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  1. Probably he means this is just an other ideea that will never come to life. A common missconception due to the huge volume of ideas in md in general. About "normal" alliances, i think it depends on the occasion, its past, its official vulnerabilities, etc. This could be a tool for a well planned passive storyline, or disaster. Either way, change brings motion, and motion keeps things interesting
  2. ok, keep us updated:) All the things i plan are applications of the A25 tools, for alliances, so they can adapt to however the alliances will work. ps. Its not important how easy it is to overtake a leader, but what you need to do that and what you pay/sacrifice while doing so.
  3. land loyalty is indeed a much better stat for this, its something added long after the initial loyalty one. If chew does the voting thing he was talking about, then maybe these can be combines. Allies with a different entrance mechanism will only be able to kick out members or leaders by majority vote, totally eliminating traditional loyalty stat (just from these) I think that sounds ideal, at least in some cases, @Chewett ?
  4. maybe give the info about the secret path in to all current members of that guild plus two picked by them, that are not part of the guild? the could guard it forever, or not..
  5. every backdoor into an ally will come with benefits and sacrifices. Thinking about how to do this, will bring up important concepts and ways of using a25. For example, i think such a backdoor could benefit from a global counter, to prevent it being used too often, or maybe a check for the ally state, to work only if ally is disbanded...things that do not exist right now, but i will code them, and/or document how its done. Alliances and guilds should have such backdoors, at least in my opinion. Someone asked, what if i have 100 woodcutting but i am in GG, does that make me
  6. i don't think that your plan and mine are in conflict. The one you do is something that applies in a more official way and to all, and the one i am talking about is more of a quest, and totally different to each. A backdoor, because thats what i called this, is something secret, hidden, by definition Go on with your plan, mine will hapen over time, one ally at a time.
  7. I am about to do something crazy, but you can influence my plan here. I want to create an automated way in for all, or some, alliances, that will consider only things that are relevant for that ally. For example, Woodcutters guild should have such a backdoor for anyone with the right woodcutting skill. War alliances should have a backdoor to allow in people based on their land loyalty. You can suggest or demand (depeding on your tag and role) actual setups for this. This will also be a way to infiltrate and disband, but also to revive disbanded guilds. I will use th
  8. Thank you If others would want to share theirs please keep posting, i need a couple more, doesn't mater if you are young or ancient around here. Good or bad, just keep it honest and a personal view.
  9. You could also te me your overall experience with md, how long you've been around and how everything was for you.
  10. hi everyone, I need some testimonials type of texts, like for example what means MD to you, or how you would explain what md is to someone that has no clue. They don't need to be positive, but should make someone intrigued and curious. If you wish to help me with this, you can post here (if you want them signed by you), or send them to me in private (if you wish to remain anonymous) Thanks
  11. Touching words. Nothing is meant to last forever, that includes also you, me, anyone, not just "a game". From my perspective, i see MD as a place where people come, learn, evolve, get frustrated, revives their curiosity, they make friends, etc.. its a place, disguised as a journey. At some point in life, every such place you encounter teaches you a lesson, then you leave with what you learned. You go on, and the place opens its gates for an other one and so on. People always wished to expect from MD an end, while it has no end. Just think of the concepts..i started coding it when i
  12. thanks for the clarification everyone. I was worried there was no interest. Sadly i did what i could with the interface, the things left will be done slowly over time. The radical change had to be done asap regardless of cost/outcome because the old one was based on things no longer functional. Also there was no way to keep the visual goodies of the old interface, and the new one is designed on different concepts..i expected this will not be easily accepted but i still believe everything its on the right track, just takes time to perfect and people to adapt. The new inte
  13. The lecture coins announcement was made longer after those that did not enjoy the new interface left or became highly inactive. So, what you are saying is that its simply a numbers issue? Not enough people to put things in motion?
  14. Because its limited use. Features are permanent use.
  15. Something is not working right and i try to understand whats going on. Except Chew-Steno coin, i have none on the list. Are you not interested in the available menus, or is it a lack of communication or don't know the "what to do next" part? Ofc its possible that not everyone would see this initiative as useful as i do, but without eliminating all reasons, i can't tell. Help me understand please from your own perspective, why the lecture coins thing was seen initially with great feedback, but nobody wants anything, even if its free/sponsored, ..maybe i can improve things? The st
  16. in this case i would prefer to finish the voting on the other private topic, then sponsor a coin (or more) for a25, i am sure Steno will understand what i mean soon. Normally i would have wanted to have these initial coins distributed to as many different people as possible, but considering the lack of candidates, its ok to have multiple per one. Mdscript is a good start for programming in general, but a25 might be of more interest.
  17. @Ailith can you please confirm you are still checking this topic and update the menus? I am not sure, considering your last email. Thanks
  18. this is valid for everyone, send me by email at mur@magicduel.com who the parties involved in the lecture are, and the subject/summary. If this comes from the person offering the lecture, i will need to double check with the one receiving it, to confirm they are happy about it. If it comes from the person receiving the lecture, i will award the coin to the one giving directly. I will try to keep a score synced with your "menu" too, thats why i want a very short summary, so i know where in your menu it fits. Here is the list of the current documented coins. I remind you that af
  19. Ailith will be keeping the menu list updated and act as my assistant regarding this lecture coin thing.
  20. I must say i am impressed by some of the menus here, i can't wait to be a listener, some of the topic are simply amazing, especially those from your daily jobs perspective
  21. To avoid this topic going dead due to my lack of time, i need someone to help me create and maintain a list of menus, like an assistant. The assistant will not have access to reviewing private lectures, but eventually he/she might also help me maintain a list of given and transfered lecture coins (excel, shared doc). Anyone interested, post here, i will pick one person. The assistant will also receive periodic rewards for their activity, as usual. Thank you
  22. of course, you can go via any form of chat, or sunny bedroom you prefer, as long as you provide me a way to see you had that discussion and you are not just rewarding sponsored coins to friends. I will not have time to actually read what you talk, but i will just have a glance to see if the discussion is about the inteded topic, and then i will ask both teacher and student how they considered the lecture. This form of verification is just with these first coins, later on you will be free to exchange or trade them totally private, but now, in the beginning, is important they are received f
  23. sorry this is not how it works, and not retroactively. If i would give these coins for past actions, it means they are all already given, both me, chew, and several others had shared a lot of their valuable time with others already. Lets do this organized. You announce public what you "menu" is, people subscribe to whatever they want to learn from you, then i will personally supervise or interview the participants and decide if coins are to be given, or not. Lets don't turn these into a token of appreciation between friends, they are not a "like button"
  24. In order to benefit from the lecture coin, i wish to moderate any such initiative. This means: i should be informed of who the teacher is, who the student(s) are/is, so i can ask them if you really gave your best, and reward you your lecture coin for the hour you donated to this cause. I reserve the right to deny any coin rewarding for such activity that i feel it might be scam or undeserved. Also, in other words, if you have something valuable to share and find interested people, i will sponsor 1 coin per hour, up to 100 coins total. After this, coins should be put back in circul
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