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  1. It has something to do with constellations... and why the hell did the sun hid the moon?!... ahaha just some random opinion
  2. Heres my idea 7dyas of the week the upcoming war might took 7weeks from the signs it has shown the war will take 7days and ends after 7days the pyramid determines which side it will take after 7days so i think best out of 4 ahahaha don't know what i'm saying probably drunk
  3. make cool card drawings about weapons, armors or abilities... like whip, sword, shield, heal ability, poison ability and stuff... the catchy part is it is equipped to the creature and has requirements... P.S. I wish if this will be implemented it can be bought with value points and not credit cause i myself don't buy credits ^^, THANKS AND MORE POWER... just send me an e-mail for more of my ideas get tons in my mind like other events like Q and A and maybe the players would have JOBCHANGE that would be so COOL!
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