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    Calyx of Isis got a reaction from Kyphis the Bard in Game integration of the PRINCIPLES   
    The descriptions of the principle are long, but that is perhaps because there is no simple way to describe them. I use all of the principles in my daily life and have for a long time. However, in forcing myself to read and attend to the whole texts I learned things I had not known and saw new ways to apply the principles in my life and in the game.
    Life is an ongoing process. Everything is evolving, in transition. Failure to change, to grow, remaining static is equivalent to death. Change must be embraced. The principles are like the laws of physics. They describe the way the processes interact and evolve. It is all one process; with our limited perception and consciousness we perceive it as many processes.
    In the game we may go to zero vitality, but we do not die as in other games, rather we transition from active to passive, waxing to waining. We are the butterfly's egg. Our vitality grows and we heal ourselves by healing our aspects, our creatures. We emerge from that larval stage to emerge as butterflies and interact with and fertilize/pollinate the world. Our life might be long-ish or spectacularly short. The apparent corpse is the seed of the next cycle.
    The hardest thing for me at the beginning is having to choose only three principles. I wish I could jump to the future and see how my choices would affect both what I could do and how I would do it.
    It should be kept in mind that precisely the same effect may be obtained by different applications of the principles. They are nothing more than aspect of the world seen and unseen, real and imagined. As a student of shamanism and Taoism it all seems obvious to me. What amazes me is to find a game where these principles are incorporated in the game to such a degree.
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    Calyx of Isis got a reaction from Jubaris in WAR   
    [quote]From the [i]Dao De Jin (Tao Te Chig)[/i] Chapter 31, Goddard's first translation.

    Even successful arms, among all implements, are unblessed. All men come to detest them. Therefore the one who follows Dao does not rely on them. Arms are of all tools unblessed, they are not the implements of a wise man. Only as a last resort does he use them.

    In propitious affairs the place of honor is the left, but in unpropitious affairs we honor the right.

    Peace and quietude are esteemed by the wise man, and even when victorious he does not rejoice, because rejoicing over a victory is the same as rejoicing over the killing of men. If he rejoices over killing men, do you think he will ever really master the Empire?

    The strong man while at home esteems the left as the place of honor, but when armed for war it is as though he esteems the right hand, the place of less honor. Thus a funeral ceremony is so arranged. The place of a subordinate army officer is also on the left and the place of his superior officer is on the right. The killing of men fills multitudes with sorrow; we lament with tears because of it, and rightly honor the victor as if he was attending a funeral ceremony.[/quote]
    The existing king (Yrthilian) attacks a visible target (Raven) for his request to have similar status. He would hold the entire land, every player in the game, hostage to his narrow desire. In the process of attacking someone not an enemy of his land, he creates true enemies, Further he does not even target the right player(s). I once thought Yrthilian wise and temperate. Apparently I was mistaken,

    Let us prepare of the funerals required to slake Yrthilian's unquenchable thirst. Let the musicians rehearse the funeral dirge.

    Those old enough will remember a fellow who in 1939 said, "oh please, I only want this one tiny little country, you won't hardly notice and it's all I want." Only he wanted another and another and another...

    Regardless of Raven's deficiencies, will Raven and Loreroot simply giving in to Yr will truly stop this? And regardless of how the next leaders of Loreroot will be chosen, will they they not still be GG's hostages? Who will Yr target next. He will say none other, but so did that funny little man with the mustache in 1939. When will it be your homeland's leaders that Yr decides to depose? Think what you will of Raven, but examine Yrthilian as closely.

    I do not want this war, I have issues with the leaders the land I call home and which I have served, but the more I think of what Yr is doing the more I recall real world lessons. Appeasing bullies is a bad idea. It leads to long periods of appeasement and effective slavery to the bully. The bully wins because no one know what he wants or will attack next.
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