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  1. what you mean by lost? adepts are counted as adepts as long as they are active, try asking one of them just to login back once and then on your next login you will see it as active adept. The adept system might be a bit buggy because i tested it just with madeup accounts and its designed to go nice with real accounts where people are active or inactive on a more realistic pattern, so tell me about any oddities you find abot adept counting
  2. adepts are kept forever because each adept holds the record of who invited him to the game, so i gues that is the onl thing that wont reset later on. Anyway if you notice now in alpha 3 that you lost some adept info let me know (it shouldn't happen but just in case) Adepts will be used also in other places not only on the creature page, things like temples and shrines.
  3. no its not about luck, its about discovering the game. When i say find i dont mean randomly find them in random places, i mean, they will be in certain places, and your goal is to discover those places, be it in the story or on the map. So people who will get deeper into the game will get more spells and creature types and people that will play longer/active will get more skills and upgraded creatures ... its a bit dificult to understand if you compare it to other games but it makes sense to this game at least. Nothing is random in this game, except the luck effect maybe
  4. - there will be 3 places to solve Marind's statue enigma. But the first question will be ...what is to be solved - shades are expensive and weak creatures, that makes them such a bad choice to recruit..for those who don't know their secrets yet. - the land guardian will fight only the most noble ones, for the rest he is immune. - Marind Bell's strenght lies in its Gates but some say the Gates are also its greates weakness. - Marind bell's people avoid going to any level deeper than the ground level.They have the belief that for each living man in MB there is a dead one waiting to take him
  5. As you all know , we are at alpha test 3 allready and at this point the game is complex enough to hold a player several days trying to find his way until the end of the story and defeat all what is to defeat. ... in other words the game is complex enogh right now to be playable until some point and beyond. The problem right now...and its a big problem.... is that there are not enogh players in this community so that i can move on and develop things like alliance/guild systems, mass spells and other multiplayer features. We are like a small group of loyal people that come every day and check
  6. no way, so that once one of the clan finds one spell out it will mass message to all of clan memebers ..its not fair ...
  7. once you click the principle name it should remain the only one on the page and a continue button should appear, once this happens everything is fine. Actualy once the continue button appears its OK. if you dont get the continue button it means something is wrong and i will ask what browser are you using.
  8. well...the wizard is not waiting for the sunrise ....or it might be from the picture there, but the question was more deep than that of course. Its also not waiting for the game to begin, i was thinking that this option was to obvios for you to tell but it seems more of you thought of it. Thank you for the creative and funny answers also The answer is HE IS WAITING FOR YOU, the player simple answer like always the wizard is the end somehow ... it might be a master of some sort that you will reach at the end , or that master might be you actualy. The wizard is waiting for you to reach hi
  9. i was thinking to tell you a short story aout how the spell casting will be in the game. I am working right now on it and i was thinking to hear your reaction about it before it will be ready. I'll try to recreate the thing step by step the best i can. Things may come out different when it will be ready. So... spells will be active for each player, just that you wont know what spellwords each spell has. There will be places in the game and in the story that tell you about those words. Once you think you discovered sone magical words , write them down! in the game interface there will be a
  10. something like this, even if skills are something tottaly different. The creatures are more like spells with their own will ..they are magic creatures that exist only when used and when they are not used the player just keeps the memory of those creature so that he can use it next time. I tried to do this in the programming part also, the creatures share abilities with the player based on the vitality that the player puts in the creatures before combat. am i making sense here?
  11. I write this as a reply to this topic: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=78 want to hear the spooky explanation to the "pets" that are not actualy "pets" in magicduel? ...little kids cover your years ... The creatures you can recruit, are not real creatures, as you can notice, there is no part in the game where you are told you hold your creatures somwhere in your pocket or something. The story will bring you throu all kinds of adventures but there are no creatures following you allover the place ...they are not even in a spellbook or similar. Most of you wont even ask
  12. Don't worry i keep him restrained most of the time when he is Dante...he has a small cage where he can express himself....he wont harm other people....not anymore .....MUHAHHAHHAHHAHHAHHAHAA...
