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    Dhyone got a reaction from lashtal in A new value unit - donating hours of my life :)   
    My menu:

    Occultism in general:
    - Franz Bardon Hermetic System. - Thelema and Magick - Projeciology (Astral Projection) - AMORC (Open and Public Knowledge only...) - Chaos Magick  (The 40 Servants, Fotamecus, Abralas...)  - IOT (Illuminates of Thanateros)(Open and Public Knowledge only...) Related to my RL work:
    - Brazilian Tax System - Brazilian accessory obligations - Bookkeeping and Accounting Other:
    -  D&D and others tabletop RPGs - Old JRPGs and strategy games - Horror movies - Brazilian Portuguese
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    Dhyone reacted to MaGoHi in VP decreasing continuously   
    something continues to decrease my VP while not doing anything, this was observed on other people as well
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    Dhyone got a reaction from Tissy in Xie He's Six Canons   
    "Spirit Resonance,"  "Bone Method"  "Correspondence to the Object" "Suitability to Type" "Division and Planning" "Transmission by Copying" 

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    Dhyone got a reaction from Ungod in Xie He's Six Canons   
    "Spirit Resonance,"  "Bone Method"  "Correspondence to the Object" "Suitability to Type" "Division and Planning" "Transmission by Copying" 

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    Dhyone reacted to Ungod in Xie He's Six Canons   
    Today I found about this Chinese painter who laid out 6 laws for drawing:
    1. Engender a sense of movement through spirit consonance.
    2. Use the brush with the bone method.
    3. Responding to things, depict their form.
    4. According to kind, describe appearances [with color].
    5. Dividing and planning, positioning and arranging.
    6. Transmitting and conveying earlier models through copying and transcribing.
    To me, these are pointers on how to draw, how to compose and how to train yourself in the art. However, this might be wrong, because as I read, this was written using a small amount of characters. If anyone knows more...feel free to correct me.
    (why these laws are important...I read DaVinci describing 'good drawing', talking about perspective and shading, but his observations were not only more technical, but also involved mathematics. It's not like the basic theory is that much different - for example, DaVinci talks about the importance of knowing the underlying structure, the skeleton, just as Xie underlines it in nr.2. It's that these older tenants can be taught easily, while Renascentist art has added dimensions to drawing)
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    Dhyone reacted to Aia del Mana in Principle Documents   
    I had also been under the impression that thine Principles also should dictate thine magic,
    I suggest that a certain combination of Principles may also determine spells for thee, or that which may be unlocked in the Wish Shop.

    As an example:
    Transposition + Balance -> teleport to Paper Cabin spell (or from Gateway Island)
    Entropy + Transposition -> open Necrovion entrance
    Imagination + Darkness -> cast dreams
    Light + Syntropy -> share vital energy
    Of course, I believe this may simply add to that which a player would desire of the Principles, just to obtain these spells, which were not my intention. For this reason I had wanted the ability upon mine own character to remove the principle of another, with permission and only with very good reason, that doth encompass the identity and role of the character that doth wish the change.
    Within combat, I would think that some Principles should boost certain creatures or abilities of them, without changing one's intrinsic statistics. Thus would exist a system whereby one wouldst be more inclined to use a particular creature in combat if one already has principles that do strengthen it.
    As an example:
    Balance -> boosts vampiric aura and skillvampire auras and gives extra stats when close to balanced wins and losses
    Entropy -> boosts Martirism ability and decreases randomness of random attacks (Jokers/Grasans)
    Syntropy -> boosts amount gained by heal and lifesteal ability and regeneration auras
    Cyclicity -> boosts all stats depending on number of wins that particular ritual has won
    Elements -> boosts abilities of Water Beings, Elementals, Trees, and Winderwilds
    Imagination -> boosts abilities of Jokers, Santas, Nutcrackers, and Shades
    Darkness -> increases chance for abilities to miss or change target (such as Freeze Aura on your creatures)
    Light -> Unfreezes up to two extra creatures each ritual and boosts starting vitality
    Time -> boosts creature abilities depending on age
    Transposition -> boosts creature abilities when fighting against creatures of the same type
    I believe the above would require quite a lot of code-work if something were to be implemented this way.
    However, in the end, I believe that Principles should be of this intent - that they do define thine character, and her actions and behaviour within the realm, rather than to change combat, or to make one stronger than another. One couldst think that the benefits of Principles could also change with the seasons, or months, such that one cannot make a decision that were maximally optimal in the long term.
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    Dhyone reacted to Ledah in Principle Documents   
    You can never have enough explosions.
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    Dhyone reacted to Ledah in Principle Documents   
    Add some cool magic, exclusively for battles that rely on principles. With lots of flashy effects and sounds.
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    Dhyone reacted to Ungod in New Weather   
    New weather spell - Dust Storm (or similar)
    (i thought of it affecting rainwater, water, but it can also affect things like heat generation, buildings durability etc)
    can be triggered in response to how many times pickaxes have been used (say, for 1k counted uses); with mining being an activity now, a dust storm can be particularly polluting
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    Dhyone got a reaction from Mallos in On stupidity   
    Age is teaching you how to be empathic. That is one of the best things you can be in life... Life gets a little easier when you understand what motivates other people, and not just judge by your feelings...
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    Dhyone reacted to Sushi in Higher res resource items   
    I can try~
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    Dhyone reacted to Aia del Mana in Principles, Opus 1: a dissertation and proposal   
    In this realm doth exist of ten principles of magic.

