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  1. [quote name='Darigan' timestamp='1321754361' post='96243']I really don't care about Eon anymore. He's got dst backing him so pretty much anything major we could try could be negated.[/quote] You're awfully quick to write us off, there, pardner. To quote John Paul Jones: "Surrender, sir? I have not begun to fight!" Back on topic - I repeat my belief that Eon is a gift rather than a problem. This is true on many levels; he's helping improve MD by providing feedback, he's forcing people to [b]think[/b] about how to fight an overwhelmingly more powerful opponent, and best of all, in my view, he's the best damned villain MD has seen in a long time, if not ever. Some say "problem" but I see an opportunity - many opportunities, as it happens. Mur is not wrong to say the kings (and all the rest of us*) could've done more. Too often our default reaction to changes seems to be to complain. I'm just as guilty of that as the next guy. But it doesn't mean we can't learn from our mistakes and build something new, and, gods forbid, have fun. *I refuse to let Firsanthalas take all the blame for any issues for which I am also culpable, as a Lorerootian citizen, as a former RPC, and as a simple player of MagicDuel. Sure, throw some mud at us. We deserve it. But the party ain't over.
  2. This announcement is being posted to the General Forum because, although it is a largely CoE-sponsored series of events, it concerns itself with all lands. [i]The axis has shifted.[/i] [i]The world is out of balance.[/i] [i]Look to the skies.[/i] [i]Find your redemption or your damnation.[/i] [i]The cycle turns.[/i] The Feast of the Cycle is a series of ceremonies, discussions, and meditations in reflection of recent events in MagicDuel. While from one perspective the Children of the Eclipse are delusional and/or insane - literally "lunar-tics" - we also strive to increase awareness of, and engagement with, the symbolic "realities" of MagicDuel. The Moon is an appropriate symbol for the cyclical interaction of light, darkness, and balance. Have you seen it? It is there, if you know where to look... [b][u]Remarks on the Season of Change[/u][/b] Much change has swept the realm in the recent past. Join the Hierophant as he reflects on this uncertain time. Officiant: Marvolo, Son of Storms, Hierophant of the CoE Location: Fields of Abandonment Time: Day 322, 23:00 Server Time. [b][u]Commemoration of the Age of Monarchs[/u][/b] All four of the monarchs of MagicDuel have left empty thrones - to a degree, the realm is in chaos. The Priesthood of the CoE will offer a service to honor the service of our kings and queens over the past months. Officiants: AmoranKKol and Phantom Orchid Location: Meeting of the Roads* Time: TBA [b][u]Passing of the Sibyl[/u][/b] Mystic, Sibyl Emerita of the CoE, will formally mark the transfer of her office to Amoran. Officiants: AmoranKKol and Mystic Location: Maple Road* Time: TBA *This location may change. We will post announcements to the Mood Panel. I will update this thread with times and possibly announcements of additional events as plans solidify (and we co-ordinate people separated by widely differing time zones). I may announce a pick-up dueling tournament with a modest reward if there is enough interest. Amoran will be announcing a quest at one of the upcoming ceremonies. [img]http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/162/f/2/luna_duodecimus_by_lakandiwa-d23vrht.jpg[/img]
  3. I regret this intensely, my king. Loreroot is by far the poorer without you wearing its crown.
  4. I support this idea. I will see what I can scrounge in the way of prizes; I don't generally give out WP for event-related stuff like this, except tournaments, but I may be able to offer some creatures and/or coin.
  5. My thanks to all who participated. I am sorry RL forced me to duck out so soon, but I was able to experience part of the fun. Warriors and mages of the Eclipse: strength and honour. Eon: we salute you!
  6. We're far away from the topic of shared tools. As to the challenge of making something interesting and durable happen in MD, I accept. Better to try and fail than not to try at all.
