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  1. I... I.. I... Love it! It looks so much nicer than the old one!
  2. [quote name='Udgard' post='20291' date='Nov 19 2008, 10:16 AM']Golems... we're working on it. Stay tuned =)[/quote] ; ) I was kinda thinking of a creature that is a combination of Magic and Technology.
  3. Sign me up too ^^ Sol: 57786 MP5 Thanks. Sol.
  4. [quote]Couldn't you have placed those 2 in one message (there's an edit button for a reason!) and why bother to read the research about oliver? He doesn't speak anyway... to busy with other stuff I guess[/quote] [quote name='GlorDamar' post='19584' date='Nov 8 2008, 04:30 AM']...and pooping.[/quote]
  5. NO! The world could not be taken over by Bored people! NOOO!!!
  6. Hi all, When I win a fight against another alliance member (I am in an alliance) and I have the green "victorious" I still don't get a win? Please reply, Thanks.
  7. I get it too, after I finish making a ritual or attack something in less than 7 mins.
  8. Hmm.... I think Bootes will meet with IamB/NoO too.
  9. That sword is so smexy ^^ :clapping: So is the ring. :good: And the armour. :lol: Everything is really really great! Maybe draw more armours and if possible the whole set? ^^ B)
  10. Thanks dst, going to hunt lvl 1 docs ^^ As for the Speaker for the Dead doc I google translated it (split into three words spiritul de turma) and it comes out as "spirit of the herd".
  11. Yay! Matches! Click on the thumbnail.
  12. If I had more ________ I could have used the teleporter.... I have like 7 codes, but not sure if they work now though... : /
  13. Now my whole left side panel seems to be gone. Like the icons aren't there... : /
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