    Although these have existed almost since its inception, it seemeth that these, to the untrained wielder, exist only in description, and to add to the strength of tokens upon creatures that were bound to one in servitude.
    In addition, one notes that presently there doth exist limit to these; one may not possess more than four thousand points in any principle, and, if it may be called thus, one may not master of more than five
    individual principles. These are governed by unwritten laws of the realm, and enforced by the code that doth underly it, and shape it.
    The aforementioned, I believe, were an illusion. Indeed, to claim mastery, or to be limited of one's principles by Mind-Power were as meaningless as to claim mastery over any force, or being - to purport to be so were to claim the status of a god, or other deity. For principles, like thoughts, feelings, and sensations, are impossible to quantify; they exist in the sense a memory exists, or a experience exists; these are qualitative by nature; yet do have elements that may be quantified.
    To illustrate, if one were to observe of the Moon in passage, one doth notice of the length of its period, for which cyclicity may be quantified and of its luminance, for which light may be quantified. Yet these are not in true essence, principles, but the observation of their effect, in the same way that beings of the other-realm do quantify of suffering, or euphoria. While one may note, oft with absolute certainty, of the presence of these, one cannot compare one's pain directly with another; one may only offer meaningful comparison when one should consider the magnitude of the source.
    Furthermore were the affirmation that one cannot merely limit herself to five; engagement and interaction of the realm necessitates of all ten. One cannot, in example, sip of the flask within the Graveyard and return to life without invoking of syntropic magic; yet one may do so without mastery thereof.

    Thus I do propose of a revision in the Principles of the realm; for those who do value of strength in combat, a purpose in their being beyond that of tokens; for those who do not, a purpose in creation and discovery. But foremost, a revision that I believe is necessary for both - principles must be mutable; one needst of possibility to obtain, store, gain, and lose these with actions.
    What, then, should mutability offer? One may obtain and store of these in exchange for heat; upon return to the land, magic returneth to the unbound master, in form of its beings.
    This, I believe, should remain; the identity of the land were in part tied to those principles that it doth return. Yet, if one may then purpose of the stored principle, then one should be free to choose another in its stead. Thus may one consume of one's stored principles, to return them unto the land that did grant of it.
    Once one has consumed of a principle, one may then acquaint oneself of a new, or the same, principle; by reading of principle documents, that were scattered of the realm - I have discussed of this elsewhere.
    In essence, one may obtain, increase, and then expend, of these; similar to the way that one presently may do so of heat, in combat. I would think one should require to obtain the maximum within one principle (currently, at four thousand points) to suffice for a single use.

    Of their function:
    For those that do value of strength in combat, I propose a new set of equipment; the Domina Principii, each may be traded for four thousand points of a named principle. In this manner, those that do require completeness in this set must also obtain four thousand points of each principle. These should materialise upon revision of the named principle - that is, to read again of the Principle Document which doth pertain to the relevant piece.
    The relative strength of these may be altered; this were merely a concept, and one should ignore of the figures insofar as they remain arbitrary.
    Helm: 4000 points of Imagination (+100% maximum action points)
    Chest: 4000 points of Balance (+1000 regeneration)
    Pants: 4000 points of Cyclicity (+1000 briskness)
    Gloves: 4000 points of Elements (+1000 power)
    Boots: 4000 points of Transposition (+1000 initiative)
    Primary weapon: 4000 points of Entropy (+1000 attack)
    Shield: 4000 points of Syntropy (+1000 defence)
    Ring: 4000 points of Light (+100% VE)
    Ring: 4000 points of Darkness (+100% VP)
    Amulet: 4000 points of Time (+1000 luck)
    For those that do not value of their strength in combat, I propose:
    For any single principle, at a maximum of 4000 points:
    ten credits, for the first time this were achieved.
    For two principles, at a maximum of 4000 points:
    an additional Erolin sphere, for the first time this were achieved.
    For three principles, at a maximum of 4000 points:
    a permanent increase in one's action points by 100
    For five principles, at a maximum of 4000 points:
    Four regenerable casts of a spell at level 1
    For obtaining all ten principles at a maximum of 4000 points (with note that one may only wield of five concomitantly):
    a wish point shall be granted, for the first time this were achieved.