  7. All dismissed members have been sent re-invitations. We apologize if we dismissed any actives by mistake.
  8. I've been following the actions of Eon and the complaints of many about them. I have to say that I personally find it all rather amusing, but I offer some remarks about the situation in hopes that we as a community can get something to happen in the realm of MD. [quote name='Blood Prince']It seems Eon is becoming a problem. I'm not talking about skill damage (even-though its a part of it) but rather other bitchy things Eon has started doing. He has too much power to be contained by most of the MP5's kings/queen's are helpless because any action against him would obviously reverted by Mur. May be because Eon brings a lot of cash to the game which it needs. So it's time to fix Eon if the community think it is a problem.[/quote] I have no wish to single Blood Prince out here; this is just the most convenient quote that came to mind. I have to note that Mur strongly denies Eon's monetary contributions as a factor in Eon's status and abilities, and that I find that denial plausible. That said, I'm a little tired of/disappointed in seeing the community want to handle in-game situations through out-of-game discussions. That's called meta-gaming, and in my experience that's usually a negative word. Eon is to me a dark knight, perhaps one of the greatest villains MD has ever seen; he's not a problem, but a gift. I've only seen some tentative attempts at players coordinating to fight back against Eon, but I do think such attempts are the way the thing should go. As far as I know, Eon isn't harassing people out-of-game and he isn't breaking any rules. He seems invulnerable, but I argue that this appearance is encouraged by general perceptions that are not exactly in synch with reality. Got a problem with Eon? Don't like what he does? Well, are you gonna cry about it and wait for your white knight to save you, or will you step up to offer some heroics yourself? Mur is not wrong to point out that there are numerous in-game ways to deal with problematic characters, and that they have not been used to anything like their potential, or as nearly as I can tell, at all. What are we waiting for? After all, this is a fantasy role-playing game. Play it. Please. Because stuff like this - conflict - is interesting.
  9. I am saddened to receive this news - you are an excellent monarch. I have been watching your Mood Post messages with unease, and I am glad that at least things are starting to sort out for you.
  10. Thank you guys for having taken the initiative to do a thing like this.
  11. This thread has zagged where it should've zigged and lost almost all sense of itself. I'd like to try to re-focus, addressing people in order of importance (to me). If I go too far overboard with English idioms or vocabulary, I will put simple definitions in [brackets] for non-native speakers of English. [b]Mur:[/b] Reading Firs's original post, it's clear to me that he's addressing the community rather than asking you to intervene [step in]. You might not know it, but I really do what little I can to shield you from players bickering, whining, and asking for special consideration of any kind. I'm not about to tell you that you can't have your say, but I do think you should know that you don't have to let this kind of crap frustrate you. Seriously - I value your time and your sanity, and I don't like it when I see you getting frayed around the edges. [b]Firs: [/b]Well said, and I must say I'm frustrated to see people missing your point by kilometers. What's at issue here is a negative [i]culture[/i] in MagicDuel, and it's something we must all work to change. That said, such change, if it comes, will be a slow, person-to-person process of creating a more positive culture by example. What can we do? Well, I have my own ideas, but I will say that I don't tolerate harassers or bullies in the ranks of the CoE. It ain't much, but I use the roleplaying example of knightly virtues to set the tone. The best of us - Karak comes to mind - do lead by example and have a very strong positive impact when they are around. I appreciate your need to vent, but do try to stay on message: bullying sucks. We don't like bullies. If you bully people close to us, expect us to fight back. Harassment is not only uncalled for, it's against the rules. If you harass people, expect to be widely hated and perhaps challenged by every avenue of authority available to us, including the court of popular opinion. There's nothing good about ruining other people's fun: stop it. [b]Victims: [/b]A couple of points to consider: [u]Don't play the victim.