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  1. Mur, resent the doc I had organizing the email thread with Eagle Eye.    The awards for this quest were listed as follows, but I think some of the descriptions need to be fixed. I'm especially unsure of what AmberRune's book is titled/about... Perhaps the winners could chime in with their IDs and if anything needs to be fixed with their book's title/description.   [spoiler] Lashtal (ID: TODO) - Unnamed book Description: A book with black letter covers. Has 153 blank white pages. AmberRune (ID: 202358) - Tracing spells guidebook by Golemus hunters on Loreroot heads Descript
  2. I'll insert an s after my offer as if I'm still a bit confused by the format, and then when it comes time to pay up I'll say the pipe means "or"  and give you the second silver amount but not the first.   But really, I don't think this is something that needs to be standardized. Leads to more confusion, not less.
  3. Activity: On everyday, at least to check announcements and messages and forum.  Usually around 0:00 ST to 04:00 ST. Can't really do more than this except weekends.   Role: Secret Ary (currently working on title docs and a few other things) and Archivist
  4. I like the general concept, but if I was, say, the King of ______, I might refuse to ratify this law, and perhaps even offer asylum to assassins in exchange for their future services. It's therefore important that a treaty precedes the implementation of such a role.
  5.   Could not one arrange for deferred payment? Or obfuscate payment by indirection via a series of underlings?   Edit: Also, why would contract killers be exempt from sentencing?
  6. Phantasm, I'm not sure why I'd be on your black list, but could you at least make the list public? Otherwise it seems like your just playing games and cluttering the forum in the process.
  7. 2 gold, 6 silver for Al Capone 4 silver for Day Dreamer
  8. These titles were proposed for lot 2. Lot 2 won't happen for awhile, but I'm recording these here so they don't get forgotten.   Rikstar - "Knight Commander" Clock Master - "Kingsguard" Intrigue - "Vigilant Guardian" Krioni - "Consul of Loreroot"
  9. Bump! I still need to hear from the following people: Ailith Azull BFH Emerald Arcanix Eon Granos Grido Handy Pockets Junior Kempiniukas Lazarus MRD Mya Celestia Peace Pipstickz Princ Rhaegar Rophs Syrian Yrthilian Zleiphneir If you're on this list you need to fill out the form (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1XPZYFMI2S9srxTrsZA3g9C5KAlBcnry46d9tTI1fe4o/viewform). Exception being if you've given your address to Mur already (but if that's the case, please shoot me a PM to let me know that's been arranged).    Two things.   1. Your address will be shared with myself (Ivora
  10. This might change a bit more before things are through, but I wanted to post the lot 1 titles for the sake of posterity. If changes need to be made, please comment in this thread: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/15649-md-titles-updated-list-with-suggested-hierarchy/. {     "titles": [         {             "title": "MDA Land Leader",             "recipient": "Kyphis",         &#
  11. Ivorak

    Rickroll Quest

    Kyphis got me, so we're even. :P
  12. If social issues cannot be resolved by social means (and that doesn't just mean asking nicely, blacklists and player inflicted punishments are just as welcome in my book), there's another option if you don't want your quest tampered with: design your quest so that it can't be tampered with. Quite simple, though this rules out most races and such. Oh well.   If using teleport spells on someone involved in a quest is outlawed, I'm done here. I say this as someone who doesn't have any teleport spells. Interactions are at the heart of MD and I don't think they need to be consensual if they
  13. I edited the names in the first post with a strike through for those who have responded. Everyone else, please do. (If you've sent it directly to Mur, that's fine, but a post here saying that's what you've done would make my job easier.)
  14.   Good work, Rophs! I added a brief intro and tagged it with the resources category. I made a list of all the resources at http://magicduel.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Resources, if you click a link for which there is no page it will prompt you to create one. Zyrxae's Resources of the Realm spreadsheet is a good starting point https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AhfiqLPs3vohdGxwNURkN2dqVzIxZjNUOEZaVUJyWXc#gid=1   If I have the time Saturday, thinking about sitting Ivorak down somewhere in MD while I edit the wiki.  Anyone want to join me?
  15. Thanks, Kyphis! Added that list to the original post.     Has a postman been selected? 
  16. We need your mailing address so we can send your title your way! If you are on the list to receive a title, please fill out the following form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1XPZYFMI2S9srxTrsZA3g9C5KAlBcnry46d9tTI1fe4o/viewform.  Responses will be seen by myself (Ivorak), Mur, and your respective granting and confirming authorities.  If you cannot disclose your home address, please refer to http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/15633-md-titles-issue-disclosing-personal-home-address/ and let us know if there's a problem.   The list of those getting titles (for thi
  17. I don't use the wiki much because it rarely contains the information I'm looking for. And it's not easy to browse.   I want to (and as an Archivist, really should) edit the wiki more, but I can't get past my thoughts that Wikia has taken MediaWiki and crippled it by removing or hiding many of its features. For instance, why does  only two results?   Okay, so Wikia's MediaWiki installation is a bit quirky but it's not as crippled as I thought.  Those links on http://magicduel.wikia.com/wiki/Special:AllPages are to index pages! And http://magicduel.wik
  18. Actually, I would agree with "Throughout time past, even with the promise of fame and status, his dedication did not waver."    Non-essential clauses should always be set apart with a pair of commas. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dependent_clause#English_punctuation.
  19. I think he's been judge for a while, will try to confirm.   Okay, so how about a final call for fixes?  I'm gonna go through the list (https://titanpad.com/A2GfPvEanN) a few hours and put it in order for Mur.
  20.   Not that I'm aware of, unless you're talking about the awarding of new titles.  This first round is intended to go out to people who had corresponding tags prior to the announcement of title docs, but I think everyone on that list meets that requirement. If not, let me know.
  21. Thanks, added Eagle Eye. There's just the one judge, right?
  22. Sorry for the slow response; I moved a few hundred miles, started a new job, and hosted a 36 hour hackathon with 300 attendees all in the past week.     This was something Mur said previously, but the situation has changed a lot since then as we've worked out more details about titles.  I'll add Sunfire back in. Will hold off on KC mercenaries for now.
  23. dst raised these questions and I'll turn them over to the community: Tipu, Azull, and Sunfire have a tag for the knator's mercenaries.  Do we consider this a group tag or is it important/specific enough to add these to the list? Sunfire didn't actually quit MD despite his forum post.  Should he receive the tag "Consul of Loreroot" for his former role?
  24. Made changes as per Chewett's suggestions (which also reminded me to add Yrthilian to the list; can someone confirm he's still around? If he is there's probably another title or two he should have, right?). And also added Max Mortlock.  Also corrected Resurrected Corpse (Lazarus) to Mur. Also fixed order of MR's (should be MRD granting title to MRAlyon, I think. Is that correct?).
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