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  1. Maybe could use artifacts instead? Like rings, orbs, bracelets... (etc.)
  2. Well I don't know what to vote for. All I know is just that I don't believe in any religion, but I do like reading about the principles of different religions. I am not really sure if I am Agnostic or an Atheist... : /
  3. I am only about 100 days old... O.o BTW Thanks Mur for the counter balance!
  4. Welcome! Hope you have fun in MD. BTW nice name... EDIT: I also picked the same principles as you when I started the game... O.o
  5. Maybe he got removed? As Mur said he would try clearing up the RPC list a little bit.
  6. I don't like interent slang too.... It's kinda confusing as new ones pop up each day.... English is kinda one of the languages I am okay at, but my grammar is really, really bad... : / and there are lots of complicated words I don't understand and sometimes I can't explain myslef clearly when writing down things...
  7. Sometimes that happens to me too. I get periods of time where the page just won't load. Its usually because of my wonky wireless which cause lag issues *rolls eyes*. I wonder it happens more for players not living in the US/Europe. I vaguely remember Udgard living somewhere near where I live.
  8. I like the archer one. BTW thats how Ren looks? I always thought he had glasses ^^
  9. I do like the heads contest... in some ways... Sometimes a bit bothersome when you don't want to participate but then I would go to somewhere secluded to prevent someone attacking me. Well... How fun you think the heads contest is based on opinion : / EDIT: Oh BTW, if the contest is fair, it would lose its purpose
  10. Lol, I eat bread in the morning nearly every day... O.o
  11. Yeah same as the other poll, no for normal, yes for level two.
  12. Lol what did dst do to you? Did he do one of his daily experiments? ^^
  13. I voted 'No'. I like first come first serve... Maybe there could be auctions for the specials avatars, but not the normal ones.
  14. Glad to hear you are safe Logan ^^ Hope you safe again and I hope none of your valuables are broken or anything... I'm glad I live somewhere very safe... O.o
  15. I always wondered why sometimes when someone casts it, it doen't show on the chat but sometimes it does... why is that?
  16. Sol

    Demo Account

    The Demo could be used for your own advantage.... Um.... If you need like one moe adept, youm log on to Demo and make him your adept. Also you could like probe around and check out conditions and stuff without using your accounts. So Demo is... great ^^
  17. Sol

    Ap overload?

    Too bad I wasn't "born" in the good old days...
  18. Sol

    Ap overload?

    *Imagines myself walking around MD with a few bil AP and picking up gold coins ^^ *
  19. I do like the roleplaying... I of the best roleplaying games I have seen in the web. Well this game is still in "alpha" mode, not even "beta" yet, so this game has a lot more changes to come. Maybe rewards for combat will come soon ^^ [Isn't heads contest one? Well I don't really like the heads contest though... maybe a bit more variety will be nice like the war mode (without the "dying" that is) ^^] BTW, I LOVED the festival, it motivated people to make roles (including me too )
  20. Sol

    Help phrog

    I don't think Master Wodin knows the code to the portal. Well, entry in the adv log: Page 254 [2008-09-17 02:26:54] A Freezing Firestarter Phrog's spirit hears the whisperings of a few of the people that are good enough to stop and try to help him. He hears one of the ideas being discussed and can't help his excitement. "Yess! Yes! That's it! That's it! Ohh, so close!" I wonder which idea was close....
  21. Sol

    Help phrog

    Yes... We need someone very powerful....
  22. Lol I think I am too unexperienced to be someone of great help/support... (I don't even know how to set up rituals properly O.o) But I would like to be forum mod ^^
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