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  1. (All) the designs have been extended to be more accommodating. If it has not been solved by Sunday, more details will be released.
  2. All right, first hint: The quest is extremely difficult without the designs.
  3. 1. Jubaris - Nimrodel 2-0 2. Ungod - Nimrodel 0-2 3. Nimrodel- Jubaris 2-4 Alternating attack/defend. First to two difference wins (so 2-0, or 5-3 will do but 100-99 won't). Logs to be send to Lightsage by both players.
  4. Gone are the days when defensive rituals consisted only of beautiful black and white creatures. Tokens, MDShop creatures and event rewards have put an end to this. But no longer. Today we shall duel as in the days of old. A little tournament. Rules: B/W creatures only No Wind Drachorns No influence No combo No tokens No combat magicks Fights take place at MP5, should you wish to, proxies (you pick the ritual someone else uses it for you) and spells to enable fighting at MP5 (e.g. guardianarmy). Tournament format pending based on the amount of s
  5. An old school quest containing a few puzzles and (too) many attempts at humour. Once the birthday starts, you can start this quest by clicking the chord in the Paper Cabin and entering "I Agree". I will provide a Wishpoint for the first place, other rewards are pending. EDIT: Wookie points confirmed.
  6. And here I was liking the posts being visible in the "all activity" view... Shame it'll be reverted
  7. There were a few clues:   Forum mod Personal pages (similar style) Croatian flag   I've never seen him talk but looking back at his forum posts, the English certainly is a big improvement ;)
  8. I have both, topic can be closed and/or forgotten.
  9. I'll argue for two different options: Vote based on rather you agree or disagree with the post and do not show user reputation. There's a (relatively) small amount of topics that have an objective right or wrong answer. Most topics (such as this one) have many options and well argued alternatives can provide a positive contribution to the discussion even if they are not in line with the popular opinion. As such, the "reputation" of each user would reflect over the posts they've made on topics where people could be bothered to vote, whether they are with or against the popular opinion. This is
  10. That's actually not very MD but a reference to portal ;)
  11. Netherlands   Minimum = 3ms, Maximum = 3ms, Average = 3ms   MD responds quite a bit faster for me. Load times are roughly the same.
  12. No, it's definitely broken right now. I think chewy forgot these when he made the message time limit an hour instead of until the next full hour.
  13. You can't outbid me so feel free to use mine
  14. I haven't had time to participate this year in the anniversary quests. It would be a shame to have an incomplete set. I am therefore looking to buy a year 8 anniversary aramor.
  15. lightsage


    Where's the tie? You were supposed to have a tie on Thursday!
  16. 3 GC for the both of them (So 3GC for 2 NC)
  17. [size=4]Due to the public wifi on the trains (which are used a LOT here in the Netherlands). Several Dutch accounts have been marked as alts. This is rather inconvenient.[/size] [size=4]The wifi gets routed through Germany by T-Mobile. This should make it quite[/size] easy to distinguish. [size=4]To everyone planning to use wifi on the train in the Netherlands, be aware.[/size] [size=4]PS:[/size] [size=4]My IP at the time of posting this (on a train) is: [i][/i][/size]
  18. Due to a combination of BHC signup having started extremely early and me getting hold of a couple of leftover heads. I can farm any other signed up participants in sanctuaries through giving them heads and then attacking to get them back. Nothing major but a little bugged nonetheless
  19. TK will sponsor this quest with: 1 Rustgold 2 Soulweaver Leaving it entirely up to Nimrodel to decide to which place these will go, with the request to spread the rewards.
  20. 1st) Lone Wolf-pokeball that can be thrown at someone with a 30% chance of capturing them as a pet (10 points) We [b]REALLY [/b]need more pokeballs in MD because pokeballs are cool.
  21. A 2011 Imp, no tokens A 2012 Imp, no tokens Do you mean anniversary aramors?
  22. The massive effort of using a regular expression to go through a dictionary?
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