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  1. pls consider all the words i used to describe a color, not all purple is death, some should be viewed as end , end of the line for something, or "ultimate" thing.
  2. pimped has this yes, as i am not intending to make anything more fancy on the grasan branch other than the pimped. Anniv crits might use this color as they are close to the end of the line for their presence as anniv crit, ...its possible, i dont really know as i never checked or made it intentional. let me know if you discover anything interesting. Also some have symbols on them, that speak about changed i made in that period or shortly after. Its an interesting subject if you wish to digg deeper into it.
  3. There is something that i consider obvious, but obviously its not obvious to most Colors, in MD, have a very clear symbolistic and purpose from my point of view. I thought to share these things so they are said, for those of you that are curious about the subject, or people that contribute to md various stuff, as it would be amazing if they could follow the same color guidelines, even if i consider it is something very personal to each person. My language will become more "intuitive" in the next part, as i am trying to describe what i feel more than what i think. I hope its cl
  4. keep posting. When thinking of a new ability think also how it could be mixed with other abilities or marks too
  5. For those interested only, here is a dump of the current plans for shard abilities. Each ability can be activated be the creature at the start of the round, at the end, or at the beginning of the combat once. If you have ideeas for other cool creature abilities (that may use or set creature marks for example), write here , and i will pick some and implement them. Keep in mind that each ability must come with a trade-off, and not be overpowered. ps. sorry for the ugly format "table head" # id, code, name, description, active, principiul_ciclicitatii, pri
  6. As i said, i will change it as this vote goes, so the main image now takes you to the crit page, and the vitality bar, a a plus sign there, heal the creature, as requested. (I still think it was better the other way, but its probably because i intend to heal individual creatures more than i need to check creature detail page)
  7. i am using valuable time fixing things that are ok afterall. I will be checking the results of the vote tomorow and change accordingly, till then i will focus on giving you new reasons to argue by working on the creature abilities.
  8. Am i wrong in thinking that the heal creature action is more used than the open creature page?
  9. I can not use the entire creature "card" for any additional link than whatever it is doing, and below the card, if i put a "heal" text, its too big. please consider this when voting, there is no space for a clear heal button, unless maybe if i make it really small and maybe as an icon.
  10. English, google translated version.... consider it was written just before the pandemic started, there was no hint of the current situation back then, ..let me know what you think. ====== The madness of an actor - Scenario 1 The character is an actor, he plays a play on a campus. Slowly he realizes that he can't leave campus, but that doesn't bother him too much because every failure to leave is apparently justified. Every day he finds his relaxation in the same pleasant place in the garden, Slowly the scenes he plays at more and more visibly regular intervals, becom
  11. English text follows after this (Ro version) Nebunia unui actor - Scenariu 1 Personajul este actor, joacă o piesa de teatru într-un campus. Incet-incet își da seama ca nu poate sa plece din campus, dar asta nu-l deranjează prea tare pt ca fiecare eșec de a pleca de acolo este aparent justificat. Zi de zi isi gaseste relaxarea in acelasi loc placut in gradina, Incet-incet scenetele pe care le joacă la intervale din ce în ce mai vizibil regulate, devin o obligație, și dacă înainte erau activități spontane, acum încep să aibă un program din ce în ce mai fix și impus. Dintr-
  12. I wrote this a while back as a note for something i was planning at Mad Man's Trial , and transcribed it at the end of october 2019, but forgot abkut it, like i do with many many things i start but never finish. However, now i stumbled upon it and i realize it was a sort of a premonition for the current world situation. I decided to share it with you, but the text is google translated. I will include the original here too, just for historic reasons. I am on phone now so i will just add the text in separate posts to this. Have a look at the english text! Waiting for you
  13. Looks super bad without artwork...damn.... maybe someone can help with this? would be so nice
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