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  1. I think you guys called "open and closed case"
  2. I agree I "should" have 13 I vote third row!!!
  3. I believe this would be a fantastic idea as I have come close to selecting the wrong creature to sac.
  4. Wow at only 1 TST, The Winner is Nimrodel!!! Congratulations PM where to pick up the TST then I will send Aethon with your choice of Elu. Thank You, Nim and everyone else stay tuned for future TST auctions.
  5. The Horseman Goes to Juba!!! I will leave the Molima a few more days and close at my discretion.
  6. Junior

    Happy New Year?

    I would wish for the world to be a better place but as you said with Trump being elected.. lol The truth is that, that desire is naive and really I guess I just wish for the strength to survive another year and accomplish my goals.
  7. Specifically most recently using the A25 tools to create a clickie under the require items box, hide if items, etc and also (i haven't done this in a while) but I believe it appears when naming a creature.
  8. Sometimes when I am working on a clickie location and I feel the need to use a possessive form of a word for example Junior's the MD "code" Will add in a backslash. In fact it is impossible to write a backslash \ in MD not even in chat. Therefore if I mean to write Junior's Bottle emotion the system will then change it to Junior\'s Bottle emotion. This appears to happen in other occasions where the ' is used.
  9. are notes allowed? if so 10gc note is my bid
  10. Here you will have a chance to bid for a rare Elucu Bration creature (colored or un colored the choice is yours), in order not to interfere with other ongoing auctions it will be held as an official TST Auction host by your one and only Credit Ticket Broker. Please read the following rules; failure to comply may lead to disqualification from the auction process. If you won an Elu creature in the previous halloween contests, you are not permitted to place a bid. If you own 2 or more Elu creatures (of any kind) you are not permitted to place a bid. There is no minimum star
  11. As the title suggests I would like to sell the following. 1 Molima ID: 852778 Age: 204 Minimum Bid: 10 gcs 1 Horseman ID: 852150 Age: 228 Minimum Bid: 15 gcs Auction ends on January 2 and 24 hours after the last Bid!
  12. I Would like to auction off a single use of my revival tool. Min Bid 7GCS Furthermore you will have to provide the Gold for the process. Use will be ONLY Contingent on whether or not I am in Cooldown Period.
  13. Junior

    WTB Crit

    WTB Crit with 28 Mill heat in order to lower my heat. PM offers as not sure how much one would go for.
  14. Talk and discuss things? Specifically meaning gameplay? the future of MD? or what specifically?
  15. I would first off like to preface that after 8 years I believe to have found my first bug!!! Yay I want my bug medal when animating fenths it doesn't take into consideration your maximum amount of creature slots. So if your creature inventory is maxed it will continue to allow you to animate fenths without opposition.
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