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  1.   Thanks Chewett. You're right, not Z.  Garden is not part of established housings. Changed to Mur confirming. As for Kempiniukas, his role is older than either of his land leaders so it could also be granted by Mur and confirmed by one of the land leaders.  Or granted and confirmed by his land leaders to be fair.  nadrolski shall be Princ Rhaegar and Chewett. Azull is a current leader, is he not? Why would Peace confirm his title? Mur awards Miq, no confirming As for the others, Chewett, you seem to have previous rulers being awarded by the present rulers and present rul
  2. Thanks, Intrigue.  Fixed.   Before I submit this round to Mur, any further suggestions? We're talking about the list at https://titanpad.com/A2GfPvEanN, which looks like this:   {         "titles": [                 {        "title": "MDA Land Leader",                         "recipient": "Kyphis",  
  3. Ivorak

    Alliance Census

    Rophs, what's the status of this?
  4. After hearing from Rhaegar, I have: Fixed nadrolski's title to "Water Dowser's Leader" from "Water Dowser Leader" Moved Rikstar and Clock Master to a new waiting list (to be dealt with next round) section at the end of the doc. Added Emerald Arcanix                 {                         "title": "Pilgrim of Marind Bell",                  
  5. Oh.  Thanks for clarifying Azull.  I have removed that comment.
  6. New changes   Removed gonzalocsdf for the time being since this is a new title (gonzalocsdf doesn't already have this tag. {         "title": "Freelance Artist",         "recipient": "gonzalocsdf",         "authorities": {             "granting authority": "Muratus del Mur"          "confirming authority": "Mya Celestia" // proposed the title    &
  7. Thanks, Chewett.    Everyone else, please take a look at the other TitanPad at https://titanpad.com/OR5EOoBWdW so we can add the players we have missed and start to figure out who the granting and confirming authorities are for those players.
  8. I've edited the doc with the rest of your comments and I also realized along the way why you were repeating things I had already fixed, when I edited the first post to replace the Google Drive link with a TitanPad link, I replaced the text but not the reference... I've fixed that now, sorry. The doc you should be looking at is https://titanpad.com/A2GfPvEanN.   Judge is a group tag, but an important one. Should it be kept?
  9. I will respond / edit the doc for each post shortly, but there are a few important issues to be sorted out. I'll explain the problems which lead to this messiness and then you can correct me or suggest fixes.   1. Mur wants existing tags to become titles, so some shoehorning of old roles into the new hierarchy may be necessary. 2. I need to check this with Mur, but I don't think council can be an authority because it's not an individual and the individuals who it consists of are secret. 3. Alliance leaders should come from kings/land leaders, unless that the alliance has no higher aut
  10. I swapped the Google Drive link with a TitanPad link. Please avoid editing the TitanPad directly and instead leave comments in this forum thread.   Ary's title has been removed.  Shadowseeker has been removed as an authority on Rikstar's title. BFH has been removed whereover he was listed as an authority.   Keep the comments coming!
  11. I need you to do the following:   1. If you are listed as a granting authority or confirming authority, for all such titles post whether or not you are willing to take a part in the granting of that title. 2. Note any errors/discrepancies in titles/tags. 3. Suggest a different granting authority/confirming authority if there is a more suitable role. Null values are only permitted if Mur is the granting authority. 4. Suggest further titles to be granted. This list is still incomplete. (There are about 200 titles to be given out, this list currently only has 50 listed. I thought I'd po
  12.   I actually suggested that to Mur as pertaining to your title, but Mur responded "that's not really an achievement".  But I assume you got it for something, so perhaps you could remind him of that something?   On another note, leaders of alliances who have been at the role for a while should probably receive titles. Though the alliances are mostly under the authority of one land or another so that should already be covered by their respective kings, right?
  13. @dst, Dark Demon has actually somewhat clarified Mur's intent.  Though I must add that it's not a straight vote, Mur will have the final word on these matters.   @Burns, Granos was actually on my original list of possibilities and I lost his name in the shuffle.   @Dark Demon, if you think names on the list are inactive, please list them, so others can discuss and we can cross them off. Though some may go on a separate list to be awarded if they return later.
  14.   Correct.  And yes, the list is a bit confused because, for instance, it might make more sense for Innocence to receive her title via Kyphis and darkraptor (provided she gets one at all).   Edit:    To clarify not so much "who will give out titles..." but "who do you think should be able to give out titles..."  In other words, I not asking Mur, I'm asking this for Mur.
  15. The granting of titles/roles will soon be accompanied by a quality physical document, a collector's item as described in this topic: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/15247-important-future-way-of-granting-titlesroles/.     Additionally, future titles will not be awarded solely by Mur or the Council but in a hierarchical fashion. For example, Mur will be awarding titles to the kings and other land leaders, and those land leaders may in turn grant titles to those with roles pertaining to their respective lands. It's comparable to the feudal system where a king may award
  16. I am compiling an initial list for Mur of those who should be able to grant titles. To that end, it would be helpful if this topic was further considered and commented on.   I will be send Mur my list soon, he may strike from or add to the list some names, and then it will be presented for public comment. It includes mainly land leaders and some other key figures (Chewett, Grido, etcetera).  What I feel I'm lacking most at this time are players who have important and well defined roles that are independent from the four main lands (those who are citizens of the main lands will be a
  17. ADD "Request for comment" or something along those lines, as there are a number of announcements, often referring to forum posts, asking for feedback/ideas regarding a certain topic.
  18. A key that locks/unlocks the cellar door in MDA.
  19. Some thoughts about how lands should operate: Lands should organize activities and quests. Some (but not all) of these should be for citizens only. Quests need not only be solved by more or less predefined paths. Leaders could award bounties for non-citizen outlaws, for one. Citizen only quests should be awarded from land treasuries rather than with wishpoints and the treasure keepers' stock. There is also the opportunity to award ranks and titles instead of other rewards. There should be more opportunities for lands to increase their treasuries through competition amongst the lands. Leaders
  20. I'm not sure if there is a suitable leader for the Archive Lands at this time.  (Or is Kyphis around? He would be a suitable candidate.)  But the Archive lands are dear to my heart, and I fear what would happen to them in the hands of someone inept; this is my claim to leadership:   As "Chancellor of the MagicDuel Archives"* I will work towards the following goals: Setting directives for the Archivists A census of those who consider themselves citizens of the MDA A restructuring of http://md-archives.com/ (I realize Inno has started a project related to this, but ze lack
  21. This is great, No One, and I can't believe I forgot about it after first reading it.     Two quibbles for starters:   "Voodoo dolls", if implemented, should be called something else, perhaps"effigies".  "Voodoo" is too specific to a real world culture. Some further thought might be prudent before implementing anything to do with having creatures labor.  I remember Mur writing about how creatures were not physical beings  (http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/186-what-are-the-creatures-that-fight-for-you/) but a sort of spirit that we formed a symbiotic rel
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