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    Online Games, Movies, Books, The Dark Arts, the paranormal, unexplained events, the other realm, spirits, the occult, cermonial,practical & Mental Magick.
  1. Glad to see u too, just visiting for the holidays

  2. Glad to see your still active :)

  3. [quote name='Burns' post='18212' date='Oct 10 2008, 06:04 PM']First of all: Where can i find Catholizism? Where the heck are ALL the christian religions?! And second: there's a HUGE difference between agnostizism and atheism, one means believing in nothing and the other means believing that there is nothing, and i can tell you that really believing there is NOTHING is a tough job, only about 0,01% of mankind do that, while about 10% claim they are agnostics...[/quote] I'm not in the mood to fight, but since you Don't know I should tell you that somewhere in the middle of my last edit th
  4. [b][i]For a long Time I've been wondering wich path does people that Play this game follow, Just for the heck of knowing, so which path do you follow, you may expand if you wish but is not nescesary to say Why. [/i][/b]
  5. Yesh But what do the owners say?
  6. You were no where to be found that night, I ended up with 2 ap left that night when I returned to the cabin from having them exhausted looking for anyone all over the place that could lend a hand, I do not take being called a liar Lightly & the time was between 1-2 am eastern standard time.
  7. So there's no intention or mobius whatsoever to better the game/system, to make it more newbie friendly?
  8. there's players here that have 12 & even a 13 hour diffrence ahead of my time...... Maybe they came from those areas......
  9. Yikes SoL, it was 2am for me & I'm on the easter time that's minus 5 I believe from the gmt. o_0
  10. Or not, it could form stronger relationships between existing players & yes Calyx I hate saying no to my friends.
  11. Last night some 30 newbies rushed into the game at the same time, it was a bit late at night (my time) & they were very little people (experienced players) that were there & they could not lend a hand because they were bussy,I did all I could to guide them but still it was late at night & I couln't stay because I had to get up early due to work in the morning; this doesn't happen often I mean they were about 30 new people at that time that signed on at once. Suggestions: Set a "night crew" or a crew that's on during this hours, players that it would be daytime for them, to handle
  12. I suggest that if it's posible that a single player can be an adept of several diffrent players, meaning anyone could be adept of 3-10 players (this is just an example) I woudl like ot know if that can be added to the system thanks
  13. ? That's easy, the Tent it's simply what's left of the shadows pushed into a small cornner of this world by the present unbalance, & the boxes 'with people in them' is simply how people tend to place their minds/selves in boxes because they seek to fit in the group or to belong somewhare in society (this world in this case), it also represents conformism, innaction & pasiveness.
  14. us?.... us?.... I thought you were not human.......
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