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  1. On Saladins note, regarding a slow connection, what if you lost say 60 heat every minute, instead of 1heat every second. I know this sounds the same, but in this way, if you have 100 heat, and the page takes 20 seconds to load, you don't lose any heat. The current setup would put you at 80 heat, this would solve the problem with the internet connection while maintaining a balance of heat gained and lost in a timely fashion. This could also be changed to every 45 seconds or 30 seconds, 60 just seemed the best as it is every minute... Just a thought, sorry to bring this up again...
  2. It sounds to me like the "IMBALANCE" system would work better. What you are promoting is a value closer to zero, since the lower score gains the positive honour. Looking at cases... Case 1: A: 20 more losses than wins B: balanced A would lose 20 honour, B would gain 20 honour. Case 2: A: 20 more wins than losses B: Balanced A would lose 20 honour, B would gain 20 honour Case 3: A: 20 more wins than losses B: 10 more wins than losses or 10 more losses than wins A lose 10 honour, B gains 10 honour Case 4 A: 20 more losses than wins B: 10 more wins than losses or 10 more losse
  3. I finally made it to MP4 and finished the entire story once while waiting the maximum time for every page... Now I'm in the second run and I have to wait in story mode while the pages turn and I can't actually play the game... I think it would be nice to at least be able to wonder the area and chat with people. Even if I can't fight or do anything, at least I wouldn't lose touch with everyone in the game, not to mention just wandering around again. This is especially noticeable when waiting 24hours to advance.
  4. And what's wrong with that? You have to lose intentionally, and you don't get XP when you lose. If losing is a requirement, then why not allow losses to count... The creatures were still in the battle, it's not like it's a new creature everytime they are revived... What if you lose and live, are you not gaining fighting experience, could you not have learned something?
  5. I think this is a great idea, and space is not a huge problem, even something that gives a number within 15 minutes would be nice... maybe a colour of text change, like yellow = within last 10 minutes black = within last 30 minutes grey = over an hour ago... This would be similar to the names shown in each area...
  6. What if people simply pointed out the spelling errors and the pages they are on and Manu could assign someone he knows to simply go in and make the changes, like a job someone could have... Not sure of the ramifications here, but usually something this big would have a few administrators or something to help out in some way...
  7. What about a simple revive ritual option, where a broken ritual can be restarted. The combo's is reset to zero and you essentially have a new ritual without all the steps... It is tedious, 5 clicks everytime I think, and one of the pages simply lists all your creatures and id's, then the next one shows the creatures with how you want them to attack, I say remove the id page, and just include the id's with the att option page. Also, what about adding the percent option to the att option page and reduce it one further...or maybe have a default that you normally use, rather than 50% all the ti
  8. What if you could simply sell them back for half of what you paid... Then you could use it to buy another weapon or upgrade a creature or whatever.. Makes the most sense, since it is a weapon. It definitely shouldn't increase any stats or give you anything that it doesn't cost to buy, such as honour. It would be nice to sell it to other players, but I think it would be alot of work on the design side...but maybe it could put it back on the shelf at least so you and others could go back and buy it.
  9. What about a change in the requirement for creatures to have X wins? Since losses are as important as wins, why not have the requirement be number of battles. Obviously, this would require a higher value, but at least a player isn't forced to win several battles. So instead of say 30 wins, maybe have 50 battles or something... Also, you could have it be say, 70 battles, but wins count as 2 and losses count as 1, or something like that... In addition to this, why is it that when you can no longer gain XP, creatures also stop gaining wins in battles? That doesn't make sense. Also, the m
  10. Okay so I have a max XP apparently, at 208892 XP in mp3... Now that's fine, but when I sacrificed some creatures my total went down, but I was still maxed out. Now that's fine, obviously there's a max that you can gain in total, maybe 250k or 300k. But it would have been nice to know, seeing as I got rid of some good creatures and can't do anything with the new ones except age them. Why an XP cap anyway? Gives the people who are willing to wait 24 hours something to do. Just my 2 cents...
  11. This is all good, but why the weird rounding rule, ie. round down, always?
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