[/u] I don't want any part of a culture that blames the victims of mistreatment or abuse, but I know firsthand that it is very important not to put yourself in harm's way. If you are annoyed that someone attacks you every time you idle in a public place, stop idling there. If someone stalks you around the map, log out for a while or use spells, friends, and other resources to interfere with the stalker. If you act like a victim, you will become one. If you feel you're being harassed, take it up with the council and make use of public avenues to send brief, blunt messages ([i]e.g.[/i] "Tarq is harassing me every time I log in"). Don't depend on popular sentiment [opinion] to fix your problem. Say what your problem is, keep your complaint short and simple, and don't just wait around for judgment to come from on high - pursue it aggressively. You can always walk away from the game, but if you don't want to do that, you must be prepared to fight for yourself. [u]Don't break the rules.[/u] Maybe you're being harassed because you're doing something wrong. If that is the case, realize how shaky your complaint is. If dst caught you cybering, you don't have much ground to complain that she stalked you, pulled the chat log, or whatever. I have cybered in MD as much as, if not more than, anyone else in the game, but it's important to note that I and others stopped when we realized we were putting MD at risk (and it became against the rules!). If you abuse alts, bugs, or exploits, realize that the authorities in MD will take a [i]very[/i] dim view of any complaints you have regarding anyone else's conduct. [u]Don't miss opportunities.[/u] So, Eon is stalking you, you say? Attacking you at every possible moment, maybe using spells to bump you from sanctuaries? I don't want to dismiss the harassment you feel, but you should realize that you are being given a roleplayer's fondest wish: an antagonist [enemy]. All interesting stories revolve around conflict. Conflicts are only interesting when the underdog fights back. You have an antagonist, so you have a story, and it's up to you to help determine how that story will play out. [b]Awi:[/b] As noted above, I believe you are right in general (merely complaining is unlikely to effect [cause] any sort of change) but wrong in specific (Firs's complaint is not about dst as much as it is about a culture that fosters [encourages] harassment). That said, your argument only holds true if complaining is the [u]sole[/u] avenue of redress [justice]. Things like the mood panels and the forum can be highly effective parts of campaigns to bring about change. [b]Windy:[/b] Aren't you the leader of the Sisterhood? Don't back down so easily! If somebody tries to shut you up, don't just sit there and take it. Stick to your guns no matter how many people try to gang up on you. If you see something wrong happening, be obnoxious about it. I know you have the capacity. [b]Everybody: [/b]xrieg, Pothos, and Granos have put this simply and well - we need to work together for MD's future, and we can't do that if we're always bickering and pointing fingers at each other. Have a grievance? Take a number. There's never going to be a time when everyone is happy. I know, I've done my share of bitching and whining, but I am capable of seeing that as a fault in myself, and as something that needs correcting. If you have a problem, try to work it out instead of automatically appealing to a higher authority to fix it. Use the resources you have. If we don't act like babies, maybe Mur will see that we deserve respect. But respect doesn't come automatically. It's earned. Treat each other with courtesy. Don't do something to somebody else that you don't want done to you. If lots of people are complaining about things you do, go ahead and laugh evilly - but remember that most complaints contain at least a grain of truth. If you see someone is unhappy with something you've done, you might avoid all controversy by taking a minute to explain why you did what you did.
