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  1. O.o YOu called Jonn "John" O.o

    Oh noes... Jonn is going to getcha now... O.o

    But I called him John for like my whole game life until a month ago when I finally learned that Jonn was actually spelled "Jonn" ^^

    ON TOPIC: Yay! : ))

  2. Please look at the screen capture. My heat orbs are gone O.o.

  3. Well... The tree does get some pretty flowers when it blooms, maybe use the flowers instead?

    And to see "Bob" bloom, you just have to be nice to him (give him water, nutrients on a regular basis) and be friends with him then if your lucky you'll see him bloom ^^ Maybe tell him some happy things like it's your birthday maybe it'll bloom also ^^ 8) -_-;) :good: :pardon:

    Lol I love these smileys.

  4. [quote name='King Manu' post='16211' date='Sep 9 2008, 07:41 AM']pleare remember the location has to be very VERY well integrated with the current drawing style and locations. we can talk about possible locations, or even a new map EAST... just dont do work without thinking about things because they are important if you want the location placed in game.[/quote]

    After I re-red this topic, Mur's post gave me a thought. I wonder if there are going to be new areas implemented into the game? By area I mean like "Necrovion", "Marind Bell Lands", "Loreroot" (etc.)

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