    For specific principles, I believe one should be able to distil these, that they may be used as reagents; with four thousand points of a principle sufficient as a single, arbitrary unit of principle (as an item, such as "Distilled Cyclicity").
    I would think these important for inner-magic - noting, indeed, that any realm shaping magic should require of many vials of various principles required, and that the magic-weaver should also exercise of expertise in this. But this shall be a topic for subsequent dissertation.
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    Dhyone reacted to Chewett in Chew the ett   
    This account was banned for impersonating Chewett.
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    Dhyone reacted to zooliii in Replenish the herbs (Permanent Quest) 1WP for doing   
    The time has come..

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    Dhyone reacted to MaGoHi in Replenish the herbs (Permanent Quest) 1WP for doing   
    apparently i had some hidden growing powers
    i had to turn the pots around, because the herbs started to bend towards the window for more sunlight
    basil and parsley (hand for scale)
    lovage and chives ( the chives finally start to get thicker)
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    Dhyone reacted to Aia del Mana in Do you wish to become a Knight or Priestess?   
    The structure of the alliance has not changed, although none have taken up knighthood within our ranks of late.
    If thou shouldst find interest in the Eclipse and our ways, I would that thou dost approach myself within the realm, or with a message upon the Forum, and we shall make discussion on thy role.
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    Dhyone reacted to Aia del Mana in A Necrovian Blessing, or, the Transformation   
    [07/06/19 07:36] :Aia steps into Deathmarrow, taking a moment to gaze at the full-moon peering through the spires 
    [07/06/19 07:36] :Aia turns to Lazarus and curtsies in greeting 
    [07/06/19 07:37] Aia:Ah, Lazarus; this were quite the change in scenery from our usual sacred grounds; and yet, I sense of auspicious omens. 
    [07/06/19 07:38] :Aia glances at the Shade in the corner 
    [07/06/19 07:39] Aia:Wer't safe to commence of sacrament in its presence? 
    [07/06/19 07:40] Lazarus:We are 
    [07/06/19 07:40] :Lazarus appears from the dark cave behind him 
    [07/06/19 07:42] Lazarus:With the blessings of the Shades, we can commence the ritual 
    [07/06/19 07:42] :Lazarus thrusts his walking stick on the ground and chants, motions Aia to bow down 
    [07/06/19 07:43] :Aia bows deep and low 
    [07/06/19 07:44] :Aia joins Lazarus in chant 
    [07/06/19 07:44] :Lazarus looks up to the sky and chants to the Moon 
    [07/06/19 07:45] Aia: *chants* Through death and darkness life arise 
    [07/06/19 07:45] Aia:Thy glimmers do ignite the skies 
    [07/06/19 07:45] Aia:Cast shadows upon Necrovion's palace 
    [07/06/19 07:45] Aia:And from within, restore the balance. 
    [07/06/19 07:46] Lazarus:Luna, I ask you to bless your Daughter, Aia, with strength and perseverance so that she may traverse these lands safely 
    [07/06/19 07:47] :Lazarus turns to Aia 
    [07/06/19 07:48] :Aia nods to Lazarus and produces an intricately carved silver chalice 
    [07/06/19 07:48] :Aia places the chalice in the moonbeam on the ground and fills it with elemental rainwater 
    [07/06/19 07:48] Lazarus:In the name of Necrovion and of the will of the Shades, I bless you, Lady Aia of the Eclipse 
    [07/06/19 07:49] Lazarus:A rebirth of Tainting. May you be exalted and held high by your peers and enemies alike 
    [07/06/19 07:49] :Aia solemnly nods 
    [07/06/19 07:50] :[Spell] Arise Aia 
    [07/06/19 07:50] Aia: *lifts the glowing chalice* Solemnly do I receive; 
    [07/06/19 07:51] Aia:Fervently do I believe 
    [07/06/19 07:51] Aia:Mine vessel ever thine to shape 
    [07/06/19 07:51] Aia:Thy blessing ever mine to take. 
    [07/06/19 07:52] Lazarus:Rise and show the realm who you truly are. Rise, Aia, Daughter of the Moon: Priestess of the Moon's light 
    [07/06/19 07:52] :Lazarus bows to Aia 
    [07/06/19 07:52] Lazarus:My lady 
    [07/06/19 07:53] :Aia drinks the tainted waters from the chalice and rises, her new form unfolding before Lazarus 
