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  1. I shall make an apperance :clapping:
  2. [quote name='dst' post='21936' date='Dec 13 2008, 12:17 PM']Server issue.[/quote] Umm yeah i dont believe you anymore You dst'd the server didn't you DST
  3. i didn't realize how much i was addicted to this game until today...
  4. The new layout looks great, very sophisticated. Inspires me to make a new account just to see it from the beginning again
  5. I love the unknown. Bring it come hell or high water fire and brimstone.
  6. I am interested Finalthought (ID:49281; Days:149)
  7. Have you tried sending them a message informing them of the rules. Countless times i see people just shout it out in chat. I remember when i first started playing. the day I got out of Tutorial Mode, i went attacking, not paying attention to where i was or who i was attacking. Spending less than necessary in a given location except to fight. Now Marble Dale Park happens to be where you end your Story mode journey. Most of the time people do not bother to find out more. You were informed just like many others, but not everyone that just starts playing the game knows about it. Besides word of mo
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