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  1. Is it normal if I now from sacrifying archer get only principles, but no stats, no skills? even it's old creature with a lot of wins?
  2. so where to post my creature drawing and description? here?
  3. me http://public.fotki.com/Kempiniukas88/me-as-creature/ added couple more photos
  4. Ok, so My torture device is from many parts. A Victim lies on Ice tabe.Hot steam device a blowing hot steams at him, so all the time he feels cold and hot, one side of body is burning in hell, other is cold as ice. At the same time boiling steel or oil is driping on our victim head, eyes and all face. One drop in minute.To keep our victim awake ant make his suffer longer there are in the table small needles with poison caled "Shumer", it's rare flower nectar which are found only in mda garden. These poisons flow in victims venous and burns them but at the same time keep him alive. It's lik
  5. *kempiniukas* Tag: Gardener of MDA Garden; balance between nature and human keeper; and lost life Seeker. Description: The man, empty soul and warrior with no past has found his destiny! MD land trees waked up with angry in their roots! Human was selfish too long! Now they will show what we have to respect and I am tool in their hands.
  6. Dexter! wow! nice work! I really like it! I think it's perfect for me, I don't see anything that you can add thanks Dexter a lot, I hope it will be in the shop? amorte nice drawings! especially I like that last little thingy in the mouth, it's cool and also I like the first warrior , and now don't know which choose yours or dexter well... I see what I can get on shop, maybe everybody will buy before me
  7. We walk in these lands like owner of them. We are people, consumers. We just take everything we need with no care about results. But there is something more powerful than we can imagine and old as these lands. They surrounds us almost everywhere and they are tired of our selfishness. And now they will come… to return balance and to show us what we must respect. And that’s how my story started… Gardener Diary Dream: IIt was ordinary day. I was walking in MDA gardens tired of many fights I fought today. So I came here to my secret place
  8. I have sended my request to blackthorn but I think he is very busy in these days My dream Avatar is a tired skinny warrior with shades in his faces and not very shining armor, but with power aura around him, pastille through his venous and his feet’s are cowered with tree roots, he like trapped in them, and his body have no shade, instead it he has tree shade. So that’s my dream… I tried to describe it detail to help you get a view. So I hope that one day anyone can make this dream true.
  9. I want to have Avatar too can anyone draw for me one?
  10. Hmz,... well ok I'll translate it, so: Attention all Lithuanian, who wants become a member of my translation team pls write here,help to to translate this game to our language. So everybody happy now?
  11. This post is for my country people, sorry
  12. Taigi, nutariau prisidėt prie MD plėtimosi ir palengvint lietuviams jį žaisti, taigi noriu išverst šį žaidimą i mūsų kalbą, taigi kas norit prisideti prašau rašykit. Kokios jusu anglu zinios ir prisistatymas trumpas. Bus apdovanojimas
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