  13. this topic was supposed for Adi to write stories conected to the main story . things that wont be in the game but he is writing them anyway ... also for general talk about what happens in the story and so on ...i guess its not the time yet for this section
  14. Hey, 'the Elder' , i like your way of speaking so much, maybe you can help me with some of the texts, like for the intro and such ..sounds very poetic. And about the answers, hey be more creative all of you, i wouldn't put a different question for the same answer would i?
  15. A wizard is waiting...for something to happen, for someone, for nothing, for ...for what is the wizard in the image waiting is what you should answer. This is the secound 'contest' posted on MagicDuel, the last one prooved to have an obvious answer that unfortunatly no one figured out correctly. This one has also an answer that will make you crazy after you will find out you missed it hehehhehehe. None of the team members knows the answer so everyone is welcome to try. This time the answers ae PUBLIC this means all can see what you post and other can post the same thing. I will not give y
  16. shifting the player between dark and light might happen, i am not very sure of it yet The concept right now is that the player can learn magic based on what happens in the story, so the magic its related to his actions. Technicaly a player will be able to learn any spells during the game regardless of their allignment, and this is because SPELLS DON'T HAVE AN ALLIGNMENT. Thei are considered as KNOWLEDGE in this game and they can be "learned" by anyone. BUT ..Their effectiveness may not be great if its not used by the right player. Hoever there is a dark territory that you might consider D
  17. something else about the magic classifications...you will notice that i try to avoid organizing them in skill groups like "chaos magic" "solar magic" "blood magic" and so on ...this is mainly because i want to put forward the fundamentals here and not the individual flavors. Spells more or less fictive ..or at least fictive for the one that do not understand them ..will be presented in this game, but i put a lot of effort into avoiding connecting them to cults, religions, social groups, civilisations or whatever thing that might give them an identity or a history...that is because they are no
  18. WOW, finaly someone to break the ice and answer to one of these posts As it sais the first line "There are many ways in which one can classify ..." so..there are many .. This principle is talking about _elements_ , like building stones of our world , not classifications of magic. For exampe a person can have a very powerfull fire element in him but this doesn't mean that he has something to do with magic, he can just be a dinamic person, agile, very active etc. There are other approches to this subject, mainly in the oriental culture where you will find elements like metal or wood, but in
  19. Damn, we have a poet among us ..i might use you, who knows
  20. There are many ways in which one can classify the consequence of every action or every personality. If we were to separate the world in basic elements, we could say that there are four fundamental elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Wind. Every identity of an action (since actions do have their own identity), of an object or of a person can be seen as being made of these fundamental elements. Pure combinations of these elements may sometimes be considered themselves basic elements and are often compared to Metal, Wood etc. Pure forms of the fundamental elements are so rare that they may be consid
  21. Time can only be perceived by structures that find themselves in superior planes of existence from the observed plane. Time is given by the difference in complexity between two elements. A very important thing to understand is that a range of actions is temporally perceived as long as it cannot be perceived as a single thought, a single identity. An artist understands the temporally aspect of realizing a piece of art, while a simple onlooker perceives only the static form of the final product, without its temporally form, considering the piece of art as being immortal. If a molecule had consci
  22. Imagination is the arena in which anything can happen. When the conscious and even the physical abilities can hinder the accomplishment of some things, imagination indulges everything to happen. There is a very sensitive threshold between reality and imagination. Imagination can be both an aid and a trap, it must be used moderately and at all times in correlation with reality. Many techniques can only be accomplished inside our imagination and – at many times – the absence of a real proof of their effect makes us believe that the only realm where they took place was the imaginary. Ima
  23. Light, as a symbol and not as a physic phenomenon, is energy, progress, even life. The Principle of Light stretches itself on a very wide spectrum, from creation and materialization to the unveil of information, exorcism, battle techniques, etc. Like the Principle of Darkness and moreover as well as all the other principles by their definition, the Principle of Light does not have a wholesome nature itself, the difference is made by the various techniques that use the Principle. The evil or good nature of the influence is given by the technique that is used or, better said, by the one
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