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  1. I completely agree with you, as it takes a bit to load 47 creatures, even with cable. Another option is having a table of info for each creature of a particular type, and just showing each creature picture once. But, I don't think its too important though.
  2. I third this motion. Besides being annoying, its also a pretty good turnoff. I remember when I picked the 24 hour wait period, I was thinking, 'blah...I have to log onto magicduel just so that i can wait another 24 hours for nothing to happen...yaye'. So I stopped playing for a couple days, till I got bored again .
  3. I'm sure the system will change in time to involve more players. It has to, otherwise only the most active will be able to enjoy the games finest features.
  4. Although that seems interesting, it wouldn't work for 2 main reasons. 1. It would be a pain in the ass. In 10 minutes i might fight 2-5 battles. That's 50-100 turns. For 6 creatures, that's 300-600 decisions. 2. Defense rituals would become meaningless. You would have to be there to defend, and that's not workable with the current situation.
  5. So, this only happened once, but when i was attacking a water guardian II, its defense kept on stacking. It was the last creature alive, and was using defense on itself. In just a couple turns it had 1000+ defense.
  6. oooo. it would be nice if that works.
  7. Firbran

    MD SHop bug

    Same problem here. However, I've used my shop reset, and purchased the +5 twice more, bringing me up to 20, with my max still at 5. My memory is actually quiet bad...if you can't get the +5 after a reset then I haven't gotten it. But, I can no longer get more, so if i could have gotten them i have, because the option is no longer there. Thanks
  8. lol. i like the name of your creatures. i could use a therapist myself. edit: my rit's have been working for the past couple hours...so I'm happy now. if whatever was happening is fixed, then :lol: . otherwise, i'll keep looking to see what the problem was.
  9. It's a race to the bottom. I remember Manu said he'd look at player behavior to determine the merits of the new system. Well, if there really is a problem I'm sure he'll notice eventually and change it. Otherwise, us mp4's just need to continue doing what we're doing and eventually there will be a problem that needs fixing.
  10. Heh, interesting....I had no idea. Thanks
  11. So, this might just be something that I would like because I'm lazy, but it would be nice to know which mp some is without having to click on them. Maybe, have different colors, or shades of orange, or sort them in order... I don't know. Otherwise I have to click on every name in willow's shop to know who I can and can't attack. Again, maybe it's just because i'm lazy :lol:
  12. Can't Manu just provide some people with the text to the story, or whatever format it's in. Then they can fix it up, and send it back. Then, Manu just needs to put in those changed text's/pages.
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