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  1. I echo Chewett: plenty of resources, not enough uses for them.
  2. It's sometimes mildly annoying to be unable to harvest a resource, but they do replenish in time. It is more annoying to have to engage in disputes about when it is acceptable to harvest a resource.
  3. Herbs are frequently depleted, or have been, but you can harvest them if you are patient (or ruthless) enough.
  4. Yes. I want herbs for tea, and the flowers are a nice by-product. It would be interesting to discover other uses for herbs, too.
  5. You and Chewy keep referring me back to that announcement, but I read it at the time and I have no recollection of any WPs having been refunded; and if they had been, I would surely have used them to re-purchase access. Perhaps I am wrong, but simply pointing to an announcement from over a year ago doesn't make the case. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1363000071' post='133763'] I have modified the Current and past WP's page to detail what you have used them for. This should allow people to tally up what they spent. [/quote] Thank you. Edit: Well, it seems that I "blew" the refunded WPs without meaning to, because Oak Tower and Berserker's Charge are back in the Wish Shop for me. The fault, of course, is mine. Apologies, and thanks again for the change to the WPs page.
  6. There seems to be a disconnect because I honestly don't recall any WPs having been refunded, and now I am faced with the loss of access. I'll put it simply: this is not the end of the world to me. Tarq still has a spell to get in Oak Tower, and Necrovion is effectively closed to him at this point, so the loss of access of Berserker's Charge is no big deal. But it's discouraging, you know? I am very much in favor of limiting access to people and I applaud everything you, Chewett, have done. But I'd like to know if there is some way to trace what I spent my WPs on and verify that I did in fact spend "refunded" WPs without knowing I was doing so. If it's a pain in the ass, let it slide for now! This to me is [u]not that important[/u]. But there is a morale factor in it, and I know it has affected Amoran the same way it affected me. I'd just like to think there's some way it can eventually be sorted out. If I can help in any way, please let me know.
  7. The wheel turns. Happy birthday once again, brother.
  8. Happy birthday, my friend. Hope it's a great one.
  9. Name: Tarquinus Age: 1408 AD Sex: Male Association: Children of the Eclipse Affiliation: Loreroot, Knights Order Greatest Strength: Communication Greatest Weakness: Persons of the feminine persuasion The CoE is planning something fear-related, so how could I not participate in this?
  10. I'd like to be there. Hopefully I will.
  11. Cloudflare appears to be having problems with other sites as well.
  12. [center][size=5][b]The Darkness Service, revisited[/b][/size][/center] The priesthood informs me that a service will be performed with a new sermon on darkness. The service will take place on Day 59, Friday 1 March. Service times (Server Time): 08:00 15:00 22:00 The service will be more or less the same at each time period, and is being held thrice to suit the varying schedules of MD players globally. As before, this will be a [color=#ff0000][b]red service[/b][/color] at which combat is not only tolerated but encouraged, and will take place at the Maple Road just outside Loreroot. We hope to see you there. [i]Edit: Log(s) will be provided and posted for the benefit of those who cannot attend.[/i]
  13. Tarquinus


    [b]XBOX 360[/b] - Love the [i]Dragon Age [/i]series and am a big Bioware fan in general; I played [i]Dragon Age: Origins[/i] and all its DLC all the way through at least 6 times and [i]Dragon Age II[/i] (and I think all the DLC, too) all the way through 3 times. I've played the [i]Mass Effect [/i]series (but haven't quite finished the last one) and love it, too; I've played the first two, including DLC, all the way through 2-3 times, and will soon play through again. I haven't played [i]Skyrim[/i] yet, but I own it and am an Elder Scrolls fan (especially of [i]Morrowind[/i]) and will probably enjoy it at least a little. I very much enjoyed [i]Red Dead Redemption, Bioshock, [/i]and [i]Fallout 3[/i] (which I liked but not nearly as much as [i]Fallout 2[/i]), but haven't felt the desire to replay them... and that is saying something. If I like a game, I will play the hell out of it. My wife bought me a little [i]Watchmen [/i]game on impulse because she knows I am a huge Rorschach fan, and it was fun for a play-through. I liked [i]Assassin's Creed [/i]more than most of my friends did. I haven't yet played all the way through AC II yet, and because I stalled out in the middle of it I will probably re-play the first to get my bearings in the backstory/"present day" plot. Also on my own-but-haven't-yet played list: [i]L.A. Noire, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, LEGO Batman, Batman: Arkham City, Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run [/i](might be lame, but I played the old [i]Spy Hunter [/i]arcade game all the time), [i]Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, [/i]and[i] Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.[/i] I plan to purchase [i]Batman: Arkham Asylum, Assassin's Creed: Revelations[/i], and [i]Assassin's Creed III[/i]. I like the looks of [i]Minecraft[/i] but may avoid it because of what it has done to some of my friends' lives. On the older XBOX, I played both [i]Knights of the Old Republic[/i] games and [i]Jade Empire[/i] more times than I can easily count. And since the 360 can run older XBOX games, there's no guarantee I won't play them again. I enjoyed [i]Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, [/i]but it is very difficult and I only got about 1/3 of the way through it. [b]PC[/b] - I've played too many games to list, but I am currently very, very addicted to [i]XCOM: Enemy Unknown[/i] on the Classic Ironman difficulty. The less said about that, the better. [b]Tabletop [/b]-I play chess but am a mediocre player. I also enjoy [i]Pente[/i], [i]Settlers of Catan, [/i]and [i]Dune[/i]. I have a group of friends that is absolutely rabid about a good game of [i]Dune.