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    one question can adepts have adepts?
  2. Suulijin, I tend to agree with you on the other hand also..Are we ready to solve this great Mystery of finding the Book Of Principles, and are these all the Priciples out there to discover! Is this the step we need to take to finally incorporate Magic into the game. It seems to be that Manu is waiting for something to do that. But in doing it are we limiting ourselves to the 10 basic principles for now, but then as more may come to being another quest or more legends, myths, whatever to incorporate them into the book? Maybe the book does not need to be a bound tangible object but Mount Kel
  3. OMG.. Blackthorn I thought about this all night and I came up with the same thories you did the 2 opposing pyramid's symbolize the Element and Balance principle, and of course the fire burning round them is a clear indicator of the element principle to me, and they are balanced on one another.. , that one was a no brainer. Another thing I want to interject her is that I think we all want to make this harder than it has to be, if we just stick to the simple facts we can stay focused on the problems at hand. And to me the whole of Mt. Kelle'tha represents the Book Of Principles in exactly the
  4. Ok on the free credits 2 question, there are 19 links on my voting page, so each time I click them all I get . 21 cents added to my ongoing total for the $2. Then after I get $2 I can supposedly transfer that to my MD shop credits, have yet to do it cause I still havn't got to the $2 mark, but as far as the ve/vp/hitpoints credits do all of those accumulate over the entire waiting for $2 credit mark and then transfer when you transfer the credits to your MD shop balance? And are they a one time get and use credit to those stats or are they a permanent addition? I have not seen any bonus sta
  5. I agree with Calyx of Isis, I am more than happy to vote ,in fact think it a wonderful avenue for supporting the game. But many of the sites say to click the voting link and there is nothing to click to vote.. . Don't necessarily want to be accused of abusing the system as that is not my intention at all. The credits are nice, would vote even if I didn't get them. But the system is not all that it instructs us to do , so guess I am waiting to be accused of abusing it since it is impossible to do as instructed from the get go on some of the sites! Slightly confused...Godesstda
  6. Or they may be devulging there old city to us, there graveyard so to speak,assuming of course Willow was an Angein.
  7. Just a side note don't really know if this applies, but I have been doing a little research about Angiens/ lores, mythologies, ect. Found a supplemental spelling for it..Anginn.. which means The Beginning in the old tounge supposedly. Anyway from the couple stories I have found about it the first race that was made in the beginning were Elves. Might just be a lead for us about the race we are looking at or may not, but thought it a interesting piece of info. I have not delved that much into the whole stories yet but if any in the Seekers Of Enlightenment wants any more info about this wo
  8. KK am so sorry must read more.. ..thank you for answering though, and then my answer not right at all.. .
  9. Grido, could I ask one ?, if you can answer great if not thats OK also..=P. Is it a tangible thing or non-tangible?
  10. This expertise should be used if offered. I personally have some trouble understanding things the way they are written now. Please take this kind offer under serious consideration! I love this game also, consider it very worthy of playing and would love to see all aspects of it the best they can be, and the editing would help immensly. My humble opinion stated...
  11. I know I am not very strong, nor have I been playing his game long. But after reading all this about the shades and your impressions of what they are or are not, and what there intents are, I am inclinded to say that they may be, as its so put "mirroring" ..lol don't think thats a word, but for my purposes I will say reflecting what us as players are doing in the MagicDuel world, as each of us know it. I personally think it is a wonderful world full of hope and promise,the only thing that will keep us all from achieving what we want from it is our imaginations and thoughts, whether those be
  12. So happy to be part of this most creative and thought provoking game! The players are most generous with there help, the art work enchanting, and a storyline with unlimited possibilities! Onward and Upwards!!!!! Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.
  13. Ahhh, Metal Bunny one must never underestimate the power of meditation, good vibes and prayer! The ones that do not have all the power of strength, can have the powers of the mind ! Its all I can offer for now till I get stronger in body....but don't underestimate my mind..lol!.....More OMMMMMMMMMM's coming your way Bid C get stronger everyday, may your trials stregthen you more and more!....
  14. Well after reading all this I am personally going to go to the gravitational sound gazebo and send some big OMMMMM'S to Big C, suggest alot of us do it ... , maybe will short out Ome's dastardly deeds to Big C, and he can get free..... A Great long one from here Big C...OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! Feel the vibes coming your way!....
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