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  1. I think you guys called "open and closed case"
  2. I agree I "should" have 13 I vote third row!!!
  3. I believe this would be a fantastic idea as I have come close to selecting the wrong creature to sac.
  4. Wow at only 1 TST, The Winner is Nimrodel!!! Congratulations PM where to pick up the TST then I will send Aethon with your choice of Elu. Thank You, Nim and everyone else stay tuned for future TST auctions.
  5. The Horseman Goes to Juba!!! I will leave the Molima a few more days and close at my discretion.
  6. Junior

    Happy New Year?

    I would wish for the world to be a better place but as you said with Trump being elected.. lol The truth is that, that desire is naive and really I guess I just wish for the strength to survive another year and accomplish my goals.
  7. Specifically most recently using the A25 tools to create a clickie under the require items box, hide if items, etc and also (i haven't done this in a while) but I believe it appears when naming a creature.
  8. Sometimes when I am working on a clickie location and I feel the need to use a possessive form of a word for example Junior's the MD "code" Will add in a backslash. In fact it is impossible to write a backslash \ in MD not even in chat. Therefore if I mean to write Junior's Bottle emotion the system will then change it to Junior\'s Bottle emotion. This appears to happen in other occasions where the ' is used.
  9. are notes allowed? if so 10gc note is my bid
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