[/i] I play a number of card games, mostly Hearts or poker (preferably Texas Hold'em). I am a very mediocre Spades player. I am an avid roleplayer and started playing [i]Dungeons and Dragons[/i] over 30 years ago. I have written numerous adventures for it and run several multi-year-long campaigns. My system of choice, however, is [i]GURPS, [/i]for which I am designing a setting (not my first, but definitely my most-involved ever). I also play [i]Call of Cthulhu [/i](the [u]only[/u] RPG my wife will play), and have written a number of investigations for it, one of which might get published at some point. I have also used the [i]Palladium [/i]and [i]Rolemaster [/i]systems in the past. [b]Online[/b] (in addition to MD): I have avoided MMORPGs because of what [i]EverQuest [/i]and [i]World of Warcraft [/i]did to some of my friends. I bought [i]Star Wars: The Old Republic [/i]and played the early-access part, but haven't bothered to subscribe. I do play [i]Batheo[/i], though, mostly because it isn't an RPG and therefore doesn't eat dozens of hours of my time. [quote name='Valldore Nal' timestamp='1359985554' post='132007'] Some of the best titles i've played (even though a bit old), Planescape Torment and Baldur's Gate [/quote] [i]Planescape: Torment[/i] is the best-reviewed game I've never played, and I do feel I missed out. [i]Baldur's Gate[/i] was excellent. I played it through twice. [i]Baldur's Gate 2[/i] may well be the best computer RPG I have ever played, and was unquestionably the best of its era.
  14. We made no log, but our services are much the same. I can send you a copy of the one we used this morning, if you like.
  15. Greetings, one and all. I return from a long period of inactivity, but others have carried the flame in my absence. I now wish to muster those who still call themselves Children of the Eclipse. This is the roster of current, active members, to the best of my knowledge:[list] [*]Mystic [*]Amoran K Kol [*]Phantom Orchid [*]Esmaralda [*]Tarquinus [*]Darry Dabby [*]Aranna [*]Marvolo* [*]Karak** [*]Sparrhawk** [/list] *affiliation uncertain **possibly semi-active If you consider yourself a member of the Eclipse and do not see your name on this roster, contact me via PM. [center][b][size=5]Darkness Gathers[/size][/b][/center] In the past we have held ceremonies honoring the goddess of the Moon. While we intend to continue honoring the Great Goddess, tripartite goddess, and so on, the priesthood tells me we must summon the darkness within ourselves - the worst thoughts, feelings, and memories. Nothing will be done except by the bloodiest blows. In recognition of this fact, we will hold a ceremony (also called a "Red" service) at Maple Road, 06:00 Day 34 server time. All are welcome to come, fight, bleed, and share in the offering of our pain to the hopeful light in the darkness. There may be other convocations or "services" at later dates to be determined.
  16. Shem beat me to the punch. She sent me one, also. Nice woman, that Sharazhad.
  17. Then I will say it: Dark Demon has done much to lay a solid foundation for his intended role of restorer. Without him, we would not be talking about the return of the CoE at all.
  18. Your efforts are much appreciated, sir. I have sent you a forum communiqué.
  19. Dark Demon does not consider himself a member of the Eclipse. Those who do are working together, planning together.
  20. @Samon - I keep saying the CoE should prove its worth because I mean it. I repeat: I am grateful to Dark Demon for his kind thought. But I know how the CoE started in the first place. I move too slowly for most, or have done in the past year or so. That is what it is. I will not apologize for the circumstances of my life. I do, however, feel the need at this time to contribute something to MD - something interesting, something fun, and hopefully something instructive [i]about the game itself[/i]. Too often I have defaulted to tournaments and worship ceremonies that seem pointless to some. I would like there to be a point, and I would like it to be self-evident. That's easier said than done. All I can say is that I have begun making plans. I will need allies, by which I mean other players who are also interested in fun (and it doesn't necessarily matter whether they like the CoE), because the best and most interesting things I have encountered in MD have always involved multiple players doing something competitive and cooperative, where there is the promise of a well-earned reward and the risk of loss or failure. So I am researching and thinking of quest ideas. Certain players knowledgeable about game mechanics will be hearing from me, because my coding skills are mediocre at best. If people are interested in the CoE, I will find them. I know we have enemies, and actually I am proud of that; how boring would it be if we did not, and this was all a big, happy lovefest? If the Council grants Dark Demon's wish and restores our badge on that basis, I will be extremely grateful, but it isn't my plan. I mean to rebuild the CoE the way I started it: one person at a time.
  21. [list=1] [*][b]Peace - [/b]bottle of perfume w/ revival power [*][b]Esmaralda - [/b]spell or item to activate night/summon moon [*][b]Dark Demon - [/b]the Shadowblade [*][b]Tal - [/b]item to bestow/remove Silvan Watch tag [*][b]Miq - [/b]spell to reclaim TSB keys [*][b]Pipstickz - [/b]ability to bestow spell doc page [*][b]Phantom Orchid -[/b] chase spell [*][b]Maebius -[/b] 1 WP [*][b]Rumi -[/b] spell: weather - mild rain [*][b]Shadowseeker -[/b] Crimson Cross amulet [/list] [i]Edited because I keep misspelling 'Esmaralda'. [/i]
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