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  1. I'd like to add my 2 cents on this Heads Contest... I'm one of those that does NOT like the Heads Contest (HC). After reading all the posts here... I understand that many like the HC and many don't. But I cannot agree more that any 'contest' should be optional. It seems that there is a window of opportunity to opt out, but only if you log in during that certain time frame. But if you are a once a week player like myself... you probably miss that and are then, again, stuck playing a contest for which you have absolutely no interest. Why not code the option to play the HC based on a players log in. When they log in, automatically prompt them, "Do you want to play the Heads Contest?" ... Yes or No? Give me the option. I may one day decide that I would like to try it and see. I enjoy PVP (I play PVP alot in World of Warcraft). But right now... I've stopped playing MD for the past month... because of the HC. This may sound like an immature reaction and I'm certain no one missed me... but I was so incredibly angry at being forced to play this contest and the results of that. What I mean is this... I work on the road... and sometimes I try to play while I'm at work. Many times, I get side tracked with work and forget or don't have time to click the log out button. So my MD account goes idle. During a HC and my account is idle, I'm still accruing heads and, even in sactuary, I'm being fought. As a new player... I'm still trying to learn the ropes... my win/loss count was 102/102... exactly where I wanted to be and I tried very hard to maintain that balance. But... and here is where/why I got angry enough to walk away from the game for a month... I log in a day or two later... and my win/loss went to 105/263... yes... 105/2-60-&%$^#&* 3.... I've been in sanctuary... and beaten more times then then I've won by more than 100%... HOLY COW!!! At this point... I have no reason to believe I can recover from that ratio and bring it back into balance. All this because I was 'forced' to participate in a contest that I have, to this point, no interest in competing. I was so angry... was livid... so I've stopped playing... period. I have, only yesterday, logged back in and at least regenerated my creatures... I have no desire at this point to fight or learn anything else. I'm new enough as it is, I don't need this kind of frustration. I'm not certain if I'm going to give MD another chance. I'm still rather upset about my win/loss ratio and not certain if I want to even try to fix it... I might be better just restarting. Regardless of what I do (I'm just one person and will hardly be missed)... the point behind this is, 1) Contests should be Optional 2) Give an Opt Out option during log-in (3 days prior and during the contest duration). Remember... the title to this thread is 'ranting and opinions'... here is my rant.
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