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  1. how can I send messages to the player I am not see in the area, or screen.. I know the way to send is click on the send message botton when you clicj someone name, but.. is there any way to send message when you want to send to someone but you are not see them online??
  2. This means that the exp always being shown more than the real total exp??? how can I know how much exp it will reach the max then???
  3. I have been told that it is 2.2M... and now I have 2,204,927+ total exp, and it is max yet. Anyone can inform me the exact number? so I can plan a bit. thanks!!
  4. Is the power stat divided and give to every creature in ritual or only the creature that use power? for example, I have 1 elemental, 1 archer in ritual.... 100% of my power stat will go to the elemental or only 50%>>??? thanks!!
  5. I am in the UK and, in the website, told me that I would get 2.4 credit for ppl from the UK (from the list of the country that will get more credit than normal 1.4 credit page)... after I put the code in, I have got only 1.4 credit.... ?????......
  6. how about this idea? increase the slot for creature in ritual when you advance to next mind level. for example, Mp3 got 6 creature slot for ritual as normal now. when advance to Mp4, you get another 1 slot - 7 creatures in ritual... Mp5 got 8 slots and so on.... This way, I think it feels like we have advanced in army building since we have got bbigger army, not just the old creature in the old ritual. The more MP should mean more powerful of the *summoner* so they can process more creatures army and also..in ritual.... This is not affected the balance of the game because different mind po
  7. Void Bottle of Learning??? I read the text in the shop and I do not under stand what it does... thank you
  8. there are plenty of misspelling and wrong wording..... For example, "Worshipr Protector" that was recently added in the progress section.
  9. I go this pop up log.... *** This combat was forgotton or never took place *** what does this means???
  10. I know that when creatures reach max level, you can customise their names. However, I saw some people have creatures that are not max lvl, but the names are not the ordinary names for those creatures. How can I change the creatures that are not reach the max lvl?? thanks
  11. there should be the time counter for the age of the creature.. to be upgraded not only the age displayed, e.g. +1 age, but like +1 age (4.25 hours) or something like this.. :lol: this should be helpful... to manage the time to login and play.
  12. when the exp is max, you will not get anything? I know that the creature dont' get exp and win count but the win lost count for charactter is still working. However, the VP,VE, heat are not obtained when win the fight?? I dont' get them even I click for free credit...
  13. that's mean I have to click and wait 24 hours again to advance? and the creatures are at the same lvl after being reseted? Ps. sorry I ask plenty wuestion and may be too much. I just wait for story to be advanced... lol , but hey! thanks for the great answers.
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