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  1. I think one big flaw in all of this is the attitude and view of things. I am pretty sure that everyone understands that Manu is completely buried in work, but the position of "if you can't understand how much work I am doing and that I want to first implement this and this and this before fixing xyz" is exactly what annoys some (e.g. Me and apparently Glaistig and Lulu). It is nice to have a game that evolves, but you cannot prioritize implementing new stuff to eradicating bugs. One, you are doing things too fast. Sure it's cool to get new things constantly, but players are like spoiled kids. Give them too many presents too fast, and later on they are bored and very difficult to entertain. You have to hold them at bay, tease them, keep them coming for more. Two, there is this horrible elitist attitude going on in this community towards new players. I am not pointing at specific people, but I have seen it at various instances. Whenever there were people with problems, complaints or criticism people either reacted with "if you don't like it, leave, we don't want people like you anyway" or "yes, it has been mentioned before, we are working on it". The first, even though the community really MIGHT be that arrogant to want to weed out people they don't like and not bother with their opinion, this way also loses. I am not saying you should try to appeal to everyone, but if something has been mentioned several times but tons of new players (and probably also but veteran players who simply stopped bothering over time), there has to be something to it and maybe should be worth looking into. The second, simply needs to be fixed. If it is something that seriously jumps into people's eye at a rate of at least one topic a day then it is something that in the long run will make people wonder what is being accomplished. It's like a toothache that doesn't really bother you enough to go to the dentist, but over time its steady pulsating drives you insane. You can't chew, brush your teeth and everything is just really annoying. Three, you need people to grow, to attract more people. It's always better to have a well working game with no or few bugs and few features as opposed to a game full of bugs and issues and tons of features. People are happier with the first. In the second, what good are all these features if everyone has something going wrong, something that makes you wonder why it isn't being fixed. Developing a game doesn't mean you first put in everything at once, and then you see what's wrong. You put in one or two things, see what's wrong, get rid of the bugs and work from there. Besides, once EVERYTHING is implemented, it will be so much more difficult to figure out what bugs cause what problem. And you'll have to go through it one by one again anyway, causing you to lose more time and unnecessary work.
  2. "Pleaes know that inner magic does not refere to magic abilities in the game such as the "outer magic" part. Read the info on the magic page to better understand its purpose." They are not magic.
  3. That's not the point. Being a game it should offer people the option to participate in that or not to. It doesn't do that. To tell us to deal with it and just "get rid of them" isn't a productive way with dealing with this complaint/desire to change a feature of the game. Aside from the fact that doing what you say takes time and often isn't something you have in your mind. For example coming back on in a sanctuary, having more than 7 heads and being immediately attacked before being able to do anything. As has already been mentioned, for those that do not want to participate it is simply disruptive and annoying. You have to take time out of your "regular" MD schedule to either get rid of the heads in a quick and painful way, or you are being attacked left and right and need MORE time to recuperate. Aside from the fact that finding healing rituals is even more difficult than normal.
  4. Chaos and Order to me look like Balance. Thanks. That's what I thought of when I wrote it.
  5. Ah. I thought he was referring to MD in general. It was funnier as a slip.
  6. Anyone else notice this slip? Haha.
  7. No, I don't think you understood what I meant. I don't consider it a wiki for information, more like the Archives. A place to put information in game in a nice, organized way and in context, easier to read and understand. I don't see how that would spoil anything, because it is already happening on the forum. But on the wiki it would be organized and cleared up. Nothing else.
  8. I think the predestination paradox would get in the way.
  9. Perception. Don't know why, it just came to mind.
  10. I have Firefox 3.0.1 and I have the same issues. It comes and goes. It was fine when I started, then I got popups (I made a thread as well), then they disappeared and everything was peachy, and now, a few days ago, they re-appeared. So I don't really think it is cookie or Firefox or anything related. There needs to be something else. I didn't change my PC or anything.
  11. I like it, but maybe not make them AS often as written here. 2-3 times a day for every player is a lot, I would consider it more like a "unique" drop in WoW (too many wow references on my behalf today I think). If it happens to one character out of all MD in a week or a few days that's enough, this character then could be wondering about what it means and make a post, similar to the story lines. That is, if he wants to share it will all of them. Maybe he just wants to talk to a few or keep it to himself.
  12. Why not just make a wiki like the WoWwiki? I know you are worried about spoilers, but I don't think that everyone is able to edit and change articles as they see fit. They need access, it's like an account. And there you can put all the histories and backgrounds and creature lores and what not that you like. [edit] Ah, just saw this page and Glaistig's post. Somehow missed it. Well I can see the point, but then again, whether or not there will be things that can be considered spoilers is up to the creators. The people looking up the game will be people interested in this type of game. If they don't get spoilers they will understand. I see it more of a background of what the game and its world is, of what is going on and maybe a NICE way of reading the stories (each one has its own line, not all mixed together). I still say it's better than the Wikipedia one. I would use the Wikipedia article more like a quick explanation and reference to the other one, where more can be read.
  13. OK, I kind of skipped over the rest of the posts because there was lots of repetition in the end, so if anyone already mentioned what I am about to say, sorry. I think we should treat Wodins leaving the game as part of the game. It doesn't matter if the character in game or the character behind the screen decided to leave, things happen. Just integrate it into the story. Maybe he was called back to his plane for an emergency, maybe the opposing faction found a way to "unsummon" him, maybe whatever kept him on this plane was broken, I don't know. Just take it and move on. Things change, the land changes and the game should change with it. If RPCs can be created, why not removed? People are killed off in movies and TV series all the time, even when they seemed important. It just makes the whole story more interesting.
  14. Pleaes know that inner magic does not refere to magic abilities in the game such as the "outer magic" part. Read the info on the magic page to better understand its purpose. This was part of an announcement, which is why I asked. From that I understand that they are, in fact, not spells or magic abilities.
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