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  1. I.... LOVE the idea! Random occurences would make the game even more unpredictable ^^ Well like chew said, I say there should be a limit, maybe increasing luck stat can give you more maybe? EDIT: Or less
  2. Thanks to my friends: Seigh, Logan, RJ, at least got in top 3 *whew* EDIT: Specially big thanks to RJ, without you, I would be... ^^
  3. @Gchick Yeah I agree with your idea ^^ (I didn't read the prev posts...) What I think is since Master Wodin is gone already, let it be. Like Gchick said, famous tv stars, programmes (etc.) have to end someday... Maybe we could make a "Hall of Fame" somewhere in game (MDA maybe), so players could go and visit them and see their great deeds.
  4. Lol, the docs will come soon. After Mur, Shoeps, the RPC's get everything sorted, there might be chances of getting hold of one of the docs...
  5. Lol at simply example ^^ We MR's want to win this time.
  6. About the Gate for Gods (Howling Gates) I passed through it when I wasn't a god... does it mean I am a God? ^^ Hm... A gate for normal players....
  7. I chose that I would like the story to be faster ^^ as it is interesting and fun to read... I voted for "like the story overall" and I gave it a 3.
  8. Sol


    B = Baaaaadaaaaassssss! B)
  9. @Mino How didja Know it is "Bob" aka "Stebo the cool tree, yo!"?
  10. Yeah ^^ Thanks to LHO's, when I was a newb, I got my questions answered ^^
  11. Wow... So many old players.... I only have about 55 active days
  12. Hm... In order for there to be balance there needs to be Chaos and Order. Normal fighting against other players are categorized into the Chaos section, but the war is a big thing and it's too "chaotic". And the Shades reflect us right? So if we acted peacfully and nice, they would probably be nice too. Also, we don't a war and our aim is to find co-operation between alliances. Some friendly fire maybe but not full scale wars...
  13. Sol

    PWD contest

    Sol I hope I get 3rd at least ^^
  14. Well, me and Paradigma (Lloyd in game) will continue to wait there. We are looking for loyal people who will be willing to wait there for a time.
  15. @Tarquinas I ditched the allaince idea... It means bounding people to a particular group... Some people and I have contacted some alliance leaders... such as the Loreroot allaince and SOE, they approve of the peace.
  16. Hmm... Okay ^^ I just started a Peace sit out at the Gaz. of Equil. Come please as more people the better the effect ^^
  17. Hmm... Maybe let's make a peace sit out or something... Maybe at the Gazebo of Equil? Reply if interested
  18. Well... It's not a full scaled war yet though.... we could still do something...
  19. I was thinking something along the lines of taking action and make a gathering of people to talk about the war. I know some people that have already taken some action for trying to stop the war.
  20. I want peace too... It's one of my main aims in the game. Well the Angiens did kind of aid Khal. Well I seek peace in the lands to restore the lost balance.
  21. Hmm... Special armors and weapons designed for special characters? By special, I mean for example, Metal Bunny. He might have a carrot or something for a weapon. The specialized things are not used for buffing stats or snything just for deco.
  22. Well Well Well... Here's some "modifications" *ahem* Glai too
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