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  1. A bit late on my response :)

    1] Yeah, I found it entertaining enough to keep in MD.

    2] In the beginning, it was a bit long. Afterwards, the progression went smoothly to the next poles/hooks.

    3] None I can of.

    4] The amount of items seem good so far.

    5] It was a pretty fun game. As I play the game, I kinda get the compulsiveness to keep playing for all the items.

  2. If a reset were to happen, there has to be a good reason or a need for a change. For this game, that's either in the roleplaying aspect or combat aspect. Both sides has many problems and really need to be fixed/altered, imo. Roleplayers generally don't care about stats, so a reset wouldn't really affect them.

    On the combat end, I can only accept a reset if significant changes occur. If nothing significant changes to the combat system, then certain people will just power themselves up, and in a few months, we'll just be in the same position again. But if a reset does greatly balance the combat system, creatures, honor system, and everything else related, then I'll happily accept a reset. But hopefully a reset will improve both sides of the gameplay.

    No matter what happens, there has to be major changes to make it worthwhile. So I guess what matters most is what change would occur during a reset. On a final note, a reset would probably force many older players to rethink on their view of the game. Now that's not necessarily a bad thing, and hopefully, the changes that come with a reset will make people want to play more.

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