    [07/06/19 07:54] :Aia spreads her new wings 
    [07/06/19 07:54] :Lazarus stands up 
    [07/06/19 07:55] Aia:Blessed Lazarus; what a wondrous gift. 
    [07/06/19 07:55] Lazarus:You look divine, my lady 
    [07/06/19 07:56] Lazarus:Such a being is worthy of a corpse Knight, I feel honored to be yours 
    [07/06/19 07:56] Aia: *blushes* I am ever changed, of thy blessing. 
    [07/06/19 07:57] :Lazarus nods 
    [07/06/19 07:57] Aia: *beams* And ever blessed to have thee in mine service. 
    [07/06/19 07:57] Lazarus:I hope that you adore the taint 
    [07/06/19 07:58] Lazarus:For it is the most beautiful thing 
    [07/06/19 07:58] Aia:I accept the taint as mine own. 
    [07/06/19 07:59] :Lazarus takes his walking stick and distances himself from Aia\'s magnificence 
    [07/06/19 07:59] Lazarus:I'm afraid I have to part ways, my lady, if you will 
    [07/06/19 08:00] :Aia nods 
    [07/06/19 08:00] Lazarus:I shall see you soon 
    [07/06/19 08:00] Aia:I shall remain; I believe Necrovion may need of our service. 
    [07/06/19 08:01] Lazarus:I see, I am glad 
    [07/06/19 08:01] :Aia draws up the many folds of her dress and curtsies low to Lazarus 
    [07/06/19 08:01] Aia:May the taint ever remain as witness to Necrovian blessing. 
    [07/06/19 08:02] :Lazarus bows to Aia and walks backwards until he disappears into the darkness 
    [07/06/19 08:04] :Aia spreads her wings again and flutters them a little 
    [07/06/19 08:05] :Aia used the Acousticremains stone to temporarily learn the Acousticremains spell 
    [07/06/19 08:07] :Aia audite 
    [07/06/19 08:08] :Aia audite 
    [07/06/19 08:08] :Aia frowns 
    [07/06/19 08:09] :Aia audite 
    [07/06/19 08:09] Lazarus: (Lol change casting words maybe?) 
    [07/06/19 08:10] :Aia audite reliquiis 
    [07/06/19 08:11] Aia: (maybe it seems to hate that word) 
    [07/06/19 08:11] :Aia reliquiis 
    [07/06/19 08:11] Aia: (nope... okay) 
    [07/06/19 08:11] Lazarus: (Does it have asterisks?) 
    [07/06/19 08:12] Aia: (yes... two on either side like the other spells) 
    [07/06/19 08:12] Aia: (what...) 
    [07/06/19 08:12] Lazarus: (Try getting rid of it perhaps) 
    [07/06/19 08:13] :Aia murmure 
    [07/06/19 08:13] Aia: (argh) 
    [07/06/19 08:14] :Lazarus failed to cast a spell 
    [07/06/19 08:15] :[Spell] **audite murmure** Aia 
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    Dhyone reacted to Syrian in Military ways and beliefs Edit Bug   
    damn...i really hope all these notes arnt lost beacuse i kept a history of things in there ...
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    Dhyone reacted to Sushi in Mirrors and Reflections [Caravan Event]   
    I prepared & recorded a little performance for this event a while ago, but I’m not sure if this event will continue in the near future so just want to share with you guys here before I completely forget/delete it~
    I hope you enjoy~
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    Dhyone reacted to Ungod in The mapling   
    This topic belongs to many sections, so I chose this one. Do what you must do if I did wrong, mods.
    The maple sapling at Sanctuary's View, where I'm gonna spend some time, is not getting enough light. You can see the sunlight hits all trees from the right, while the maple is just as dark on both sides. It's great artwork, but it looks out of place because of this. It's precisely because it looks good that I'd like it to get the right light, because a point can be made that the added artwork like chairs or barrels aren't shaded right either.

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    Dhyone reacted to Chewett in Days 4444   
    Yep, Pretty old indeed, Join the club!
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    Dhyone reacted to Chewett in Days 4444   
    I hereby claim the most active days, ever:

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    Dhyone got a reaction from Ailith in Weekly silver   
    Here's my cat Mitsy Cats...

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    Dhyone got a reaction from lashtal in Weekly silver   
    Here's my cat Mitsy Cats...

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    Dhyone got a reaction from Chewett in Weekly silver   
    Here's my cat Mitsy Cats...

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