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  1. Sol

    Help phrog

    Use my multi as a vessel maybe ^^ ?
  2. Yes ^^ That looks good ^^ Can't wait for the details...
  3. I like it! Maybe could add a oriental and decorative chair in the middle of the shaded area. Also a red carpet with golden lines on the side running right through from the entrance to the the chair. On either side of the carpet, there would be dummies and things. Also the colour scheme would be red and gold with the walls, flat light grey blocks of stone for the floor, orange like colour for the roof. Maybe the pillars/walls could be decorated with whatever you want the dojo to be themed, for example, a Tai chi training ground would be simple and things would mostly be made of wood and things. My ideas ^^
  4. Oh yes! At last someone lives near me ^^
  5. Sol

    Help phrog

    Well, we are trying to "awake" phrog is due to good intentions (we just wish he is okay and he is my master)... and it's part of my role to help others ^^
  6. Sol

    Help phrog

    Page 211 [2008-09-05 00:54:15] A Freezing Firestarter Thoughts are delicate but powerful drops of life. Formed together, they may create something truly amazing. Apart, they might crumble. A small gathering of people brought more drachorns to phrog, and in his unconscious state, he thought he could feel something warm by his face. Others are encouraged to help phrog always have at least one drachorn nearby, lest he freeze completely! Hmm... What else could we do?
  7. Sol

    Help phrog

    Well we can maybe do that but... we can't just float him over... You see the descript when you enter Anien's Ferry, it mentions something about being careful of the Water Fairy.
  8. Sol

    Help phrog

    Well in the adventure log, it mentions that he needs light... whay kind of light does he need?
  9. Well I chose the 2nd options which is Role officialization of some extent but no adv logs, as if PWR have an advaenture log, it would be hard to handle. Well getting into the adventure log isn't exceptionally hard... it is hard, but you can get in if you do something related to ongoing evernts and something interesting and unique, maybe you'll get mentioned I got in the adv log as a noob, which I think I was around 15 days old (page 128), so it ain't very very very near impossible hard to get in ^^ And IDK what is a PWD... O.o
  10. Sol

    Help phrog

    Well seems like phrog fainted at the Gate of Ages... Well now how to revive him?
  11. Sol

    Help phrog

    Well he needs direct ways to help him so he pratically needs a fire or something: So my idea: Releasing heat for him
  12. Sol

    Help phrog

    As you might have red the Adventure log, phrog right now is in desperate need of heat. Discuss ideas on how to help him.
  13. Wow thanks for mentioning me ^^ At first I thought the dojo would be not be as successful as it is today... but after working with the other helpers, Calyx and meiche, I found out how determined they were. Congrats to the dojo and thanks to all the people that abided the rules
  14. I need a descript of how you look like.
  15. Well I got slain at Willow's shop when I was heading over to the Dojo. So some people to talk to. But there isn't much to do when you're dead >< BTW Eden is dead too
  16. Lol, I didn't know of the war until when dst owned me... O.o
  17. Maybe through Necro alliances memebrs ^^ I don't see why warning people to not let them join Necro, it's their choice
  18. I wonder if this is cheating lol ^^ I was hiding away somewhere when I am RJ can and attacked me. Then I ran away and he followed me, we had a nice short chat and then he logs off and comes on as SmartAlek and Locks me. Luckily I logged off before he could do much... O.o But anyway I don't blame him... He's a bit mad at losing his heads he collected so hardly... So calm down RJ ^^
  19. Lol MB ^^ It's like if a king dies thrn someone takes his throne in your case a weapon ^^ Well I still think that Master Wodin could be left alone...
  20. Sol

    Adventure Log 1.1

    Well I chose "a bit faster" and if there was a choice I would choose all styles but then I chose the phrog one.
  21. Sol

    Again PWR

    Sol Preferred tags in order of preference: 1. Adept of the Dao; 2. Seeker of Peace; 3. Silens Ferrum Velox Description: Agitated by the current events, he seeks a way of trying to stop the war after he stumbles upon a mysterious book in the MD Archives. He sets off to restore the lost balance and gathers people with similar minds along the way.
  22. Love your ideas Bloodd, just exactly what I was thinking...
  23. Nhh.... No wonder I can't load the page... I was looking forward to the heads...
  24. I think WoW might be referring to World of Warcraft. I agree with the points above ^^
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