  12. You will be retained on the roster, Lady Dawn - all I needed was to hear from you.
  13. After long consideration, and by order of King Firsanthalas, the Sibyl has commanded me to update the roster of the Eclipse's membership. Inactive members shall be purged from the roster at the end of the calendar year. If you serve the Eclipse and wish to be listed as active, post on this topic. [u]Active Membership[/u] [b]Prelates:[/b] Amoran K Kol - Sibyl Phantom Orchid - Oak Priestess of the Sanguine Moon Marvolo - Hierophant Mystic* - Sibyl Emerita [b]Officers:[/b] Tarquinus - Imperator (Knight-Commander) Karak - Captain of the Knights of the Full Moon Sparrhawk* - Captain of the Knights of the Half Moon [b]Knights and Clergy[/b][b]:[/b] Darrydabby Aranna King Bull Raven* Esmaralda Caru* fenriskingofwolves Lady Dawn* Great Guba jmaster Magistra [u]Inactive Membership[/u] NelyaSetesh Spartiatis Priestess Aia** Taura Velho GlorDamar Aleron Meru Chi** Jose Astrada Jaco Madalina Fitzroy cfs Strongwilled Legna RED JACK Thomas the Titan* moephus *semi-active **these priestesses have left MagicDuel, but shall not be removed from the Eclipse roster. As can be seen, the Eclipse has many inactive members. We intend to remove inactive members from the roster to make room for additional recruits. Removed members will always be welcome back within our ranks; they need only contact me in-game to be sent a new invitation to the alliance. [b]Edit: since the hostile takeover of the alliance by Lord Pip, most of the inactive roster has been purged, in all probability permanently, even if we get our badges back. The offer to re-invite former members still stands, however.[/b]
  14. We are the Eclipse, a mystical and military alliance devoted to one purpose: the return of Night to MagicDuel. Perhaps you know what Night means in this realm. Perhaps you understand what the ever-burning Sun means, and why we seek to block it out, even for a short time. Perhaps you seek to look beneath the surface features of this world, our Purgatory of light. We, the Children of the Eclipse, believe in the harmony of light and dark and the advancement of all people. We use magic, prophecy, and steel to aid others in their quest to attain a higher level of being. Though we are a Loreroot alliance and swear absolute fealty to Loreroot's king, we exist to serve the realm as a whole, and we will always expend our energies toward whatever we think best serves that end. You will find us everywhere. We have friends in all lands, but more importantly, we are willing to [u]be[/u] friends to all lands: and to fight in defence of those who are attacked unjustly. If you value mystery, compassion, and fairness... join us.
  15. Keith has been 'ported out. Thanks!
  16. Keith is still stuck at the ToA. If anyone would 'port him out, I'd be much obliged.
  17. [quote name='Pothos' timestamp='1318520803' post='94031'] As for her 'sexualy harased being punished'. Get used to it. That's the way life works, You fought back, so you are getting punished. Truly it sucks, yes it's unfair, no that isn't how it should be, yes it's unjust. But that's how it is. [/quote] And what does it say of us if we accept that logic? That's just how MD is? Even though the restrictions [u]explicitly[/u] forbid harassment of any kind, we'll just turn a blind eye to it because nothing matters? Jester has been accused of this kind of behavior before. That he is able to continue acting like this casts grave doubts in my mind about the action and inaction of persons in positions of authority in MD. To stay in this community when such things are possible and go ignored or only lightly punished is to condone this kind of behavior. Remember Shoeps, anyone? To dismiss the legitimate grievance of a victimized person is to become an accessory to the crime(s) committed against him/her.* And to willfully ignore evidence of harassment because it falls beyond the scope of MD is legally sensible but [u]morally hollow[/u] - I call it irresponsible. My outrage at this verdict from the council goes far beyond Grido. The council's published opinion reveals a system-wide defect in the MD community and its leadership. It's too early for me to say I am taking my toys and leaving - or not - but I can't just sit by and remain silent at injustice of such monstrous proportions. *Jester's assertion that Poe is a man pretending to be a woman in no way exonerates his words or actions. The sex of the victim is totally irrelevant.
  18. While I think legitimate grievances should be aired, I would like to see some more MD solidarity. Tarq and Keith will charge up memory stones for free (including for you, Grido -- you have a message from me that seems to have gotten buried in your mail, since you never read it. ). I could be persuaded to give away a creature or two if somebody asks nicely.
