't like is the MD shop part, it could be implemented as a freebie though ^^ EDIT: Ooh... 100 posts ^^
  20. He was a great warrior, but I found him always "deeply thinking"... Haven't played long enough to meet BigC... I wish I met him...
  21. Lol, I'm not going to vote ^^ Simple answer, No. They look like a very very obese person to me... And I don't really like Mangas and Animes, but I like Full Metal Alchemist.
  22. Nice, I like the idea. Sometimes when I go saccing, I might accidently nearly click the bottom creature so "locking" it would be safer I guess.
  23. He he, lol, "Master Punisher", maybe we should call him the "Master Pwnisher"
  24. Well not exactly a portrait but... well... I can't draw, I can only do animations... ^^ Lol, This is my "mental image" of what you look like. Well if anyone wants a animation like this done for them, PM me in-game or here. EDIT: PM me the decripts too. EDIT2: Well actually tell me here.
  25. Very practical aren't you ? Lol how many people did you attack? Well I partially agree with you, some players don't really care about the dojo. I noticed a few people repeatdly attacking player there when no one "powerful" or a "master" is there.
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