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  1.     Some things to think about:   1) Are we encouraging people to change lands more frequently then? I always thought most players frowned upon this.   2) I feel that either the access to restricted locations matters very much (in which case land loyalty should not be a measure) or not (wishpoint, but not the active day requirements).    3) There are several ways to do "custom" wishes.      A) A wishpoint, plus approval of some power such as Mur, Chewett, the land leader, alliance heads, etc. One of the above, two of the above, whatever...
  2. Mur, can't find your response to Nimrodel's post on the first page of replies. Was there none?    I was thinking the same thing; that a flat earth implies edges. Am I misunderstanding the notion of a "flat earth" or do you need proof that no such images of an edge exist? Would even that be enough?   ---   It's probably too much work for me to actually read it anytime soon, but you've got me thinking about Bruno Latour's ( We Have Never Been Modern.  
  3. Sorry I missed it. Had it on my calendar but something came up. 
  4.   Disagree with this part, but I like the first part (negative effects for the slave). Could be lower AP, movelock, even skill damage. If 10-15 silver coins doesn't make this a worthwhile use of your time (as Aeoshattr suggests), then set a higher reserve bid or don't join the auction. If this results in fewer slaves, fine by me.
  5. 1. I believe players should be able to nominate those from their own land. It's more expedient and prevents mistakes where someone breaks this rule and the mistake is not caught until the end of the nomination period, and then that player is not eligible because no one else thought to nominate them a second time (because they had already been nominated). 2. I would propose that all categories go to vote, even if only a single nomination. But I would also allow a null vote and require a minimum percentage of votes to be attained. 3. Agree that a player should not be able to nominate themself,
  6. I may be dense, but I'm afraid I don't follow the logic.      I'm reading your statements in this manner:   1) Slaves don't get paid. Slaves may even end up paying their master. 2) Slaves shouldn't get a leash because it's beneficial to the slave.   I must be missing something, because I don't see how anyone would volunteer to be auctioned off otherwise. They put up with a few months of inconvenience and then receive a leash that can be passed to a friend for use as a convenient "teleport" (that is what leashes do, right?). In the absence of such a trade we w
  7.       There is absolutely no sense to Dark Demon's second line, but as for the prices he mentioned, they're totally in line with what that post indicates for the past auction. Only one bid of more than 2 gold.   Edit: I missed Aethon's post of the 1/3/5 rule. Those numbers seem more sensible than the one's suggested by Jester.
  8. Yes!    Something similar was mentioned in http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/5453-clickable-objects-features/page-2?hl=%2Bspells+%2Bclickables#entry45881. And lots of other possibilities.   And perhaps for useable items as well, http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10538-merge-of-usable-items-feature-and-enchanted-stones/?hl=%2Bspell+%2Btrigger.
  9. Ivorak

    Rickroll Quest

    I think the stone's mine, Miq. I was third and claimed that a month ago.
  10. I have a Google doc where I organized a long email thread between Mur and Eagle Eye about the awards. When I sent it to Mur I saw subsequent forum posts about awards being granted/received, but there must have been some quests missed. I can clean that up and post it somewhere if someone wants to check on the status of the awards.   But it won't include rewards for this quests, Dark Demon, because Pip never publicly posted winners or arranged for awards. If you'll read above, Pip said "All participants will be rewarded from my personal stock in due time." I was under the impression that
  11. Could this topic be moved to the "MD Title Discussion" forum? Would make organizing this a bit easier as it would be easier to find and point to.
  12. Sorry Mur. I will start working on this again this weekend. I'm going to need an assistant or two. If anyone's willing to help with some things, send me a PM.
  13. This opens other possibilities; for example: Multiple keys per strong box (alliances, and any other group, could share a strongbox) Or you could have a combination / pass phrase instead. This could be shared by code in a clickable to automatically award prizes. Escrow. Pay a silver for a strong box, lock something in it, pay an additional silver to a TK and hand them your key and a document stating under what publicly verifiable circumstances that key should be passed on to another party. Leave a will should you disappear from MD for a while. Would only apply to items in the strong box.
  14. Perhaps you could add what happens when each item expires.    Are there other items that expire besides those listed here? Am I correct in my recollection that memory stones expire?
  15. A lot of moralism in your post, Sasha, when the action of resource depletion is simply another part of the game. I find it hard to see how right and wrong plays a part in this issue (at least here on the forum).     That said, I look forward to seeing some creative "punishments" enacted.
  16. Ivorak

    Rickroll Quest

    I'll take Chaoticboost.     Thanks for inspiring some mischief.
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