  19. [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1317229298' post='92735'] An LHO is an elevated position within the game, they are given spells, and authority to guide new players. In my opinion the position of an LHO has a trust-able image, and also a knowledgeable one - they should be aware of selling bugs and exploits being against the rules, and also how to recognise what one is. [/quote] I absolutely and emphatically agree, but these conditions - having an elevated position and knowing about bugs - are the horns of the problem. I don't want to make this thread about dst at all, but I reiterate my statement that her pattern of behaviour is "borderline at best". You say she has acted within the rules, but I don't can't accept that as an ironclad fact: a review of the Restrictions page indicates that her actions have verged on and arguably met the criteria for violations of two of the rules (creating problems that arouse multiple unique-player complaints; and harassment without cause). The announcement said she committed no actual crime, but it is quite clear that she was jailed for a highly objectionable pattern of behaviour.* This pattern is, in my view, unworthy of an LHO because of the office's privileged position and the responsibility attendant to it. When you make a big fuss about Phantom Orchid's demotion because of "behaviour unbecoming an LHO", any observer will want to know why behaviour resulting in punishment [u]is[/u] becoming in an LHO. You have a very specific criterion for unbecoming conduct as an unwritten rule, and I will gladly cede to you the right to establish such a criterion, but I then ask why criteria based on written, publicly available rules are not also applied to LHOs... who very clearly must be held to a higher standard than ordinary players. This is neither a popularity contest nor a witch hunt. The question is not whether or not people like dst or Phantom Orchid. As it happens, I agree with Pip that dst is a valuable member of this community, and I actually admire her chutzpah (no vomiting, Inno). The question is what makes a player fit or unfit to serve as an LHO. If you say bug abuse is a deal-breaker, then Phantom Orchid has to go. However, in my opinion, behaviour landing an LHO in jail is a disgrace to the office. I don't want a pound of flesh from dst. I want you to apply your standards fairly and consistently. Whether or not dst was punished [u]as a player[/u] for her behaviour by the Powers That Be, her conduct and how it impacts the community's perception of LHOs is something imperative for [u]you as LHO Inquisitor[/u] to consider. I submit to you that you have not considered it adequately, and that as a result, the office of LHO seems like the badge of a corrupt, favoured elite. This appearance undermines your credibility as LHO Inquisitor, and erosion of community trust in you is something that MD cannot afford. [size=2]*So, not a crime according to the announcement, but a crime according to a strict reading of the Restrictions page.[/size]
  20. About three years ago, I found a scrap of paper in the Paper Cabin with a drawing of a singular device. Never have I forgotten it. It was a clue, but more than a clue; it was a promise, a promise of greater things to be revealed. The Research and Connections interface and deployment have demonstrated to me that my faith, though I freely admit at times badly shaken, was not in vain. The very first clue I unlocked opened vistas of MagicDuel I'd previously only guessed at. It is a promise kept. Mur, Rendril, and anyone else involved: bravo.
  21. [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1317162333' post='92644'] The exploit/bug itself isn't overly serious, it's been known about for a while and not so much abusable, the issue stands that she was at the time trying out to be an LHO, and then became one. Selling bugs or exploits, of any sort, is NOT lho behaviour. [/quote] I do not want to participate in this discussion, but I feel I must - not because Phantom Orchid is a friend, which she is, but because I question your judgment, and because by posting this thread to the triggers box you have invited public discussion on the matter. Nor do I want to drag in the case of another LHO, but your handling of that other case sets a precedent for evaluating your handling of this one. In your own words, Phantom Orchid's offense is relatively minor, but (not in so many words) the integrity of the LHOs as an institution is at stake. I must ask, therefore, why you punish a trifling offense but completely ignore actions that are, at best, borderline violations of the rules as listed on the "Restrictions" page, and further, actions that result in the actual jailing of an LHO. If your concern is for the institution of LHO and its integrity, I urge you to apply your standards fairly. In my view, your action against Phantom Orchid and inaction against that certain other LHO has made a mockery of the office. More is at stake than just the general perception of LHOs and you as their Inquisitor; as a community, we by our actions present a face to the global Internet community. Do not let it be said that MagicDuel is a joke. Do not let it be said that MagicDuel is corrupt, and that those with friends in the right places are quite literally above the laws that are strictly applied to those less fortunate.
  22. Lucius Tarquinus has assumed the duties of the captain of the Half Moon for now. Please direct [u]all[/u] inquiries regarding this matter to him in-game: he is often found at RavenHold these days, for those wishing to contact him.
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