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  1. Killing items are not easy to come by, and where they can be used without limit, such as nc deathguard, the rules must apply for all, otherwise mp5 will make mp3 accounts to avoid death. If someone wants to waste a kill on a mp3, it is probably for a reason. The problem right now is that being dead is just an other cool thing to try out, without any sort of real damage...and this leads to abuse. A would say a considerable (but not absurd) skill damage would be good. Maybe 5% ?
  2. Please answer clearly to this: 1) You said : "So only one of the 2 attackbonus is working." Could you detail that pls? 2) also, put it simple, (its super hard for me to follow fight logs) what is the way it currently works and how was it supposed to be 3) Are you talking about something that used to work right and suddenly it changed, or something that you just noticed its not working as described. Know these i hope to be able to understand the error, if it is one, and its cause. Thanks
  3. I removed it for now till i am able to find a solution for it (in a few minutes after baby invasion is over)
  4. Nothing wonky about it, works perfectly. The shards you use on an ability are embedded in the creature with that ability, and are returned if you recycle that ability. You can recycle initial abilities that required less shards, or later abilities that required more shards, you will get each time the number of shards spent at that time on that ability.
  5. depends what you define as secret, but some could find it very hard to reach some of the shops on mainland, or in necrovion
  6. so we get to name 2015-2022 the dark ages? :D:D:D
  7. Azull was actively working on ways to sessurect people automatically, you should look for this info in the announcements and update the answers here. There are various ways to revive someone.
  8. If the SHUT UP spell was removed or is bugged i want it back. its part of the core concepts of md, if you don;t want to listen , then you don't listen. I am not sure what happend with it as i dont remember all, but i intend to fix it.
  9. You might find some of whats needed in necrovion too, but its a dangerous journay, research about the dangers and what you might need to take with you before going there.
  10. Question is too vague to receive relevant answers. You found your way to this answer, same you do do about the rest, click and discover.
  11. Shard abilities can be recycled with no penalty, so they can be shifted from one creature to an other freely, or even transfered across accounts, as long as its not your own account you do that.
  12. You can not do group discussions with the in-game inbox at this time (maybe at some point in the future i will code such a feature). You can start however a private message on the forum, and add multiple participants to it. Like this you can open a discussion with the group of people you desire (and only them).
  13. some creatures (morph crits), can not be traded after they are evolved. You do get a chance to "devolve" them once a year, when morphs melt, and then you can trade snowballs, but not fully grown snowmans. Why?: Obviously, a snowman can not be moved, but a snowball can
  14. They are morph creatures. A creature that has one form when it is traded, and a variaty of possible evolution brances when it is upgraded. (please try not to post duplicate questions)
  15. Bounties are give out on certain dates and time period. Sadly i will not disclose the exact algorithm , but you may try to notice their behavior and discover when it happens (reverse engineer the formula) You can activate bounties in the background, without knowing, but they will show just one at a time, till you collect all. This means that you may be obtaining 100 bounties today because its md birthday, but they will show in your interface 100 days from now, if you collect just one per day. You may disable this feature from your settings.
  16. Once a year on a set date in summer, ALL the snowmans melt. The date was picked to be the birthday of the person that made the drawings for this creature *Akasha*. A melted snowman returns to snowball state... i know it should become water, but since its still a snowman, it must retain some information of what it once was. A snowball gives you the chance to trade and evolve the snowman into a different branch/version.
  17. The Erolin Device is nowdays the swarm of heat orbs on the left of the interface. It used to be a good looking device one day, in the top right corner of the interface, but now it got a more permissive shape. The heat orbs can store the heat you generate when walking or fighting or doing other things. This heat can be reactivated by clicking a glowing orb, and it becomes again active heat that drops one point per second and can be used to cast spells (for example). You can get more heat slots in the shop or on christmas tree, or other rewards. One heat slot can store only a fixed amount of heat, not more not less. If you don't have enough heat to load it, it will not load. To store your heat in the Erolin Device, click the small "store" bubble on the left. it will make a mechanical sound
  18. The first day does not start in some day in april, it starts on 1st january each year. On 14 April , its the game's birthday, and the year the game celebrates that year, defines the year This might be a bit confusing, but for now thats how it always was. For example today is day 128 (counting 128 from the beginning of the year), and year 16, counting how many times it passed the date of 14 April (years). ST means server time. Because everyone is on different timezone, its not relevant what day is for each one, so we use server time to define time of events and such. Puuuuureeellyy by coincidence does it happen that server time is Romania, GMT+2 , same like mine, just a coincidence, yeah...:))
  19. You can write a short paragraph of text on the mood panel, that will stay there until other entries push it down, or you change it. You can have only one entry at a time, the moodpanel is not a dialogue. You can see how long you have to wait till you can edit your entry again, when you try to edit it.
  20. In addition to Mag's answer: there is also a wish in the wishshop that can help you with that.
  21. Post on the mood panel, someone might answer your cry and drag you from there. Also during events, public links are posted in the triggers box, that allow you to jump from wherever you are.
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