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  1. -.-... Figures.. more places for the rare and elusive mp4 race to hide.
  2. Hey i can try some of this in a bit. Just got to think of somethings for avatars first though. (possibly even on for myself... hehehe.) It will take a bit though before i get something that is at least close to the style of the rest of them.
  3. Yeah Now i'm in Willow's shop as an MP4, trying to farm as many losses as possible so i can actually earn honor.
  4. Yeah, i go though and defeat players in mp4. Almost all of them give me -50 to -100 honor loss. And I'm on the low end of the balance profile ass well. And i've noticed that lots of them have max honor as well, especially the ones that give me the worse.
  5. However, they don't gain points as fast as a player who stays logged in 24/7 even if that player has less heads then they do.
  6. No, there was one set to DEF. I think though, i might have saced the creature for that one, i might have not.
  7. Not when you're mp4. There is like only 10 mp4s in the game. (exaggeration)
  8. I totally agree with this. I've set the same ritual like thirty times now (hyperbole) and it gets capped. I lost my ritual earlier today again, (hard to keep them when you are the low end of the totem pole) Even though I did not click DEF for it. (I even had a ritual in there for DEF, but it never uses it.) So i go find a person who is MP4 (very few of the people are.) and i get attacked three times while trying to set up a new DEF rit and my attack ritual. So I lost my rituals again, before i could even use them to attack the guy i was trying to attack. (He actually attacked me when i set
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