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  1. It is real hard to keep track of where you was before you moved. It would be way hard to map this out. Ill never get out!! AHHHHHH! :help:
  2. Ok I just didn't want piss people off on my second week back.
  3. I want to apologize if my previous post was some how the trigger for this thread. My post was meant to be fun and entertaining and was a way for me to reintroduce myself to the MD community. When I first came here I met lots of people in this forum and I think that it would be a shame if new members can't introduce themselves.
  4. I have been gone from MD for some time and I have finally returned. I am on a quest to make a name for myself in these mystic lands. I am the bringer of carnage and confusion. Any who wish to challenge me step forward, and those who come to seek my aid will find me waiting. I have traveled trough many lands honing my skills and studying the ways of the mystic and now I make my return and bring my skill to the lands of MD.
  5. If you need more help in any of these areas I would be more then willing to help this game along in any way. I am also a fairly descent writer and I have a imagination to boot, so in there is anything I can do please tell me.
  6. Well if that is the case I would love to help in both parts!!! I'm always on-line and I'm very loyal to the game!! I also have a great understanding of the game and I have helped several newcomers! Actually helping people is one of my favorite parts in the game!! So if you could use my help in one of these areas please let me know because I would like to see Magic Duel continue to grow!!
  7. I just wanted to say hi to everyone! If you see me in the game say hi!! If any new people need help feel free to ask anytime!!
  8. Rampage


    Where can you make req to join a alliance?
  9. You could make the fights mor interactive by letting you choose how to attack on eack turn!
  10. I would love to help with the forums but I have not fin. the game so I can not help with live sup. Im online like several hours a day so I don't mind If you would like my help! :lol:
  11. I have been trying to solve the Broken Pattern Gazeebo puzzle and it has become a timed puzzle! When I’m working on the puzzle after so many min. the game goes to idle mode and all my progress is lost is there a way to rectify this or is this intentional?
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