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  1. I haved free time and I try to make that poster... Lol. I did my best. Sorry for weird color... in original it yellow, but photobucket very like to warp my images... If you want to change something, just post here, maybe sooner or later I will upgrade this poster.
  2. I traveled a lot among the lands, and found interesting fact - do you remember how Necro alliance was formed? Khal did not wanted to form alliance with shades at all, But shades did not reflecting his wishes. The only one logical explanation - that was influence from Inner Necrovion or shades lying to us that they our reflection. Am I right?. And second fact. The shades can see future, ---> In the Inner Necro shades knows about possibility of war from very start + knows about our actions = so they started they preparing from time of first Khal's meeting with shades or even earlier. ...If t
  3. Paradigma

    Help phrog

    And, yes! In No Man Lands there is a weaponsmith. Maybe there he will find place for him. Where he will warm his soul.
  4. Paradigma

    Help phrog

    Well, Sol, you know that I always will help you. We must find way to help Phrog. Releasing heat is a nice way to help him. But we must find the better way to help. We must know why he can't start fire (if I get it correct, lol), find basic criteria, like in principle of Balance.... I haven't much time now.... But I will help as I can.
  5. Well, I think this is good idea.... BUT, guys, can I ask you something? Don't you think that we already have many principle that we can't handle? Example is Balance. Those principle will be good only when we will fully understand princiles that we already have.
  6. Lloyd Crane of peace Crane-werefolw from eastern Realms. It's wery unique to meet them in human state. Don't like any kind of cruelty or violence. =================================================================== Already playing
  7. Well, I voted for "little faster ( It will be nice, if it will be faster ), ALL Styles, (cause it's will be not that interesting if it will be only in one style, I think). And rated 5 - just 'cause you novice here. My true opinion is near 4.5. Thanks for good work!
  8. This is nice idea. I think, It will make game more interesting. But we have still long way to go, to make this idea reality if others will accept this idea.
  9. Lol, I want to see that scketches and planes! Please, post it somewhere!
  10. Thanks, Tarquinus. I will seek answers. We still have long way to go.
  11. Hmm, I already think about that. Exactly! If they not copy our actions, they soon or later we will notice this. And if they lying to us, they already in trap. 'cause they must reflecting our actions and there is many methods to make it our advantage. :lol:
  12. Paradigma


    Yay! B is leading
  13. Congratulations, people! That was amazing piece of work. Thank you for working on this game.
  14. Well this is hard question.... From this point of view you right, it's really hard to find the idea that will replace idea of war . But if you so badly seek war, you must learn all about you enemy, and not attack him with "plank with nail". If we will going diplomatic way first, and only then we will be able choose with pure heart - war or peace. If we will choose this way, then we will avoid death of players in future<_< Now, when we on threshold of war. we can't even imagine what in second circle of the Necrovion e.t.c.. Maybe the shades in first and second circle reflecting diff
  15. @Tranquis I haven't many time today, but I will show your mistake. You wrong when say that nothing will happend just by sitting there. Cause we reflecting by the shadows. And if we little by little get more people. Balance will appear. He already appear. I will consider that thing, that you want tomorrow. I haven't time for this now(
  16. Of course we need make it! It will be have big influence on the shades, I think.
  17. Okay then, if you want this war, and new victims - go ahead! But you may end up like BigC and Wodin, cause when your light very bright, you will produce shades with very deep dark color. You already killed two people, who will be next?
  18. Let's start. I spend in Archives few days and recognize many things, that didn't know. First of all, I want from MB, SmartAlekRj to stop preparing for war. And other people, who want kill Khalazdad, stop doing stupid things! If I my theory right, 'cause of you died BigC and Wodin. Maybe I'm wrong, but look at this. Do you remember when gates of Necrovion have opened to many players, Venger met BigC back there, and then he posted on forum that: "By joining humans to their alliance, the shades are getting weaker As a consequence, BigC has started to regain his strengths" But start from
  19. Hmm, you right! How do you think can we help Alche? Maybe somebody organize group to try gather Alche's ashes?
  20. I will send you forum message.
  21. Wow! Thanks for information. I wonder, how will reflect balance on that fact, that Khal start transforming in the shade?
  22. Yap, your right, but how that related with his face? I beliefe that when we find "his face" - that's part about "as you rise", then will hapen something unpleasure for us - "so you will fall".... maybe the one who reflect Sentinel is a good person and we can't do anything about him.... or something like that Any other theorys?
  23. ... Listen to me i challenge you all find my face behind the wall as you rise so you should fall Will we accept this challenge? If we find his weakness, things will be much more easier.... Don't you think so? ...he offer to find his fase behind the wall. If he located in Necrovion, then his face, (one who reflect him), located "behind the wall" - in No man lands or in Marind Bell. But I don't understand the last phrase: " as you will rise, so you should fall"..... I don't have any suppositions. How about you?
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